Big Smoke's Order (Food Challenge)

Published on May 10, 2017
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If it didn't convey in the video, I was so psyched to finally get to do this challenge. I've always wondered what Cluckin' Bell would taste like...
How Big Was Big Smoke's Order Really? ---
Big Smoke's Order ---

Disclaimer: I didn't do the challenge perfectly in line with what everyone determined Big Smoke ordered for himself. I went with this variation due to the size making it a great food challenge!
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  • He needs to stop because if he doesn’t he’s go in to have a heart attack lmao

  • como podes ser tan flaquito y comes un monton????

  • That chicken sounds pretty crunchy

  • You fell fat now

  • I’m hungry now D:

  • Jk I actually think that u r awesome

  • GLUTTONY!!!!!!

  • Nice 😂😂😂


  • Mate where you gonna you know use the toilet dude

  • homies over here

  • Nappa:Vegeta what does the scouter say about his daiky calories Vegeta:Its over 9000 Vegeta:He has 9001 daily calories

  • You are Freddy Krueger for diabetes

  • Bruh...

  • Hippity hopity she took the f**cking kids.

  • Hi no no

  • Imagine being this dudes toilet

  • This is why you order juice and not soda😂😂

  • 2 minutes a burger? Wtffff

  • GTA 6 new skinny fat character

  • The new big smoke ladies and gentlemen

  • Who is the girl that records for him? I know Morgan does it sometimes, but who the girl?


  • he's an enneagram 9, LOL I hate myself for beeing that guy but hey somebody has to put it out there :PPP

  • My friend said he didnt like Matt Stonie He got ran over by a bus I got fired from the Bus Station thats why you have to like him ❤

  • This is how old I am 👇

  • Me dio hambre....

  • Every time he does these videos I always wonder how he doesn’t look any bigger after he finishes the meal ( I’m wondering how he’s not fat ) no offence

  • Honestly, i could eat this and wouldnt mind at all XD

  • How is there even room in someone’s stomach for all this food in one sitting?

  • How in the world is this dude so skinny

  • Hmmm some metabolism you got there.

  • I wonder how the toilet feels

  • Jury: Mr. Toilet, you have been sentenced to death penalty. Judge: 🔨

  • Watch this by eating an apple

  • Planet fitness wants to know your location

  • I was alive when this was recorded without knowing until now

  • The perfect job doesn't exis-

  • Damn if this boy eats ass like that i will definitely find his house

  • How could he eat so much?!

  • I could do this easily

  • 4:05 it's like asmr

  • That moment when you realize he finished all of it in one car ride.

  • 0:39 0:41 watch the top two boxes of mcdonalds fries

  • Legend has it that big smoke died during eating this food

  • U failed challenge one fry fell out restart

  • Great. Now i'm hungry. I WANT TWO NUMBER 9's

  • Nice shirt! ;)

  • Nice

  • How he is NOT fat

  • Diabetes: I fear no man, but that thing *looks at Matt* Diabetes: I fear

  • Enjoy your self

  • those chicken sandwiches looked very tasty

  • I would have a field day with all that

  • No se por que me torturó viendo esto con hambre

  • How do you even????

  • He is eating so fast, when he has 40 minutes left.

  • What an absolute beast

  • bruh thats not reddit thats 4chan lmao

  • Does this guy ever get full lol

  • Death report Cause: heart failure instant diabetes insulin shock Date McDonalds Age grease

  • Instant death

  • having that much sugar in form of coke in a single it can affect his health adversely 😓

  • "Hey, Vegeta, what does the Calorie metre say about his PowerLevel?!" "Its...I-ITS OVER 9000!!" "WHAT?! 9000??!!"

  • How much do you pay your toilet

  • 😂😂😂😂you are so crazy How you can eat all this🤒😂😂😂

  • Quick question: What camera do you use??

  • My stomach hurts by looking at it

  • Wut a madlad btw 2019?

  • 2019..?

  • Ya i eat alot and look at my self and say WHY AREN'T I FAT

  • One laxative would explode the balla car.

  • I use 20 min on a happy meal like if you do to.


  • Nah you have to be with grove street before you start the challenge smh

  • This dude gonna look like Peter off family Guy if he keeps eating those burgers

  • diarea

  • Kids are starving in Africa

  • You’re an animal.

  • العبد

  • He said 3..2..1 and i skipped to 8:07 😂😂😂

  • When an Australian calls you a fat American on any platform or game... this is what they mean pretty much

  • 34 mins😲 it would of took me like 3 hours to est that all

  • I wouldn’t stand a chance agains Big Smoke’s order. I’d probably be sick everywhere if I eat half of it.

  • But is only the number 7 number 45 with cheese is for here

  • Eat 200 kinder suprise

  • Türkler +1🇹🇷🇹🇷🇹🇷

  • That must have fed you for the next day or two.... I'm like.... HOW IN THE ACTUALLY HELL DO YOU EAT THIS MUCH

  • There seems to be a rather large lacking of over 9000 jokes.

  • Tu es gonna die.

  • how has he not died from a heart attack yet? from all this food????

  • He is the starter of mukbang

  • Eat like goku

  • Not trying to be mean here but this joke is overused the legend says the toilet Commited sucked the next day I don't wanna start no beef with anyone just sayin

  • Hayvan okadarını nasıl yedin belki 1 yıl yemek yemeyip bunları yedin

  • Would love to eat those, without time limit of course, it would be waste to eat within rush

  • hey fool I'm hungry give me a half

  • Does he really vomit after he eats?

  • The title had me dead😂😂

  • R.I.P Big Smoke What a Man you was You will go down in history