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Best Play From Every Team: 2017-2018 Season

Published on Apr 17, 2018
Check out the best play of every team from the 2017-2018 NBA Regular Season!
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  • Saw most of this I say ty NBA!

  • 6:09 is the BEST of all!

  • That was not the best Wizards play 😂

  • Some of the plays lacked a Team highlight, rather an individual play.

  • dude common now, that was not the wizards best play all year...

  • Andre Drummond coast to coast dunk?

  • Contrary to popular belief, the Phoenix Suns actually scored 2 points this season

  • That derozen dunk was insane, too bad he can’t play in the playoffs

  • 5:10

  • 4:19 That crowd went total crazy

  • Celts should've been Al's buzzer on the Hawks at home.

  • Of course LeBron gets 2 plays lol

  • I thought that Oubre layup was Washington’s highlight for a second

  • That was an amazing dunk by Fox for the win, he's not mentioned much but he's a great rookie

  • Blake griffin game winner vs Portland ?

  • Ok the Celtics one is stupid because it’s just a bad pass from bogdanovic that takes little skill

  • I think the best player In gsw Is steph

  • best play of the 6ers is embiid dunking over westbrick

  • "To drive the dagger into Sacremento's heart" lol 6:38

  • Ben Simmons isn’t a rookie

  • For the nuggets one Wilson chandler pushed Jerami grant so Harris got open

  • Why does it seem like every buzzer beater is against the thunder?

  • That Hawks play is not the best. The little sequence with Smart/Delaney was way better

  • This is how sad the lakers are their best play was by a guy who isn’t even on their team anymore

  • 4:15 steve kerr

  • How can you say that lebrons is the best play while Giannis jumped over a player and dunked and in another game at the last minute he stole the ball, dunked and after that he blocked a player

  • James Harden traveled.

  • San Antonio left my jaw on the ground

  • Washington’s play should’ve been Wall’s dunk

  • Damn Giannis walked over a man

  • Technically the cavs one is two different plays but okay

  • This video could have easily been one play from each team and 45 minutes of Donovan Mitchell highlights

  • At 0:04, all i herd was the announcer saying john collons

  • negotiate post shoulder marriage situation fan transportation receiver no specifically.

  • Miami's best play should've been D-wade's game winner over Ben Simmons

  • Mj. Kobe..lebron

  • 5:47 voicecrack

  • Giannis lowkey jacked now... looking like LeBron's transformation

  • 0:00 Hawks 0:15 Celtics 0:31 Nets 0:42 Hornets 1:03 Bulls 1:21 Cavs 2:05 Mavericks 2:20 Nuggets 2:40 Pistons 2:53 Warriors 3:17 Rockets 3:41 Pacers 3:55 Clippers 4:12 Lakers 4:33 Grizzlies 4:50 Heat 5:06 Bucks 5:32 Timberwolves 5:58 Pelicans 6:09 Knicks 6:29 Thunder 6:48 Magic 7:00 76ers 8:28 Raptors 8:45 Jazz 9:06 Wizards

  • LeSheppard MVP.

  • 3:55 Not a best play.🤷‍♂️

  • That was definitely NOT the warriors best play

  • lo, washington's best play

  • No detroit???

    • Drew Brown blake diving pass to drummond

  • Might as well call this the best dunks from every NBA team

  • Wheres the.heat

  • Miami Heat has the best play

  • 10 seconds after I saw 6:11, I started crying. Come back Porzingod DAMMIT!

  • The Timberwolfes play was by far the best

  • Time stamps: 0:00 Hawks 0:14 Celtics 0:31 Nets 0:42 Hornets 1:03 Bulls 1:20 Cavaliers 2:06 Mavericks 2:21 Nuggets 2:41 pistons 2:54 Warriors 3:18 Rockets 3:41 Pacers 3:54 Clippers 4:13 Lakers 4:33 Grizzlies 4:50 Heat 5:07 Bucks 5:33 Timberwolves 5:57 Pelicans 6:08 Knicks 6:29 Thunder 6:47 Magic 7:06 76ers 7:15 Suns 7:30 Trail Blazers 7:48 Kings 8:05 Spurs 8:29 Raptors 8:46 Jazz 9:06 Wizards

  • Gi

  • Malik monk shoulda been hornets

  • Making my way downtown, Walking around.... -James harden 2018

  • The harden shot; definitely a walk

  • 4:50 DAMN

  • 🐐

  • 4:32 he dunks and dabs at the same time😂😂😂

  • Harrison Barnes 🔥 #MFFL

  • too bad dame time doesnt work during playoffs

  • Why isn’t lebron’s behind the back nutmeg dribble on here for the Cavs

  • "he's swaggy, he's so swaggy"

  • 3:32 travel

  • Stupid comintators

  • Spurs best play of the year involved Kyle Anderson and Davis Bertans.... Yep. That just about sums up our season 😒

  • This list is so flawed

  • 1:40 Travel like always

  • Jimmy Butler knew that LeBron was gonna drop that jumper for the win loll

  • Sacramento has a team still?

  • The cross up Dwight did and dunk was better

  • :P Looking at the LNJ dunk makes me sad ;(