Best Blocks From All NBA Teams of 2017

Published on May 29, 2017
Check out the best blocks from every team in the NBA of 2016-17 season. This list not include the 2017 Playoffs.
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  • I think fornhouston rockets it could be harden no look block

  • Giannas antetekoumpo was the best

  • Porzingis like, *thank you come again*

  • Whitesides block wasn’t a block at all; he snatched that ball out of the air!!

  • Q ahora vale como bloqueo tocar el barzo del atacante

  • Si te gusta el basket...🏀 denle like a mi comentario y a mi canal!!!😙

  • They should add another attribute in basketball called "Grab", because Porzingis didnt block it but literally grabbed it

  • Best chasedown blocker -Lebron James

  • by time i see whiteside get blocked

  • I'm not trying to hate or anything but half of these blocks aren't even the best blocks from these teams. He's probably just too lazy to actually do some good research.

  • Where's Zaza's game winning block on Michael Jordan during the NBA finals?

  • Id just like to point out Kwahi played only 9 games last season... 9 games... and still made this list... BEST defender in league

  • brook lopez block was nasty

  • Favorite block-Kawhi Leonard

  • provider sector rumor smile black latter medical deadly entire again count cap hi complete.

  • Favorite blocker whiteside im a die heart heat fan #HEATNATION

  • GSW should be Javale Mcgee.

  • block my puberty


  • Lebron goaltended

  • Porzingis block was the best by far. He literally stole the ball out of the dude hand and held onto it like it was a baseball

  • James Harden. Best defensive player in the league

  • Spurs must be Manu blocking Harden at playoffs.

  • Terrence Ross’ reaction to Whiteside’s block tho 😂

  • Blake griffin is not the best blocker on the los angales clippers deandre Jordan is

  • Ty OKC for not getting spat on, amen

  • They forgot timber wolves my favorite team

  • That’s why Kyrie went to the Celtics

  • Fab block kd

  • For the rockets,it should have been James harden chase down block

  • Fav dunk blakaya

  • 9:40 faul

  • Block to kd yeah

  • FUCK YOU .I.

  • 5:19 That guy "Ohhhhh what the heck"

  • Porzingis has a sick one

  • What about deandre and Larry nance

  • Embiid block was the best

  • I like how kawhi is the only Sf on the thumbnail


  • No point in watching they are all superstars


  • kevin durant exposed by lakers

  • Tengo un amigo de 13 años, que mide 1.88cm, yo tengo 17 y mido 1.90cm. Le dije q vaya a básquet por que cuando tenga mi edad va a medir 2 metros.

  • 5:19 yea sit back down 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • That Myles Turner block was sooooo old school, a la Bill Russel and the big dipper.

  • Great video!

  • Whiteside

  • Bro what if kd got blocked by lonzo

  • Miren mis Videos y

  • Cavs should have been game 7 block on Iggy

  • Why are so many of these on the Knicks

  • This is last year

  • I disagree with the James block. The best of it was James block Andre in Finals

  • hassan whiteside is a best blocker

  • hassan whiteside is a best blocker

  • hassan whiteside is a best blocker

  • poor selection of clips

  • Why do blocks that they don't hit but just grab seem cooler and better then when they hit or swap the ball

  • spurs manu also good

  • I just came here to see warriors,Celtics,thunder and Timberwolves

  • Knicks wanted revenge

  • Check the replay! Gobert just grabbed his wrist!

  • Antentokoumpo is the best

  • You know the videos old when jimmy butler is on the bulls

  • good

  • Name of this video: Lee and James being blocked

  • Finally someone rejected Kevin dickrant oh wait it’s Kevindickhead

  • 5:17 sit the f*ck down bench reaction lol

  • birds man pa rin ang best blocker

  • Spurs should have been manu Ginobli’s clutch block

  • 5:27 8:14.Greece MTF!!!

  • Lol Brooke Lopez didn’t even jump.

  • Whiteside and gobert are the best

  • Top two blocks of video: 1. The block on Lebron 2. The other block on Lebron

  • Lopezs against kat was a foul he pushed kat with his left arm

  • If Wiggins didn’t do a finger roll he wouldn’t have blocked

  • Is it just me or did he pick block by best player or best block 😑

  • Sixers best block should be Joel on LeBron

  • bro blocking lebron is like winning a ring

  • Šarić had the best block for Philyy, you know nothing World of Basketball 2

  • Porzingis’s block is nasty af

  • the embiid one should of been against Lebron when he swatted it, just saying

  • Opinion

  • Es que casi todos juegan la misma posición

  • If that was 2011 deric rose that’s a dunk

  • Nuggets vs wolves was a foul asffff he slapped the fuck out his arm.

  • The first one was a foul asf i could hear so many slaps.

  • The Spurs was good but there was Tiago splitter blocking D-Wade in the finals but still the Spurs was good

  • You should have put that chase down block by lebron But that was 2016 I think But that block was amazing 👌👌

  • Stretch nurse historian adopt solve edition up comfortable testify mixture.

  • 2:52 Wiggins should have dunked that. Forearm was already above the rim, and laying it in just lowers the percentage of going in.

  • at 3:40 Clint was like" no I'm not getting postered...not again"

  • 5:18-5:22 Raptor bench player:"that shits gonna go down" 5:20 Raptor bench player:"Nevermind"

  • Porzingis just grabbed that shit like thanks its mine now

  • :O brooks dunk...

  • bitch ass warrigays fan made this bullshit

  • KD's was a blatant foul.

  • 5:19 Terence Ross in the back like dammmmmnnnnnn

  • i think kd's block to lebron was great