BEST CHEESESTEAK Sandwich in Philadelphia! Philly Cheesesteak Tour

Published on Aug 7, 2018
So glad that I got to do a Cheesesteak Tour when I visited Philadelphia this time because when you are in Philly, you got to eat some good Philly Cheesesteak!!
Cheesesteak sandwiches have always been one of my favorite kind of sandwiches, that's why I had to make it my mission to see what the best Cheesesteak Sandwich that Philly has to offer!
Not only did I get to taste the cheesiest Philly Cheesesteak Sandwich that was oozing out with cheese, but I also got to try one of the biggest Philly Cheesesteak Sandwiches too! This Cheesesteak sandwich is filled with an insanely amount of toppings, full of juicy seasoned meat, fried onions, peppers and most of all, and it has so much cheese!
Mmm, thank you, Philadelphia for your fantastic Cheesesteak Sandwiches, I will be back for more of that cheesy sandwich!
1)John’s Roast Pork
2)Jim’s Steaks
4)Max’s Steaks

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  • What's your favorite Philly Cheese spot?

    • You have not had a philly cheese steak until you had Genos or pats 🤤

    • Jim's and Cleaver's fail immediately for using cheese sauce/cheez whiz as their cheese. Rocky's up in the suburbs is the last place I had when I was out there. But it's been a long time. And dammit, Real Philly Cheesesteaks are made with Amoroso rolls. If those aren't the rolls, it's not a cheesesteak.

    • Max's IS the BEST!!!! Jim's is for the tourist....cheez whiz JEEZ! Goota check out the roast pork sandwich next time thanks for sharing.

    • One thing I've been seeing done more often is making the hoagie roll into garlic bread before making the cheesesteak. It's really good.

  • The best cheesesteaks in Philly come from the local corner store Rican or Dominican....REAL PHILADELPHIANS DONT EAT Genos, Maxes, or Jims.... They are tourist spots not the true genuine style.

  • Just went to Cleavers based on your review and it was AMAZING!! Next stop ippudo in NYC 😆

  • No Pat's or Gino's? How do you go to Philly and not stop at these two iconic eateries?

  • I'm drooling now, thanks.

  • Angry birds worst nightmare 😂

  • Dope u came to my city!

  • Best vlog ever! I grew up on Dallesadros! Moved to Arizona in 95 and nothing here can come close! Whenever I get back that’s my 1st stop! Thanks for bragging up the best cheese steaks in Philly!!!

  • I’m so hungry right now

  • this is so cheesy

  • next time you come, go to Tony Lukes original spot.

  • yeah man that is the best part right in the fold of the sandwich hell yeah!

    • that noise when you dropped the beef killed me LMAO

  • lmao she waited until you finished ordering to tell you that you couldn't order there!?!

  • you should do best deep dish pizza in Chicago and best soul food in DC.

  • My nigga was in philly and I missed it. Dammit

  • 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  • My favorite is Dalessandro’s

  • I want this now :'( Sadly where I live (in my area of germany) this delicious stuff isn't sold anywhere near me :'( i so wish i could have this 2nd cheese dripping one...

  • Do one in Denver

  • Not gonna lie but that sandwich looked dry as hell. I had to drink water just looking at the video..

  • im gonna starve from watching

  • Do you ever split the food with the cameraman? Because that would be the hardest job if you couldn’t eat it too... 😂

  • Oh my gosh! Jim’s cheesesteak looks so good i want some right now

  • You went without me? Insulted.

  • oh my god it looks so delicious

  • Nah Pats cheestakes are the best. I used to stop there after I was done doing car repos and was on my way to drag race at Philly street races😁Best job in the world:steal cars all day without going to jail, and racing cars at night 🚖🚘🚔🚕🚗🚓

  • The best Sandwich in Philly isn’t a Cheesesteak at all, it’s Tony Luke’s Roast Pork Italian. Better than Johns, better than Dinics by far.

  • Philly home sweet home !

  • U must come to Kansas City

  • Tony Luke’s breakfast sammich and a tony Luke’s Italian hoagie, and tony Luke’s cheese steak and tony Luke’s roast pork!cant beat tony Luke’s!🤤

  • Re up load?

  • My family and I are in Philly right now for the first time for 2 days and we are going to Jim's Steaks as I type...thank you Mike!...headed to NYC for 1 day tomorrow...can't wait to check out a couple of your ramen recommendations!

  • How in the world can you eat so much?

  • 443 vegans dislike this video.

    • vegans are braindead hypocrites. nobody cares about them. they are just as much in denial as jehova's witnesses xD

  • 1.johns roast pork is good 2 ok i do not necessarily agree with cheez wiz... As a pursuit it has to be a hard cheese... ( however it permissible under the constitution of Philadelphia !) 3. Jims on south street is another good to great choice HOWEVER.... Jims in west philly (on 62 st IS THE ORIGINAL and therefore holds the lead ) 4 have not been to cleavers ..its new, hip and looks trendy ...THIS COULD BE DANGEROUS we will see.... 5 Max"s on broad st is oooookay .. but not really inline with the champions..... the steak IS big as hell ... but it is ...just ok and.... some have said that max steaks are so big .. .the Taliban hates america because of it .... however........... 5. YOU FOUND IT !!!!! DELASANDROS ...Hallelujah!!!!! PRAISE GOD IN HEAVEN !!!!!!! this is where GOD actually goes when he gets hungry ... yeah its true..... AND CAROL in the green tee ( 18:51 )shirt at delasandros .is a goddess !!!

  • rolandos super tacos san antonio tx.

  • that music being played, thats a knock off of the band mineral end serenading album.

  • Nice looking dumpling yum

  • you missed the local hot spots... Ish Kabibbles and Steve's prince of steaks..

  • Hey Mike thanks for visiting Philadelphia keep up the good work!

  • I used to have a Philly Cheese Steak Connection within walking distance of where I work. I miss it so much. Such a good sandwich. Mushroom Swiss steak where have you gone... T_T

  • your poor toilet!

  • You always have such good visuals in your videos. I love the way you will almost be done with your meal, but then flash back to before you started eating. 🍴🤤😮😋

  • I went to Jim's last year when I went to Philly (from Australia) and it was so good! The roll was great too!

  • idk about the taste but the second one was probably one of the best looking cheese steak I have ever seen .... damn

  • Philly Cheese Steak sandwiches are the BEST! I've tried to duplicate the taste, but just can't do it.

  • Jim's is best !!!!!! Next time do a Hoagie tour !!!!!!!

  • How many damn cheesesteaks did this man eat in a day

  • Try all American in Long Island ny

  • Jim's all day.

  • The best cheesey steaks are made in my hometown Fort Stockton Texas!!!

  • Adult Male fondles sandwiches in slow motion.

  • How about a BEST CRAB challenge between blue crabs, Gulf Coast vs Maryland and King vs Snow vs Dungeness

  • When u realize his main channel is a science channel w/ 2mil subs

  • Okay I don't want a bite jk also I live in philly

  • I dont like cheese but I will eat the steak! and drink lots of beer :)

  • Hit up Richmond, Virginia, when you need some serious Southern comfort food instead of sandwiches. :) Restaurants to try: MamaJ's, Comfort, and a whole bunch more. :) Just do yourself a favor, and STAY AWAY from the Chinese food. :(

  • Omg I'm starving for a steak and cheese now

  • What kind of fried chilis were those? Would you pretty please do a recipe on them? Thank you for all of the videos.

  • Cheesesteak Sandwiches!!! @3:07....John's Roast Pork @9:50 Jim's Steaks @12:54...Cleaver's @15:44...Max's @17:39...Dalessandro's.....Enjoy!

  • Yum🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  • Spinach? I thought broccoli rabe goes in the pork sandwich

  • isnt a real authentic philly cheesesteak suppose to have cheese and onions on it only and not all that other stuff ?

  • Why is this guy always on trending ?

  • Screw the whole gourmet food scene. Give me a good Philly cheesesteak any day and I'm good.

  • You look like young jackie chan

  • Favourite? The one with more steak obviously

  • I was so triggered when that meat drop out at 15:09

  • everything looks so delicious 😍💗

  • Hmmmm jai fin

  • Crying in Spanish language

  • Is philly a halloween town

  • 15:09 best part

  • #49 on tending right now! Great job, Mikey!!! 😍😍😍😍🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

  • hmmmph, Ishkabibble's isn't on this list, so throw the whole damn video away! They are the best damn Philly steak you'll get. Makes me want to drive up to Philly for one now if they were opened lol

  • John's Roast Pork is the BEST!!

  • is that Paddys Pub from always sunny?

  • can you go to new zealand :D

  • 😊 glad I live in Philadelphia so I can always get the best cheesesteaks

  • Tony Luke's!

  • Corner Store Cheese Steaks are good enough for me but a few I enjoy are called Larry’s Pizza on Rising Sun Ave, Takka’s Grill on Chelten Ave and Genario’s on Chelten Ave

  • I feel bad for the toilet that this guy sits on

  • Dude u have to hit up pats

  • But what about steak-ummmm?

  • This man got boobs xD

  • It would be amazing to taste food like this.

  • What part of philly was he in?

  • Most places don't grill enough for my liking. I like char on the steak along with the onions, green and red peppers. And you should Julian cut them too. Cheese Wiz is a must too!!!

  • does a real authentic philly cheesesteak have pickles and peppers on it?

  • 14:34 gotta love cross contamination

  • So freaking good!!! I hate u😲. JK

  • I like that you are going to be making more videos in the US. Come to New Mexico sometime and try our New Mexican Chile (Hatch or Chimayo varieties).

  • Bad edit , you repeated yourself too much !

  • I wonder if these restaurants make the sandwiches with the same quality and amount of beef and pork for everyday customers as they do when they know they are being filmed for You Tube.

  • Crappy unhealthy food sucking channel

  • Love Philly cheese cake

  • Hey mike, try some Jollibee!!!

  • sweet jesus

  • I don't think you have eaten all those sandwiches the same day,maybe in three or four days

  • Stop making me hungry