Published on Jul 18, 2018
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In this episode of Base Camp, Coyote surprises the team by celebrating Big Pigs Birthday with a very special Big Pig Party!
You remember the world famous Big Pig right? If not make sure to go back and watch his original video here -
…and last but not least, HAPPY BIRTHDAY BIG PIG
HUGE THANKS to Elijah and Desiree, Big Pig’s owners, for letting us celebrate with their very special pet!
P.O. BOX 2370
Westerville, OH
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  • I REALY! love big pig from brave wilderness


  • Be brave... *OINK* Stay wild!

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  • Big Pig T-shirts are going to be everywhere now. It'll be the worst criminal offense not to wear that cute big pig on your torso.

  • Aww Big Pig is so cute, look at him all excited about his birthday and waggin' his tail like crazy. ;w; I feel like piggos get a bad rep cos they're messy boyes but they're really nice animals overall.

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  • Loved it :D

  • Hmmmm...beasts, for heathens ONLY. Wow!!

  • My Favorite Animal is a pig! That’s why I clicked on this video!🐖😍


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  • Does anyone know any good recipes I could use to make a small cake for my pet pig. He’s about to turn two and I want to give something delicious but not too unhealthy.

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  • Did he just eat cake that fell on the ground, and had the chicken and pig eat at it, This man has balls lol.


  • Still waiting for those tiles

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  • Maybe it's for my religious angle. I cant stand hogs n pigs. I wish i grow up to care for this animal also. But it's getting more hard for me when u learned about this animal for how destructive this animal is for the land. I respect about one thing for this animal though. Wild BOAR, HOGS have incredible ferocity. Even tiger, lion has hard time to hunt for this animal. Pigs r ugly, pigs r dirty, pigs r smelly n they for me has no redeeming quality as farm animal. Goat, chicken, cows, lamb etc r wonderful farm animal. But PIGS r disgusting. I hope i can tolerate them in the future.

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  • I can't stop laughing😂 It was adorable, but hilarious at the same time.

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  • Woah Big Pig Is Adorable

  • Coyote looks like the younger brother of the guy from It's Always Sunny In Philadephia tv show and Horrible Bosses movies 😂

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  • You can always tell who coyote is. He always has his amazing hat. A little bit like Indiana jones.

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  • Mrs severs

  • this video made me smile.