Binging with Babish 2 Million Subscriber Special: The Every-Meat Burrito from Regular Show

Published on Jan 16, 2018
This week we're celebrating hitting 2 million subscribers with maybe the most cartoonish cartoon food ever imagined: the every-meat burrito. While we were unable to procure any giraffe, jackal, or naked mole rat, the combination of every commercially-available meat ended up tasting like something far worse than chicken. Follow along as we get that taste out of our mouth with the every-pork burrito!
Thank you everyone for helping me hit 2 million subscribers!!!
Shout out to Alvin Cailan for the tortilla factory recommendation!
Music: "XXV" by Broke for Free
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  • It's really why you had to buy a bull's testicle. Ugh!

  • kangaroos actually delicious and you should search up a good recipe

  • I think if you concentrated in the most common meats like cow pork chicken maybe rabbit even goat. It could possibly taste better...

  • look like guy from braking bad

  • Those are not the traditional carnitas huey!

  • Might I make a request? Feasts with babish: thanksgiving done right.

  • cook the meats like your sopose to try again

  • I’m Mexican carnitas are not made like that but I like the creativity

  • I’ve had emu once. ONCE. One of the most disgusting things I’ve ever eaten. The most disgusting thing I’ve ever eaten was bear jerky. It tasted like cheap wet dog food smells.

  • These are both very labour intensive burritos 😂😯

  • how is monotone voice so sexy

  • I would buy that t-shirt

  • All the dislikes are vegetarians XD

  • I love cooking as well and for the same reason but my mom is still alive 🙂

  • First it was the vegans, then the Jews. NO ONE IS SAFE HERE!!!!

  • Nooooo!! Those are not how carnitas are made!!!



  • nice peter is that you?

  • Also known as the Vegan's Nightmare

  • *cooks it wrong *blames on meat

    • Let me elaborate. You need to cook all the meats so that they all reach the same amount of 'done' at the same time. This can be done several ways which i trust that you know. Taking every meat and cooking it for the same amount of time is VERY *VERY* stupid.

  • I wonder what the thanksgiving is like with his fam

  • I’m just here to let you know you’re fine af 🤷🏾‍♀️

  • When did max pain do cooking

  • My Colorado ass heard elk and said out loud "but that's not exotic"

  • arby's would be proud.

  • but did it taste like chicken?

  • I love that he’s wearing his apron on the street 😂

  • "Walks to his freezer" 30 pounds of Beef Pork Chicken in all 200Lbs of Trout, Bass, Moose, Deer....My friend once had a BBQ and "Tomahawk Beef chops" And said to me isn't that the biggest thing you ever seen...Just over a month later I come down to see him in Southern Ontario (6 hour drive) with Moose Tomahawk chops ! LOL the bone alone was the size of his arm ..I said Fred Flintstone says Hello

  • Omg he got snake meat

  • is it me or does he kinda look like ryan reynolds?

  • you didnt put any effort into it. you just threw them all on at the same time then complained about doneness. the "good" version you spiced and cooked individually to ensure doneness. i dont think you gave this a fair chance

  • Like you could have cooked all those meats differently in the way you did with the pork like....some meats could be ground and sautéed, others braised, others still grilled, to bring out the best of each meat. At lest you wouldn’t be wasting $500 worth of meat :/

  • You really fucked this up.

  • Pro tip from a Texan: to get rid of that smell and taste, most of that will be greatly improved by soaking overnight in buttermilk. It removes the gaminess from most of your exotics, especially elk, rattler, gator, and kangaroo.

  • You forgot the human flesh

  • You didnt add cheese :(

  • the everything burrito would be good

  • Vegans are quaking

  • This guy should open a resturant.

  • Why not let it simmer in tomato sauce for hours and hours on end? All flavors would marry and nothing would be chewy.

  • Also humans are biologically predators because our eyes face forward. Other animals even recognize this but Vegans are too stupid compared to the animals.

  • I think if you would have cooked each exotic meat one by one, the burrito would have tasted a hell of a lot better, but I understand why you didn’t. That would have taken over a fucking week of work 😂

  • I have just realized he is wearing an apron the whole time.

  • Question, would Sea Salt work instead of Kosher Salt?

  • he's using 'kosher' salt to season a hell of a lot of pork

  • Make Spaghetti tacos from iCarly

  • pritty sure thats how you get salmonella

  • This is the most offensive to vegans video of all time.

  • Is it just me or is his commentary not in sync with his actions?

  • This is so haram

  • I think it was the bull testicles.

  • Why the duck is there so many dislikes

  • And yet I still have trouble making cereal

  • Please, please don't waste so much meat. I love your channel and appreciate everything you do but I think it's a little harsh to buy so much exotic meat and then throw it away. I hope you had a good use for the remaining meat. I'm really sorry for complaining but I get so sad when this happens and this kind of thing happens way too much on US-tv, not only with meat but any kind of food. I'm going to keep watching, of course. I don't love you any less now :D

  • You forgot human

  • Fuck vegans

  • You’re supposed to warm up the tortilla

  • Try using cumin and bbq in the meats first with a wet rub .

  • I'm a vegetarian and I think my brain was just completely confused about how to feel whilst watching this

  • The whole Taman Safari collection as a burrito

  • where is the kudu, impala, zebra, elephant and springbok at?????

  • * N I C E *

  • I just realized, Binging with Babish looks like Vsauce

  • I want banish to choke me with those hands goddamN

  • $500 is chump change for how much Babish make. And I agree as horribly long it would have taken, he should of cooked all the meats individually.

  • Ew. The end got better tho

  • "Hunting for exotic meats" How did he say that with a straight face ?

  • Diju wash the rice?

  • all of the morally consistent people are triggered AHAHAHAHA

  • Does it taste like chicken?

  • he looks like ryan reynold's second cousin or something

  • All that spending, just to find out it’s nasty. Waste of money ...

  • This made me hungry af

  • Watching this while being vegetarian

  • Listen I just feel like you should’ve taken your time and cooked every individual meat the way it’s supposed to be cooked, I’m no chef but I think it would turn out better

  • You should of used porkroll! You can get in New Jersey

  • Ryan reynolds with beard = babish

  • this video made me fall in love with andrew

  • Is It halal to eat it


  • Did you forget Kobe beef

  • Authentic Carnitas is cubed, fried in Manteca Lard with orange slices in a giant copper pot and about 3/4 the way through a generous dose of coca cola is added. comes out crispy and delicious.

  • Where is human meat?

  • The song name?

  • *journey

  • Babish couldn’t you have cooked them All at appropriate times and then put them together?

  • You forgot one meat *human meat *

  • I've seen python steaks in shops before, and I know that one alone is like $120

  • there is no cow...

  • I tried Alligator meat once it was good

  • So many fucking animals died for this. Pure human greed. Poor creatures

  • you forgot dog meat

  • Need human meat

  • Wow I'm in Brooklyn be cool if we met

  • My dad made both of these and the second is soooo good

  • In South Africa we eat Ostrich all the time!!

    • What savages

    • Kenji Miyasako I don't know if you're trying to be funny but it's not working. I just stated that Ostrich is eaten all the time in South Africa.

    • Ally in Africa ooga booga nigga nigga

  • Gordon Ramsay be like : Jesus Christ freeze meat

  • "Not how much meat but how you treat it" True for dudes

  • "WE JOUNREY ACROSS NYC" Anyone catch the typo? xD