Benches clear twice between Yankees, Red Sox

Published on Apr 12, 2018
The Yankees and Red Sox's benches clear after Tyler Austin slides hard into second with Brock Holt covering the base, then Joe Kelly later hits Austin with a pitch, resulting in tempers flaring again
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  • This reminds me of the good old days! GO YANKEES!

  • Happy to see the Yankees-Red Sox feuds reignited again. Back to old-school bad blood.

  • Any idiot can see that was a dirty ass slide.

  • Are the first dudes Yankees commentators? Because man they were riding them

  • Sox fan or Yankees fan if Judge got in a brawl it’s an easy dub for New York

  • Pedro suck

  • 에효 동업자 정신도 없는 양키쓰레기들

  • 1:57 the umpire was pointing at the players saying you, and you will fight now, right now!!

  • 😉Pedro is right....end of this discussion on this particular play.....

  • Austin took that L from Joey fisticuffs hahaahahahs cornball

  • I like how players come in from the outfield bullpen. "I'm 400 ft. away. Give me a few minutes to get there." Even though the pictures aren't going to fight because they may hurt their arms, they come over to show team support anyway.

  • I like when the comentitor that slide was nithing

  • 7:18 If Cora thinks he "over slid," then why didn't he came out and do something on the spot instead of waiting for other people to take care of it for him? I guess he is just that kind of guy that lets his team do the "right thing" while he watches. Pretty weak.

  • #LetsGoYankees

  • This is the worst free fight

  • Yup, Yankees still suck. Obviously super jealous of the Red Sox amazing hot streak right now. Lolz!!!

  • MLB: UFC Edition

  • 4:24 Bottom right corner "Hush. It's okay baby."

  • The Yankkeys fight Detroit in 2017 and now Boston

  • Diamond City

  • I feel like the umpires who do these games with the Yankees and the Sox need to start wearing riot gear. These guys' rivalry is by far my favorite rivalry in all sports. Aside from the Bears and Packers one

  • Cashman is an idiot

  • i love how the yankee announcer is saying it was a clean slide

  • Aaron judge and stanton would best everybody

  • Phil nevin is fucking awesome.

  • Woah I didn’t realize sonny gray was in there immediately. That dude is like a little bulldog. Too bad he can’t pitch in New York

  • Baseball is way too dramatic. If two people start talking smack to each other, both benches have to clear for some reason.

  • The people at mlb network are completely defending the Red Sox for being crybabies when Tyler Austin made a legal slide.

  • 2:51 hairline

  • Spikes hurt but it’s a part of the game. If y’all soccer pussies wanna complain about it then don’t watch these sports vids that’s way more entertaining then ur game will ever be.


  • I used to like the Yankees till Austin started sum shit...GO SOX! ❤️

  • It was NOT a dirty slide; Austin stayed on the bag and did not go out of his way.

  • Why the fuck is pedro the guy we are asking on how to play the game clean? He was the dirtiest pitcher in the game...

  • 打死你這個死洋基

  • Just be honest. Yes I spiked him and yes I nailed him don't be babies

  • That’s exactly how you should slide in to 2nd!

  • I love when pitchers try to say it isn't intentional

  • Yankees will rule the roost for many more years to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • I love it how judge and stanton just move the pile

  • Red sox bag charity Auction

  • That was a pussy on steroid move. You clearly don't know big league baseball players roul's.

  • I was watching this game at home, saw the first benches clearing, but missed this one

  • Boston is a joke of a team

  • That's what you get for going spikes up

  • You can hear people shouting “YANKEES SUCK!!!!”

  • Mets Nets Jets Just realized this.

  • Kelly is a Pussy

  • Fuck

  • So in sports man like

  • I love watching this, Austin got his ass kicked by someone 40lbs lighter than him

  • As always classy Yankee player playing dirty they both steal each others calls part of the game sticking your spikes into achilles tendon is a scumbag move if that goes goodbye career and I'd say that for any team player not just the Sox.

  • Judge is so tall


  • I’m a Yankees fan but I love Brock holt he’s 100% real with it no bs

  • Austin clearly spiked Holt. He clearly aimed for his leg spikes up. He earned that hit & then he earned that ass whooping Kelly handed him.

  • I'm a Yanks fan and this is ridiculous Tyler wade over exaggerated

  • Damn, Aaron Judge had someone in a headlock

  • If the Yankees suck then explain why we kicked your ass

  • I was at the game. behind the red Sox dugout. it was amazing

  • Uhh

  • Oh yea

  • Damn cock sox!!

  • I'm a Yankees fan but Austin is terrible at fighting

  • Why refs didn't kick him out when he did dirty slide?

  • Red sux suck and are scaredy cats of judge

  • Red Sox always start crap, Yankees finish it. 🗽⚾🗽⚾🗽

    • allykatt1849 Yanks started this, Austin slid into Brock Holt’s leg

  • I love how the MLB official channel is posting this video. It's as if they allow for fights in games as an entertainment draw.

  • slide was somewhat dirty couldve hurt the guy

  • Sorry, I do not follow American baseball at all. But dont understands why the player of the team with gray uniform that was hit by the player of the team with white uniform threw the bat on the ground and then charged? Why not keep the bat and charge with that and hit the pitcher with the bat on his head?? We in Sicily take care of our honour in different way...capisce??

  • Joe Kelly get fucked up

  • I also enjoy watching the instigators pretend that they have no possible clue how anything could have led to this outcome....

  • That slide was 100% dirty

  • I'm pretty sure Austin is gay. he certainly acts gay. The worst thing is he's Feist like he's gay. the worst thing is he plays baseball like a Girl. it was awesome to see Kelly Austin in the face during that fight. it's fitting for him to be on this team though I'm pretty sure that Gardner and Stanton are lovers.

    • Cody Luis D Cody I knew I'd hear from a Yankees fan over this...... of course those players aren't gay so all I can say is. gotcha bitch!!! the truth is Austin may not be gay but she sure acts gay.

    • Carlton Firoved Because being gay is relevant? Lmao typical retarded Boston fan

  • Ahh the good old rivals

  • CC would beat all they asses alone lol 😂

  • Kelly is a little bitch.

  • Bad slide. His left leg was outside the plate and aiming for the second baseman's leg. Definitely intentional and definitely out to hurt some1.

  • Yankees fan here and i agree with the Sox.

  • The catcher needs to get in the middle a LOT quicker.

  • "He over slidid" 7:15

  • Good

  • Was Chapman in there ??

  • Yankees suck

  • The pitcher whooped his ass

  • 2:21 Judge gives no fucks

  • Judge and Stanton literally dragged the whole Red Sox team back to their dugout

  • Here's what I don't get about this, and I don't understand why no one is taking this approach to it (Especially Pedro and Harold Reynolds, as ex players). The slide isn't intentionally dirty, but it could've seriously hurt Brock. Brock's leg swings in a super awkward way, and he's lucky he didn't break/pull anything. Ok. Brock doesn't even get THAT upset about it, he doesn't turn back to Austin and start screaming or anything. I'm guessing he calmly says something along the lines of "what the hell, bro?" or something. That's what it looks like, anyway. Then, Austin gets in Brock's face and starts yelling at him. At that point, the culpability/admission of guilt then is ENTIRELY on Austin. Brock does nothing wrong, almost gets seriously hurt by a (at best) lazy and bad slide. Brock says "what the hell, man?" At that point, the only thing Austin should be saying is "My bad, sorry bro, glad you're ok". Anything other than that, case closed, Austin is a punk. Which is fine, it's Red Sox/Yankees, but for Austin to act like he was in the right is so embarrassing. What a punk.

  • Bitches. Lol. If you get hit by a pitch don't be a bitch take the bag and keep playing.

  • Two teams I hate ( and hate is understatement ) the most, Yankees and Montreal Canadians

  • It’s a trend now since Odor!

  • scew kelly

  • I'm also not surprised to hear what the biggest piece of monkey crap with no neck Pedro had to say about the brawl.

  • Dirtiest team in the MLB? The Shit Sox to a tee. I hate them bastards,but if Tyler was really trying to hurt that piece of shit,he would have went outside the baseline to do that,but a lot worse. Even Machado,and Jones of the O's doesn't like the shit S ox,and will not be in Boston next year. I would be shocked if they are,but don't see it happening.

  • It's Red Sox-Yankees.

  • That was bush league, Bosox. Just play the damn game, FFS. Geezuzz...

  • Don Zimmer sends firm handshakes from heaven in skybox!!!!

  • Boston The Town


  • 27>8