BEST CHEESESTEAK Sandwich in Philadelphia! Philly Cheesesteak Tour

Published on Aug 7, 2018
So glad that I got to do a Cheesesteak Tour when I visited Philadelphia this time because when you are in Philly, you got to eat some good Philly Cheesesteak!!
Cheesesteak sandwiches have always been one of my favorite kind of sandwiches, that's why I had to make it my mission to see what the best Cheesesteak Sandwich that Philly has to offer!
Not only did I get to taste the cheesiest Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich that was oozing out with cheese, but I also got to try one of the biggest Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches too! This Cheesesteak sandwich is filled with an insanely amount of toppings, full of juicy seasoned meat, fried onions, peppers and most of all, and it has so much cheese!
Mmm, thank you, Philadelphia for your fantastic Cheesesteak Sandwiches, I will be back for more of that cheesy sandwich!
1)John’s Roast Pork
2)Jim’s Steaks
4)Max’s Steaks

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  • What's your favorite Philly Cheese spot?

    • The corner store

    • Strictly Dumpling ddddddadaddadfssfffsffsffssffsafffsffsffffaafffaasafaasssafssasafafafaffsasaasaaafsfsasasaaaasaafafssaaafasafafsaaaasafaasaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafasaaaaaaaafasaaaaaaaaaaaafaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafaaaaaaaaasssaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaasaaaaaaaasaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaafaaaaaascaavaaf as aaaaa+afa v s asaaasaaasaaafafvs aa. B+aaaa. Saaaa /a aaaaaaa aaasfab. Aaaaa a+aa x ada aaaa aaaaaaaaaa+ f= aaaaaaaaaaaaaaafbafaaafaaaafsaaaaafaaffafaffaaffafsffffaff dddddddaad

    • +SolarxXxEclipse Actually, Pat's and Geno's are tourist places. And they're in South Philadelphia.

    • Saad's. Also must try their chicken maroosh. Best sandwich in Philly.

    • The works is bomb af

  • Jim's was the jawn from the movie Creed.

  • this motherfucker really ate all those sandwiches in one day?

  • Everyone i know from Philly goes to Jims

  • I thought they put Broccoli Rabe in roast pork sandwiches, not Spinach?!

  • How could you go to Philly and not try Pats and Ginos? Such a sin lol

  • Mikey Chen for president!🙏🏽

  • Go to Gordon Ramsey’s steak restaurant

  • You need a haircut BAD, bro~!

  • I prefer my cheese steak with olives and mushrooms :)

  • Your list is mids

  • Jims all day

  • Why am i just finding out this now i visited Philly, 2 months ago! T.T

  • Anyone feel slightly triggered by mikey tearing the bread?

  • In the thumbnail, for some reason, I thought the red peppers were flaming hot Cheetos

  • How can you eat so much?

  • 11:30 runs infront of the chick. High-key rude. Low-key don't care.

  • Can’t have cheesesteaks with wiz, it’s not real cheese, American or provolone

  • You should have gone to Ishkabibble's instead of Jim's... j/s

  • Do you ever hate anything?????

  • JOHNS is the best!!


  • It's so shame I can't get any cheese steak in Japan.

  • You Need salt pepper ketchup and mayo fried wiz..ever... and I like Jim's but the other location in West Philly

  • he had me cracking at "meat to bread ratio" :D somebody put him in some all u can eat contest please :D

  • Phiily < bahn mi

  • Y’all missed out on Tony Luke’s!!

  • I love all your explanations for things

  • My only complaint with the cheesesteak, lose the provolone, and get that white American!

  • Wow peace to you for even going to Max’s some people don’t got there because they scared

  • Salt pepper ketchup mayo! And onions! - philly order

  • Why didn’t you try one that was not chopped? Like Oregon Steaks.

  • 549 people are from Dallas :)

  • Mike, I'm sorry, but they played you. That was not Jim himself.

  • my first ever meal in USA was a cheese stick , I thought it was gonna be a baton of cheddar . wit or wit out , I didn't understand the comedy , I said wit . then I saw the joke , what a mess . tasted OK . I never had another one , I actually worked in a food joint , I made 1000s a week , the messier it was , more they liked it. I ate for tree , but never a cheese stick .

  • Thank-you for not going to Pat and Gino's, Philly people don't go there just tourist.

  • I love you Mike but the USA uses real chicken in their nuggets also..

  • These all look amazing don't no why I'm watching u when I have not ate in.hours and.can't eat due to a very burned painful tongue and my tummy won't let me eat sever bloating pain gassy nausea panic attacks when trying to digest my food

  • For some reason, I thought the red stuff in the thumbnail was Flaming Hot Cheetos

  • Mike really knows how to paint a picture with words. Makes me hungrier than any other videos I've watched.

  • $18 sir lion cheesesteak?

  • Cleavers is my favorite

  • Ginos way better then all those places

  • Cool vid... only thing Chubby's directly across the street steaks actually treat better than Delassandros

  • If you're trying to stay relativity local, you could always do a wing tour of Buffalo.

  • The best cheesesteak close to me is Penn Station

  • Jim’s is awesome. My favorite in philly. Dam now I am hungry for one and it so far away.

  • Now I'm gonna be craving cheesesteaks after this video thanks for that

  • Truly enjoyed watching this. :D

  • “I don’t want a bite of this” said no one EVER

  • Fly Eagles Fly

  • it's just ground beef ffs. seasoned, granted, but nothing more

    • so that ribeye they are slicing is ground beef? you are an absolute genius.

  • With all the food you're eating... How do you keep in shape? I struggle with a burger and a plate of rice!!

  • i lived in philly for awhile and never had a cheese steak

  • Go to hiro's ramen in Philadelphia

    • ive heard thats a good place, never tried it. I recommend Xi'An Sizzling Wok's hand drawn noodles in Chinatown

    • how good is their cheesesteak?

  • At least he didn't go to geno's

  • 3:54 I don't want a bite of this...... I want the whole sandwich

  • That's not spinach you dummy! It is broccoli rabe

  • Lol i dont know why but every time i see avideo about cheesesteaks i have to watch it even though they’re usually about the same philly spots just something about watching a cheesesteak especially being from cali i gotta make it to philly before i die lol

  • Besides the Rocky steps, Philly cheese steaks are one of the best things I love about Philadelphia.

  • I wonder if the cameraman gets a bite, his mouth must be watering behind that camera lol.

  • Even Porky Pig gives this video a thumbs up! 👍💖

  • Absolutely love ur enthusiasm! You did Philly right.

  • I got hungry. Now I'm eating peanuts 😭😭😭 I want one of those 😭

  • Jim's looks the best

  • The director of this vid deserves an Oscar, because he only went 99% food porn; not full.

  • Mikey ROCK! 🤘🏼🤘🏼🤘🏼

  • How does Mike Chen not weigh 400 pounds?? If I ate one of those I couldn't fit into my pants for a week!

  • Philly cheese steak VS Italian beef dip sandwich I want so much cheese that even Spider-Man use that instead of his own webbing ! # 2 got my vote

  • That sandwich was taller than you ! 🙆‍♂️

  • Come to Chicago and do this with the Italian Beefs next ;)

  • I still get amazed by the huge amount of food a smallish person can consume in one day! Absolutely amazing!

  • I just started watching this channel and I have to ask how the f@#$ do you eat like that much without throwing up and how the hell are you so thin please explain

  • a philly cheese with grilled onions and jalapeños

  • That Jims place looked amazing

  • Wish Korea had something even 1/4 the similar to the places mentioned :(

  • damn I shouldnt of clicked on this vid, here I am eating cup ramen and a dollar package of hotdogs.

  • American 'cheese' has no right to call itself chees to begin with. It would be out right illegal to do here in EU. American cheese is cancer. Hate it with a passion.

  • I live in Philly :D

  • the next closest "big city" is jersey city dude. not philly.

  • I've never wanted anything so bad as how much I want a cheese steak right now.

  • Can you mail me the other half of your cheesesteaks?

  • It's not a *Philly cheesesteak* if you put something other than *white American cheese* on it. It's a steak and cheese sandwich

  • Am i the only one gonna mention he calls broccoli rabe spinach when eating the roast pork sandwhich? Its a completely different vegetable Mike lol.

  • You can eat SO MUCH

  • With your descriptiveness.

  • Wish I could travel and eat. Awesome commentary, you make me taste it with you descriptions.

  • Can I get a plane ticket to Philadelphia please?

  • Salute!!! In the hood at Max's. Ppl from out the area always ask for a whole, when they mean half. Lol Still missed a couple spots.

  • Oh yeah next time you come to Philly please go to ishkabibbles

  • I'm happy you came to phiphilly and didn't go to Pat's or Geno's . I live up the street from MAXX'S . You should have sat in the eagle bar to enjoy your steak. Next time do a Reading terminal food tour. You won't be disappointed

  • why do I watch your videos late at night?? all of this looks amazing and now Im starving lol

  • If you enjoyed this pork sandwich, you must try “My Cuban Spot” in Brooklyn. Thank me later!

  • Doesn’t anybody love the way he says ratio

  • welcome to my city Tony Luke's and delosandos are the best. the rest are for tourists

  • “It’s the length of my arm” ;-)

  • Moat places look like they are still stuck in the 80's. Or is it intentionally kept like that...

  • Everytime me and my daughter watch your videos our stomachs rumble!!

  • Less talking! More Eating!!!

  • *Rewatches episode and immediately puts Philadelphia on food bucket list, and adds ingredients for cheesesteak to expanding grocery list* Yup time to stock up the fridge. Thanks Mike! 😊✋👍