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Best Play From Every Team: 2017-2018 Season

Published on Apr 17, 2018
Check out the best play of every team from the 2017-2018 NBA Regular Season!
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  • Hawks : John Collins Scores Great Alley Oop Dunk Nets : Jarrett Allen Destroys Defender With Massive One Handed Dunk Celtics : Rozier Steal + Dunk Game Winner Hornets : Howard Jams a Huge Dunk on Muscala Bulls : LaVine Crosses Into the Paint and Jams Cavs : LeBron Blocks Butler and Scores a Fade-Away for the Win Mavs : Barnes Takes Curry Range Three and Scores At Buzzer Nuggets : Gary Harris Scores Huge Three for the Win over Westbrook Pistons : Griffin UnderHand Pass to Andre Drummond for 2 Hand Dunk Warriors : Durant Hits A Transition Jumper Over Lonzo for Lead Rockets : Harden Takes Wesley Johnson’s Ankles With StepBack Three Pacers : Oladipo Scores StepBack Three for Win Clippers : Milos Dishes An Incredible Pass for DJ Lakers : Larry Nance Jr Posterizes Kevin Durant Grizzlies : Double Alley Oop To Ivan Rabb Heat : James Johnson Posterizes Oladipo with Lethal Agression Wolves : Wiggins Hits BankShot from the Logo at the Buzzer Bucks : Giannis Jumps Over Tim Hardaway Jr to Catch Lob for Insane Dunk Pelicans : Rondo off the Glass Alley Oop for AD Knicks : Porzingis Blocks Jackson and Finishes with One Handed Tomahawk Dunk Thunder : Westbrook Shoots The Dagger at the Buzzer Over Fox Magic : Aaron Gordon 180 Dunk Over 76ers Defender 76ers : Simmons Behind the Back Pass to Saric for Layup Suns : Chandler Scores Lob at the Buzzer Blazers : Dame Hits StepBack for Win Kings : De’Aaron Fox Put Back Dunk For the Win Spurs : Anderson Saves Ball and Throws Lob to Bertans Raptors : DeRozan Scores Insane Dunk Over 2 Defenders Jazz : Mitchell Put Back Dunk with One Hand Wizards : Beal Steals Ball and Hits Buzzer Beater

  • So JR can call a timeout against the wolves *but not the warriors*

  • wasn't Hardens shot a travel? just wond'rin

  • The one for Washington was just sad. Really? That’s not impressive at all


  • Warriors beat play should be when Stephen curry loses the dribble then just throws it up and it went in

  • Y’all really don’t know how to choose the best plays huh :/

  • the wizards are trash lmao

  • 4:15 Steve Kerr: "GODDAMMIT"

  • the "does anybody know how to post videos on facebook" line had me fucking cringing and me getting depression for 2 weeks and every night in my dream, I heard that one line and I fucking died.

  • I got my catalog. 07-27-18.

  • Celtics should have been Tatum dunk on Lebron

  • Anybody else hear steve Kerr at 4min 12 seconds

  • Good lord the guy who reacted to the Harrison Barnes gamewinner was so violent chill out u sound like you’re about to kill someone lol

  • J.R. remembered the score 😂😂

  • Harden is such BS he literally pushes off on that "ankle breaker" and he does it every time just like Lebron

  • I would not say that was warriors best play

  • If its best plays from TEAMS shouldnt it include ball movement and teamwork and not buzzer beaters?

  • Can someone explain to me why harden didn’t travel after the crossover

  • Does anyone know how to post videos on facebook!!!

  • giannis antetocoumpo

  • 2:19

  • Anybody think of the Rick and Morty edit bleacher report did at 6:10

  • lol l

  • how about the best play AGAINST each team? for example, the best play in the season against the hawks, it could be from any team but it has to be against the Atlanta Hawks.

  • J.R Smith actually knew the score when the caves had their best play

  • Giannaias is a god

  • That wasn't a block on Lonzo that shit was a foul lol clear as day

  • Wiggins just silenced Oklahoma City

  • 0:23 I'm a Celtics fan and that's not the best play from them

  • Devin bookers game winner????

  • Pause at 2:33 Russ got caught lacking but his athleticism, he was a pube hair away from blocking that

  • Why Jarrett Allen look like a tall Dave Bing

  • Rondo to AD definitely best play hands down. Saw that shit live the Pels were playing great the whole game and that fast break I was like "alright free 2 points" then RONDO WAS LIKE YO AD HOW HIGH CAN YOU JUMP

  • 4:31 that dab tho😂😂😂

  • 4:27 look at the guy in the red shirt🤣🤣🤣🤣

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  • malik monks dunk was better than Dwight’s

  • I like how the snake got dunked on by Larry nance jr

  • these are all just dunks. should be a video of actual plays and good ball movement

  • fuck the warriors and cavs, the pacers are the best team in the league

  • LeBron goaltending

  • If I had to pick the very best out of this group of highlights, I'd give it to Porzingis. Not a Knicks fan, but damn that was brutal!

  • Celtics should’ve been that play against the Mavericks when Tatum kept it in and gave it to smart. So much ball movement and stuff

  • Westbrook’s game winner or dunk against Thon maker?

  • Harden traveled... As usual

  • The Wizards joint weak af

  • That was the saddest play to end a video😂

  • OK, NBA. The Donovan Mitchell putback dunk against the Lakers is the #1 play of the Utah Jazz season but only the #2 play for Donovan Mitchell...WHAT????????????????????

  • So u telling me the Warriors don't have better plays then that