Best Ana Player Ryujehong [#1World Ana] Moments Montage | Overwatch Best of Ryujehong Ana God Plays

Published on Dec 22, 2016
Best Ana #1 World Player Ryujehong Moments Montage | Overwatch Best of Ryujehong Ana God Plays
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Netsky - Eyes Closed
Porter Robinson - Fresh Static Snow (Last Island Remix _ Audio)
ES_Hunger (Instrumental Version) - Christopher Shorooi
ES_Magnificent March 1 - Johannes Bornlöf
ES_Make Haste 2 - Peter Sandberg
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  • Make sure to follow his (Ryujehong) stream! -

  • I don’t have a favorite player, but the healers are my shit.. Ana and zenyatta are the funnest to play with on regular modes.. tracer is most fun in total mayhem 😋

  • ちょいちょいグロエリさんいるの草

  • Quick scopes

  • The transition at 1:45 was godlike holy shouts out to the editor!

  • I've been an Ana main for a year now, but now I feel like trash.

  • How is a mans sensitivity so low

  • HES a god

  • Omfg, Nano Mercy xD

  • S A N TI A G O Goback to oq, dota zz

  • I literally only have 24 minutes on her..

  • whos an main here

  • Arm-aiming looks exhausting!

  • *C R I S P Y*

  • Now is pro player in world cup

  • not human being

  • damn i'm a Ana main and he's better than me lmaoo.

  • I am better

  • His aim, insane, his knowledge, great but he positions in places where the enemy could easily shut him down but they just dont

  • Wonder what mouse

  • I swear I don't know he's still the best Ana or not, but Hejong has the cleanest quick scopes, damn.

  • he is a good widow, but he isn't that good, he had visual and the enemy team was retarded, they ran into his shots.

  • ching chong ching chong? ching chong?

  • cara joga de mais maluco da ate medo

  • رائع

  • 4:30 no one has ever done that in the history of Dota! Nice very nice

  • might aswell play widowmaker lul

  • 1:45 nice editing

  • when you go ultra instinct

  • Is it just me or does it seem like the mouse cam doesn't match up to the gameplay most of the time

  • anaL god

  • I wanna see him go against gale

  • Your guys know tape2?

  • Now is ML7

  • 2018 anyone?

  • For the love of games 👉👈

  • That mercy tho..

  • Teach me

  • The 80 dmg Ana

  • Gave the video a like for having Porter Robinson ❤

  • Why am I even watching this? I'm a console Ana lmao

  • what's the song at 2:10?

  • holy shit that nade transition was smooth af

  • LoL DPS mercy

  • How can I make my fov like his?

  • 😮😮😮😮😥😥😥😥😓😓😓😓😐😐😐😐OP😂


  • アナってオフェンスだったけww

  • Wtf is his sensitivity. It is so low and he has such a tiny mouse pad. I can do the same movement that he does from one side of his mouse pad to the other I'm like a cm.

  • 2018?

  • This man better stop shooting his own teammates

  • Короче, суть видео в том, если хочешь хорошо играть будь корейцем XD

  • He gets lots of kills, but I get the impression that he doesn't heal too much

  • Netskyyyy ..good ol' dnb

  • idk...i came here after to see some aim required support sometimes...

  • 2018?

  • Gale Adelade is best Ana!

    • Tegan Gardner JJoNak, ryujehong, bdosin, and maybe even chips but not sure about him anymore and better.

  • im ana main

  • I want to watch this because the man might retire for overwatch league s2!

  • Played suport as Flank OP no comment

  • 한국인 손

  • 2:30の場所ってどうやって行くのでしょうか...

  • I bet people still whine at him "Y U NO HEELS ME U SUK REPORTING 4 THROW"

  • ryujehyung isnt #1 world ana tho, its GaleAdelade.

    • SamIV okay then, im just saying that Gale is #1 ranked, im not saying he's better

    • Pamela Mallari ranked is completely different to pro play. Even gale admits jehong is a much better ana than him. Not only does he perform generally better, but he performs better in pro play not even ranked. Ana's place in the meta may still leave gale playing ana in ranked and not jehong but jehong is still better

  • Really fluent transition at 1:45

  • korean vs korean korean win and korean lose

  • such a bad ana lets his teammates die smh

  • Nothing special. Just enemies which are not too good

  • thank you teehee LOL😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • 잘한다

  • An inspiration to all Ana mains

  • That’s a small ass mousepad for that low of a sensitivity.

  • 오짐 크흐 세최아


  • I feel like garbage now

  • 제홍이형 크으으


  • Holy shit him aim is insand

  • 4 de ping até eu

  • 2:37 smooth af👌

  • I’m better.....just kidding! Pretty close tho. I’m Top500 #378 NA and an Ana Main

  • No u

  • I miss Ana's 80 damage shots...

  • Yeah our Korean master

  • Noob q but how do players get the green dot targeting reticle?

  • Most ana players try to save their team mates by healing them while ryu saves his teammates by killing the enemy lol Never expect him to use his e on you, cuz he will throw it at the enemy team

  • god Ana🙇🙇

  • 4:29 history of dota?

  • This guys uses his arm to aim instead of his wrist. That feels unnatural.

  • 這不是睡眠標這是導彈標O_O

  • That transition at 1:44 was very nice.

  • Amazing

  • wha...t

  • I am anal main


  • I noticed the pros tend to use melee a lot more

  • I bet this guy would Nano Boost himself if he could.

  • 1:45 that transition though

  • Nah m8. Im #1

  • Worlds best doomfist,mcree,sombra, soldier 76, tracer, reaper, genji, junkrat, Mei, torbjorn, widow, Hanzo, bastion, roadhog, zarya, Reinhardt, orisa, dva, Winston, Moira, ana, mercy, Lucio, symmetra, zenyatta in a free for all match. Who would win?