Being the Best/Worst Ever

Published on Dec 2, 2018
life, amirite?

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Music: Assembly Line Frustration by ionics
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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D ...come here often?


  • How she was one second away from 10 minutes though

  • 3:56 Gorillaz reference


  • Yeah Your Right Jaiden! 8:01

  • 8:23 SLAPED

  • 1:16 is so me

  • The fact that this isnt 10 min

  • U saved PewDiePie from T Series.

  • Jaiden can you make a video how you animate?

  • Oh no I like purple :((((

  • 6:08 oh no my favorite color is purple no joke

  • 6:27 she got us

  • my fav color is purple

  • cool intro

  • But my room is blue....

  • 2:17 omg la campanella! I’m learning it on my one juste try it out it tales Time but its not impossible.

  • 8:56 illuminati confirmed \(~o~)/

  • jaiden nice steven universe fusion refrence at 3:37 :D

    • It was a dragon ball z fusion reference


  • ....P-purple? But my hair color is purple...WAAAAA (I'm not serious about being sad but am serious about my hair color)

  • Who else saw the writing on the back of the sheet at 6:28

  • Put on captions and go to 0:13

  • Jaiden: WHY DOES EVERYTHING I DO LOOK LIKE *SHI-* (demonitization button appears and mini Jaiden starts talking and continuing the video)

  • Low-key stole James’s joke

  • I subscribed

  • 8:02 i dont like to be followed by a robot...

  • The tea spilled here is hot

  • the dabs thoo-

  • Thanks for mention me

  • How does it taste a baseball ball :p 0:19

  • My fav color is blue 😆. My walls are painted a really dark blue. Not navy blue but a really dark blue.


  • This is great

  • I think to myself "no matter how hard you try someone is always going to be better than you"

  • dab on those haters

  • Your animation is NOT shit your a great animator Jaiden you have to believe in yourself!

  • It's like that guy! *Accept yourself!* *Love yourself!*

  • Jaiden, your video is so informative and helpful. Plus, roasting three of the worst US-tvrs, neat!

  • Crap I can only hear the remix now

  • WHY are people who like purple "FREAKS"I personaly like purple its my 3rd favorite colour

  • I like purple

  • Well... I actually do things for my self never really cared what other people expected me to be

  • 4:48 i seriously thought you were gonna say Bob Ross for some reason xD

  • Haha im actually kinda different xD i always want to improve but.... Always get lazy half way through xD like one time i was like IM GONNA PRACTICE DRAWING THIS WHOLE SUMMER!!! *Plays with phone, goes outside to hang out, eat, sleeps* Haha i didn't improve at my drawing at all oh well I'll practice next summer And honestly I'm not that negative i honestly know its my fault to begin with since i don't have that spice to do anything at all xD xD xD

  • I look up to you because you are simple

  • Oh man, I got Jinkied.

  • 2:38 *sans (undertale) song play*

  • 6:27....ahhhhhhhhhhhh shit

  • 4:43 lmaooo "...waste of diapers."

  • > U U <

  • Anyone else feel targeted lol

  • 2:58 baka?

  • where is starts off at 5:54 reminds me a lot about the Kurzgesagt channel's video on loneliness. you guys should check it out! It was really well made, and he has a lot of really clear and concise animated informational videos.


  • After listening to the song version of this I keep hearing the verses when watching this

  • 6:27 Gottemmmmmmm

  • Is that, IS THAT JAZZA?!

  • 1:17 Why U swear

  • Anyone went to the comment section to like someone’s comment about how they love purple?

  • Is that an UNDERTALE reference 5:48

  • Ekkk

  • I literally stayed up till 4:00 in the morning doin homework

  • 0:20 whats happening what is he eating

  • I-i like purple

  • I like how if your characters have hair it's with a little tuft of hair in the back and no skin color at all

  • 6:28 shit...

  • B-But my favorite color is purple 😭

  • You do everything sooooooooooo great jaiden

  • I-im a freake!!! I LOVE PURPLE!!!!

  • 9:00 Oof

  • 8:23 SMACCC

  • I lost it at 8:25

  • This videos lesson: don’t paint your room based on lies from when you were 9

  • 3:33

  • Jaiden, is that GinjaNinja at 3:33? I know Reagan when I see her ;D

  • I'm just an average guy that hates our system and the direction of society. Anarchy 2020. Live and let live.

  • were are you dab police???? 8:25

  • Watch the song called falling from a tree

  • Craaazy good video!!

  • I push my self to get EXACTLY the perfect in math cause i always get a failing score then today i got perfect *wispers* yay.....

  • _OH YEAH!! IM GREAT 8)!!!_ _but, no too much.._

  • UwU

  • 3:31 *insert shaggy meme here*

  • I want to be an animator like you, but I'm starting off simple with gacha. I want to try my best to be known as "a best Gacha editor" so I can move on to animation having a great grasp of editing, but I always see people who are better, so this video helped me a lot!

  • 2:18 oh la campanela 2:30 WAIT THAT ISN’T LA CAMPANELA USE THE REAL ONE ☝️

  • My fav color is purple too (I'm a creep?)

  • Life amARIte

  • I self improved on not self improving :D

  • I never heared you say douch bag untill this video

  • There's always a market for your skills. If the market is big enough to sustain you is another question.

  • Please make Russian subtitles! I really love your video, but l don't speak English very well

  • 3:49 *its gary you piece of shiRt

  • After I watched this video I typed can. And it immediately said can you whip ur self...😟😶

  • Words of wisdom!

  • Omfg 8:20 has me dying

  • 6:27 aww f**k I can't believe you've done this

  • AnYoNe 2019????

  • I don't know if this fits with the topic but... Sometimes I feel like an endangered animal and the animal is my happiness and faith and I'm just slowly decreaseing by the day I'm in sixth grade and 12 years old and Jaiden thank you your videos keep me happy

  • I can relate

  • 8:21