Published on Jul 16, 2018
$25 Twitter shoutout!
$50 Join my PRIVATE Instagram account (@bulldogshortfilm) for behind the scenes as we shoot the film!
$250 Skype meet and greet!
$500 Invitation to set + in person meet and greet...
and many more!!!
Everyone Loves Bulldog is a dark, comedic love story between Val and Bulldog, her high school's mascot. There's only one problem -- everyone loves Bulldog. Through her faults and heartache, Val will learn lessons of empathy and acceptance.
As artists, we are inspired by stories that show the painful comedy of growing up. This film aims to do exactly that.
In preparation for this role, I will be training with an Oscar-winner’s acting coach. We will be documenting my entire journey and turning it into an episode of my US-tv series, Challenge Accepted. (To clarify, we will not be using the kickstarter money for the acting coach video -- I am self funding that to provide more behind the scenes for you guys to see the process!!). For exclusive behind the scenes footage that won't be featured in the episode, check out the Private Bulldog Instagram Club reward!
I sincerely hope you'll consider being a part of this film to help this story come to life. I can't wait for you to see this film!!


  • Click here to donate to the kickstarter for my short film!!! I'm going to be giving shoutouts on instagram all day to donors!! :D SO EXCITED!

    • Michelle Khare this is awesome keep up the good work!

    • Michelle Khare sorry I don't have in stag ram and I donated earlier, I just wanted to say I'm a single dad of six beautiful daughters. I very rarely give personal info about myself or my family but I wanted you to know I can appreciate the inspiration you are to young ladies! And I plan on donation g more as soon as I possibly can... afford it that is! Lol

    • Michelle Khare Thank you

    • First thing said this before sound of water is about bestiality you can dress the pig anyway you want but it is still a pig, in your live broadcast a day or two ago you said this movie about this movie you used the term "BROWN people" so to me you are a racist as all the people making coming of age movies with white girls only when you stop seeing color start seeing the individual who they are good or bad not skin color that is not being racist.

    • Michelle Khare So proud of you 😘😗😙😚

  • omg i love you so much and i want to do something like what you do but i don´t know where to start and if you could reply i would love you help

  • My big brother is in this movie!!!!!

  • Omg yes! Represent !!

  • I'm so sad lol you're filming this at the high school I went to that i graduated from last year, guess I should've failed my senior year lol

  • I'm so excited for this film. For an extreme challenge you should do something with everyday heros, like being a teacher, firefighter, humanitarian aide workers ect....

  • ... also, if people donate $2,000 , are they going to be a real producer? or are they just paying for a few extra letters in the credits...?

  • this kinda seems self centered. sure she's the producer, but she's also casting herself as the lead! that is a lot of work. i know you like acting and singing and letting everyone know that but, maybe don't be self centered?

  • You made it! Congrats :)

  • When you realize that this is being filmed in your high school...

  • You guys are filming in my old high school!!!!!!! They just posted a few pics of it! 😍


    • Grabbed*

    • (This isn't my account just gra bend the nearest device to look you up)

  • Go, Michelle! This is my favorite channel. You always inspire me

  • I like your eyebrow :*

  • Hye I'm also khare I'm shocked to know that u also share the same surname

  • Oh my gosh I wish I could donate and I would but im only a 13 with dreams and high hopes that you’ll remember me when you become famous I would like to meet you one day and super supportive on the things your doing and if you think you don’t have fans think twice and would love to see your short film

  • I wish you the best

  • Mr enter, Butch Hartman, and now this, why is everyone making kickstarters/indiegogos now?

  • I didn't even know who u were till Alex clark

  • Who else thinks she should make a music video for her song?? I know I do!! x

  • Good luck MK! Hope to still see epic workout videos after you get your own show though ;D

  • 😁🤟Cool Video

  • Just donated! So proud to have another South Asian woman rep and be so strong/motivational! Twitter: @s_cote97

  • Quick question, one of the perks is associate producer, but if you never done producer before, is it still possible to do it?

  • When is the deadline to donate?

  • Is it just me or did she recently start saying her name differently?

  • Just pledged, yay!!!

  • Wow just wants free money huh. Not like US-tv pays you a crap ton of money


  • Footage not found hahahahhahaha

  • YES girl! I'm sooooo PROUD AND HAPPY!!

  • Love you !

  • When you're a student and broke af

  • I pledged! So excited for you

  • Damn.. I love your videos, i love them because they empower the individual to go fight for themselves, it shows that anyone can do anything if they set their mind to it, yet you felt the need to pull the minority card when you are always proving that anyone can do anything as long as they are willing to work hard for it. And what do you mean there is no movies with Indian teens or young women! There is literally an entire genre of movies just with Indians! Please, get a grip! Continue to make videos that prove that a individual can do anything no matter who they are, that's what is all about.

  • omg, I​ thought "Khare" was pronounced "care"... thx Michelle for educating me

  • Wish you the best of luck!

  • I look forward to your short film

  • You go girl!!!!! I just donated ❤️❤️❤️

  • where you in one of buzzfeeds video where you do a circus act??

  • I'm so happy for you!!😍

  • You go girlfriend😜😜😜

  • Even tho she has dude shoulders--her Indian skin complexion makes my dick flinch;)

  • You have blossomed so far this past year, and although I don't know you personally, I am so proud of you. ❤ I wish I had the money to help, but unfortunately I can't at the moment. Just know that I support you in everything you do, and have been blessed to watch your journey thus far. I wish you all the best, and will continue watching you and support you every step of the way. ❤ Thank you for being you.

  • You are going to be a huge star. The why behind your mission is beautiful and so are you! Thank you for inspiring young minorities. I remember being a young person who dreamed of acting, I felt like there weren’t brown people in the movies like myself. I see that tide shifting. It’s makes me happy for the young people of the future. I did end up acting in theater performances and life is good.

  • im broke and i hate it :(

  • Yesss! You're on your way to becoming a REAL actress! As someone who wants to grow up as an actress, I'm so jealous and so proud of you at the same time! Also sorry I'm late. 😂😂😂

  • damn thats an expensive skype call

  • I wished you pronounce your name in true Indian Maharashtrian accent

  • Jasmine from aladin meets beast from beauty and the beast?

  • if LESS THAN 3% of your youtube subscribers donated just ONE DOLLAR, you would have enough. Come on, guys. I know some of us cant afford much right now 🙋‍♀️ but less than 3% forreal is hardly any of us. Surely we can make this happen!!!

  • Donated! Fingers crossed!!!

  • idk how I feel about this. If youtube is your job, why are we supposed to pay for you to do it? Just because it's something you really want to do? That's not how life works.

    • Erebus69 Did you see how she replied to someone saying they will steal $500 from their mom? I mean even if that comment was a joke she replied "I won't tell :)" how do we not have a social responsibility to voice out how ridiculous this is? Lots of kids watching her.

    • You are not supposed to do anything, either you give or you don't. I personally won't, but everyone is free to do what they want with their own money. There is lots of ppl that like to give to ppl that don't need it or are even better off than they are, i will never understand that, but it is not my place to manage their money.

    • +L I completely agree

    • RIPKamisan Exactly. I feel bad how some kids pull their resources for her. I love Michelle's videos but she could wait it out like every other adult who saves money for their dream holiday or dream business or whatever. I just hate these kinds of stunts. If you want to empower women you should probably not go around begging alms from young people

  • Lots of love from India

  • I love the Shape of Water AND John Hughes films so i hope this turns out good 💖

  • Based on Michelle’s usual viewcount, if people would donate as low as 50 cents each, she would reach her goal!!

  • Damn get it gyal

  • Don’t have much money but I donated 15! Hope it works out for u😆

  • YES! I had a feeling something like this was coming. Your videos give me all the emotions, and for that, I hope you soar

  • Well at least you have the whole “I’m a minority” shpeel to get backed up on your kickstarter

  • man you're gorgeous

  • I really wanted to find a way to unsub but i cant. Man, good luck fellow film maker. C'mon you can do this and cant wait to support this. Awesome. Cmon people help out. Seriously, full throtle keep up the good work. This industry is rough and getting your foot in is all you need.

  • I really hope I can see this short film it sounds amazing

  • I really want to donate…but I'm an almost-broke underage student…

  • Yay! Good luck so proud of you! Brown girls represent!

  • she reminds me of mia khalifa but a clean smart and more beautiful version

  • Can't lie, I kind of want to see what happened to Bran the Man. The outtakes were hilarious.

  • So if you don't meet your goal, what happens to the money?!? 🤔

    • The money never leaves your bank account until the goal is reached.

  • Then when you stay in India just $25 come up to Rs 1,700 and there's no way you can help even though you really want to.


  • Tbh I miss the old Michelle Ik that sounds cheesy but honestly

  • she should lowkey have her own Netflix show!!

  • Yeahhh! You go girl! 😆👍


  • You have such a beautiful soul. I’ll donate some money later, when I have more.idk how, but I’m gonna donate some hundreds. I love you sm. I’m latina and it means so much to me that minority women get chances like this.

  • I didn’t know that was how she pronounced her last name

  • Just donated 3$. All I have lol

  • Hope you reach one mil

  • Sorry I can't donate( I'm just 13) But still lov u tho😍😍😍😘😘😘

  • wow is this the first year

  • I pledged 😍I hope this works out for you ! I love all your videos and your an inspiration to me and my husband! There are not a lot of youtubers who are like you! Your an amazing soul and everyone can see that ❤️

  • Hi Mich. marry me 🤭

  • Girl I have been a huge fan of yours since buzzfeed ....I hope and pray you make it big one day and I will support you 100% in all that you choose to do! Keep up the good work!


  • Congrats ✨ Looking forward to seeing the outcome of your project!

  • If I get a chance I will make another donation to the video campaign on kickstarter. I'm a single dad with children that will always empty my wallet at every opportunity, lol. But I got you pretty lady, I'll do my best to hook you up. Give me time to adjust my budget and reevaluate my finances and I'll hit the kickstarter up again. No perks needed. I say that because I'm not on instagram haha. Shoot me an email when u can at Keep living the dream and I promise I'll work as hard as you to make the dream happen. Ps... Be glad you don't work like me! 2 full time jobs really suck! My kids are always going to be worth it, and I find ways to help everyone else when I can. Later superwoman!

  • I loveeeeee the song!♥️

  • If I lived nearby I’d try to audition, if auditions were open anyway. 😋

  • OMG GET IT GIRLFRIEND!!!!!!! so proud of you!!!

  • Hey, +Michelle Khare congrats on whatever it is y'all were trying to do there with this "Everyone Loves Bulldog" movie!😊😉👍 Just such beautiful eyes btw.

  • Michele you are probably a icon to many but especially to me and my younger sister we don’t look at you as a US-tvr we look at you as a role model or a icon as who we should be we are donating are money and doing lemonade stands garage sales etc. to help out on this because we would like someone to do the same for us you are the biggest role model for us we are truly in inspired by you and hope to be like you one day We are ready to help so as you would say “challenge excepted”

  • much love good luck

  • I would donate if I could 😭😭

  • love your music .plzz make more

  • So completely ripping off one of the biggest gags in the Mean Girl's Musical that just got nominated for like 10 Tony's ? Ok.

  • What do you mean? Its always young beautiful woman in those parts. Oh, they're White. I see.

  • looking forward to it ❤❤❤❤

  • I cliked the like button before even watching it..because your just that awesome ❤❤

  • Amazing!!!!!!!

  • i'm also a fellow indian, so this means a ton when you said you're going to show people that no matter what their race is, they can still be on screen. I want to become an actress when I get older, so like I just said, it meant a ton. Also, judging by your previous videos, you're an amazing actress so YOU GOT THIS GIRL