Being the Best/Worst Ever

Published on Dec 2, 2018
life, amirite?

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And this tells me you read the description, which means you respect what I have to say! Thank you :D ...come here often?


  • Thank you for including PewDiePie's chair and the submarine,2P meaning sub to PewDiePie

  • Ok this video was amazing😍😍💗

  • Careful she’s a hero

  • am a kid zso its hard to inderstand so i put mysel as my self grawup am 11 btw


  • Thank you for putting a submarine, ✌️and a P meaning *Sub to Pewds* (I was not the first to find this out)

  • Jajaj se que no me va a entender casi nadie pero....patata

  • Why are you in the youtube rewind?

  • FunFact Jaiden has the same birthday as lil Wayne and Xhaka ( football/ soccer player )

  • This video was brilliant and personally very thought provoking. I'm very self critical, and a perfectionist. I can hear something on the guitar, a particular blues lick, and wonder how to play it. Then I can learn how to play it and just tell myself: "Oh it wasn't that hard to begin with, I'll never be as good as Hendrix, I should just get a real job and stop wasting my time. I suck." Thanks for helping me see my self destruction for what it is!

  • You did your part lady.

  • Can you make a video about Rewind


  • Subscribed because you sneaked in the chair

  • *pewdiepie is proud*

  • Petition for JaidenAnimations to host LWIAY instead of sixnine.

  • 90% of the comments are about the YT rewind...

  • You were the only good part abt that rewind n you deserve all the subs in the world for sneakin in pewds🙏

  • Jaiden needs to be on meme review She *needs* to

  • 1:13 where is his seatbelt? James is gonna be mad

  • here to sub as a thank for adding pewds chair, staying a sub because your animation is amazing.

  • Bless your soul

  • Just saying jaiden and James were the only good part of rewind

  • +10 respect from rewind

  • Someone finally put in to words

  • I was making breakfast, thought of bo, and burned the ham... G... Get it? Because like... Nervermind

  • You got a subscriber because of your thug life reference to PewDiePie.

  • how do you do your animations?

  • can we just talk about how at 0:16 if you turn on captions it says "best anime training"?

  • I’m everything Jaiden said you shouldn’t be or avoid being, oops.

  • +1 for the chair

  • Jaiden i sent to you a FanArt by Gmail.

  • Thanks for getting pewds chair into rewind

  • Amazing video. You just got yourself a new sub. :-D

  • Pp kaka

  • 263.242nd Like.

  • thanks jaiden for sneaking pewdiepie chair in youtube rewind 2018


  • I looked if you could whip yourself, and I got a latte recipe. Jaiden you coffee hater!

  • 8:00 Is that a JoJo reference?

  • Thanks soldier, you have done your part and not enough words can describe how great full the 9 year old army is for you

  • Are you dating James?

  • i wonder how many nine year old army subbed to her after what she did for pewds

  • YES US-tv REWIND 2018 BABY!youre the best in this US-tv rewind❤️ Sorry I’m from BRAZIL my English is.....bad?

  • Ur a hero for doing what u did in rewind (love ur vids bruh)

  • 9:07 All Might Jaiden

  • these words at 5:06-5:12 are very important for me because I always compare my work to other's and I feel like I'm a degenerate

  • I am here from the 9 year olds, here to deliver my judgement PewDiePie will give you a shoutout

  • *399*

  • Massive respect for the Pewds plug in YT rewind!👌😲😉😜

  • jaiden is a pewdiepie insurgent

  • thank you for doing your part 👏👏

  • 9:59 so close to mid roll ads

  • Every one please salute our General commander of the army of pewdiepie, jaiden.

  • Yeah the pewdiepie thing was epic but don’t let it distract you from the message of this video.

  • You deserve 5 million subs yet you still deserve more ❤❤

  • My favorite color is purple...

  • Everyone talking bout how she snuck in pewds chair and I’m freaking out cuz she added Bo Burnham.

  • You were in US-tv Rewind!!!!!! I saw you and was soo happy!!!!

  • my school's teacher doesnt like that i wanna be a game developer ;c


  • Bruh I can barely set a goal for myself let alone have aspirations, if I do I never go through with it and I fucking hate myself afterwards, I guess that’s a whole different ball game isn’t it?

  • Mad lad

  • I'm eating chocolate chip cookie dough.

  • 9:59 and not 10mins... Wow not everyone would do that

  • I want more pewd chair

  • Tanks

  • Ok thanks for sneaking in the pewdiepie’s chair on US-tv rewind

  • Jaiden, draw an invisible castle, on an invisible planet, with invisible flowers everywhere

  • Peeeeewwwwwwddd

  • I tell myself i suck so I can have a reason to improve...

  • am i the only one who craves to see Jaidens channels growth after the rewind incident?

  • Always stay determined I doesn't matter who you are, I matter what you are.

  • thank you

  • U have earned a sub my friend for taking place in the war soldier

  • The pewds chair let’s go we got at least a reference of him in there

  • I'll give you a thumbs up because you tried adding pewdiepie in youtube rewind

  • Saw your hidden message on the shelf. Pretty fucking clever I must say. Sub earned, god bless you

  • Sub to jaiden and pewdiepie

  • You are our savor THANK YOU!

  • Well Jaiden the drawing was okay compared to Van gogh but I have one question... WHERE DID MY VAN GOGH?!

  • I just watched youtube rewind 2018 and i can tell YOU ARE A MADLAD (woman) love you're vids

  • You are the best bit about youtube rewind

  • Thank you for doing your part!

  • _Them Jake Paul refrences tho_ The dabbing part took me so off guard I spit my water!

  • honestly the animation crew was the only thing good about US-tv rewind 2018

  • Woah, I see that, Jaiden, 6:27

  • Your amazing Jaiden. Keep it up🙂

  • I painted my walls grey when I was like seven even though my favorite floor was blue

  • came to thank for the chair, u did gooood

  • You actually snuck pewds chair in youtube rewind... nice job

  • REPEAT STUFF, REPEAT STUFF, REPEAT STUFF. yeah! repeeeaaat stuff!

  • Why so many dislikes? This was personally a good video and I really hope that those people just have a bad day and need to take out some frustration and that they are ok. (I know weird comment but I just wanted to speak my mind)

  • The animators did an excellent job in rewind and it was the best part of the entire video, but overall US-tv Rewind 2018 failed to succeed in any other forms of entertainment. It failed including Stan Lee, Stefan Karl, Stephen Hillenburg, etc. US-tv Rewind is about to be the most disliked video on this platform surpassing Justin Bieber's Baby which is saying a lot about how US-tv produces their content. One instance being they rushed production to get the video out asap and they even have adverts on the video, which I think is wrong since US-tv doesn't need adverts on US-tv Rewind seeing that they make millions if not billions a year on other content and such. Another instance is that the video adheres to the corporate side of US-tv. Seeing Will Smith hasn't made a lot of himself on the US-tv platform recently since he jumped out of a helicopter at the Grand Canyon. Fortnite also being an example of US-tv being more corporate in this years Rewind. With it taking up right over 1 minute in the video and including Ninja, who is more known for his Twitch streams than his US-tv channel, is in my personal opinion cringy. What I think is they should have stopped at the battle bus and ended it there. Sυвѕcяιвє тσ ƤєωƊιєƤιє

  • I came back from yt rewind Jaiden u absolute Legend XD

  • She did her part

  • Thanks for doing your part Jayden *Bows*

  • Pretender by ajr

  • I think you could move the eyes down more- (SMACK) *YOU'RE JUST A HATER* AND I DON'T NEED (dab) YOU (dab) IN (dab) my (dab) LIFE!

  • Who noticed 👌