before and after you discover the subreddit for a hobby

Published on Sep 10, 2018
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  • That's me with pangolins

  • This is my life with anything i'm interested in.

  • Okay. Why you gotta personally attack me tho.

  • Excuse you, but room temperature water is CLEARLY inferior to fridge-kept water, and vertis are the correct way to consume it since you can feel how cool and fresh the water is through your entire hand with comfort!


  • i feel so attacked rn

  • So, when's the after part

  • Aye anime crimes division

  • What am I even watching?

  • .

  • Wtf

  • Why the fuck did 1300 dislike this?

  • I feel attacked.

  • Not again

  • drinking waters a hobby now?

  • I hate Aquafina

  • Obviously you’re a fake waterboy, true drinkers only drink reverse osmosis. Go back to Tumblr you normie!

  • My question is why you would sip water when you can S U C C

  • Sextina Aquafina?

  • I'm calling your sponsor.

  • ayyy i see that kobayashi's figurine in the background. naisu

  • Does everyone have that glass?

  • I wonder how he rates evian

  • Has been my exact experience... sadly

  • Dasini is great change my mind

  • Damn I love this guy.

  • What a punk didn’t even mention importing AQUA water bottles from Romania as a choice for an ergonomic case with fresh and pure filtered spring water

  • Isn't this 3d printing community at the moment?

  • I don't get it...

  • I drink tap

  • Pff! What an amateur! The vertical and horizontal glasses are called Verts and Hores respectively.

  • What subreddit is this?

  • This is the most on point thing...

  • Omg this is how people feel when I talk about mechanical keyboards

  • Finally... *A man of pure 100% culture*

  • This is me with Scotch.

  • I also like drinking Venti Water, I don't like the tall variant, I also want it having whipped cream on top to really show the flavour and sweetness

  • The only thing missing here is the guy gatekeeping drinking water from those casual normies who can't even tell every mineral that there is inside the water that they drink

  • you're lying, this is hydrogen monoxide!

  • 🗿🗿🗿🗿straight face gang rise up.

  • Why'd you not include the "after" clip?

  • best water tutorial ever

  • I feel attacked because this hits home so fucking hard. Dasani is ass, Aquafina is alright, ÜBR is the best.

  • In the words of Jack Atlas, “I’m gonna pretend that made sense”

  • Nerd

  • **walks into random public event** "Hello welcome to I'm-too-tired-to-make-a-sensical-name-for-this-imaginary-event-thing, would you like some refreshments? We have some water, cookies, don-" "Hold on lemme use my electronic pH meter to test that"

  • Me: takes non filtered cold tap water because fuck you that's why

  • I see you're drinking water with the top off so the water can breathe. For a beginner, do you recommend a cover so the texture and taste is more mild?

  • Hey you do you man


  • gluten-free, meat-free water

  • Actually I was quite interested

  • “Not again” That just killed it They cherry on top

  • *some clean water*


  • Why am i thirsty now?

  • yeah I'm definitely a hori man too, fuck vertis

  • melee

  • He is the real aquaman

  • I don't know why. I was drinking water while watching this and starting choking on it and now my throat hurts lol

  • I know that tune!

  • i like the water when it's wet

  • I switched from soda to tap water and never looked back. **actually serious**

  • Reddit is cancer.

  • What about FIJI?

  • Stay hydrated everyone

  • ... water is disgusting and i hate drinking it ...

  • F L A V O U R E D W A T E R

  • Disani is trash

  • So much enthusiasm for a basic necessity.

  • To be fair disani or however you spell it is fucking disgusting.

  • Wheres the before?

  • Good morning Julia it’s me Joe . This video is amaze. Super awesome. Piss on beat me, try it out. I’m home here now. Keep them jeans 👖 high and tight.

  • is this a new drinking game

  • This guy would be amazing at parties. How do i become friends with him

  • This reminds me of the time I discovered the vaping reddit. So many talking about gizmos that shoot out flavored steam as though it was a tricked out car or something.

  • I feel like this actually is a hobby of his.

  • I am genuinely interested in finding this subreddit

  • You make water sound so interesting. I might even try it after watching this.

  • Im a horizontal guy but Dasani is terrible water, Ice Mountain is a better starter. Ice Cold, school water fountain water with icecubes from your neighbors house with the circle cubes is perfectionist water like myself

  • The duck did I just watch

  • Jesus that’s a lot of links in the description

  • I didn’t hear a thing he said but this was funny as hell 😂😂😂 And the last part. Ha, ha, heeee

  • Dasani water sucks, glad you agree ProZD

  • Verti's and Hori's are not equal. The verti is the only option good enough for real experts. Damn low lives and their hori's...

    • You discrimatimg scrub. Verti and hori preference isn't something one can simply decide. Horis are the ideal glass for those with wider lips to handle the water flow without spilling. Also remember the people with a preference to water dripping down the side of thier faces. (They're more commonly found in warmer climates). Vertis are crucial for many people I must agree but you must really be ignorant or have some real nerve to not know about the hori-inclined folks out there. Check your privelege.

  • I could actually listen to ZD talk about water all day, this is bordering on asmr.

  • This guy wasn't funny in Vine, and isn't funny now

  • This earned a sub

  • A pH of 8 probably tastes horrible. Alkaline water tastes like crap.

  • My

  • This made me want to get into water

  • I’ve been drinking water my whole life

  • I prefer 🅱️🅾️🅱️🅰️ 🅱️🅾️L🅰️

  • Which one is *before* and *after* ??? I am confused here guys

  • Ayye its asian im marksman

  • 1.2k dislikes. Wow.

  • After TAP water you gotta go into pro league whit AQUA AQUA

  • Man lose some weight

  • Didn't even discuss tapered vs straight glasses. Noob.

  • As an aquarist, I have to say I find this super funny. 😂