Published on Aug 17, 2018
On this episode of Base Camp, which is a paid portion for Dollar Shave Club, Coyote takes questions from the pack and answers questions about the world’s bravest beard, HIS! Coyote is proud to be working with Dollar Shave Club. Join the Club for only $5 - Thanks to our sponsor Dollar Shave Club, new members get their 1st month of the Daily Essentials Starter Set including trial-sized versions of their Body Cleanser, One Wipe Charlies’ Butt Wipes, and Shave Butter along with their Executive Razor for ONLY $5 with FREE shipping
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  • Your beard is legendary

  • Read the comis

  • Please don’t shave your beard 💔💔💔

  • look s cool

  • Why aren't more people downvoting this? This is crap.

  • Wait this was just an ad? wtf.

  • 3:13 and all the ladies swoon

  • ive been growing out my beard for about 2 years now... its Over 6 inches long now...

  • Im new

  • Anyone feel like his hat is his hair?

  • It looks best when it’s not too long, like in this video👍🏻

  • No hate to coyote but isn’t his demographic mostly kids... who don’t need to shave? 🤣

  • I love it


  • I love your beard.

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  • Did you know that bee stings make your bones stronger????

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  • The first video I saw you had a beard so I like the beard better

  • Beautyfull beard win!

  • Whatever you look like you will always be my favourite

  • what watch do you have?

  • I thought that coyote and mario ware brothers but no there not brothers

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  • Why did you do that?

  • The click bait is real I thort that was from 2017


  • Mario must do dino shapes, lol. My husband uses this too 😍. +1

  • Who came here from Twitter?

  • I like the length that it is right now

  • This guy is getting stung and bit by everything and I can barely stand getting bit by a mosquito

  • I wish I could grow a beard as cool as yours coyote!!!

  • I think he looks great with the beard

  • Your beards are so sexy! 😊 Even with your uneven lines! Lol

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  • How about the asp Caterpillar? Is that too dangerous?

  • This was disappointing. I thought this was going to be a video talking about the bee beard as well as the coyote beard. Didn't know it was going to be one long advertisement video for shaving products. If I wanted to watch that I wouldn't have skipped the 4 minute advertisement about literally the same subject before this video started. Misleading title is misleading much. :(

  • I like both

  • You should do a episode about horsefly.

  • doller shave club gave me a great gift for my dad thank,s

  • This while video was just one long ad as part of a sponsorship 😑


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  • I am a little girl and I like you

  • I love the beard especially that length

  • Everybody is getting sponsored by Dollar shave club, there going to be so big

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  • He should get stung by a giant Asian hornet next

  • Caveman look is best look

  • Plz keep it😄😄

  • Why is it named bee beard vs man beard

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  • Coyote why lol why did you eat the shave butter

  • If you Shave the bears off completely you lose the man card

  • Where is the executioner wasp

    • The executioner wasp is in Central and South America.


  • that beard works for him

  • Hey Coyote! Quick commentary/question: the Asian Giant hornet is another increasingly popular species that I have seen on the Internet, however when I search for it on the Schmidt Pain Index I can't find it (because it's a new species, right?). However, I learned after doing some research that the hornet is in the same species family as most other Vespa family members. This family usually ranks at around a sting score of 2 on the index (still powerful, but nowhere near the likes of the bullet ant at 4+ or Tarantula Hawk at 4). However, looking more closely I did find a written article about a scientist who was stung in Japan who said the sensation was, after I translated it, "comparable to a railroad spike being driven through my leg". I did not do any research on the venom the hornet uses, only the pain the sting causes. I haven't watched a lot of your videos, but I admit I originally was with the bandwagon that joined back when you were still taking stings. But while going through your videos watching one after another and getting hooked I found the Desert Centipede one in which you said that you don't want to take stings or bites anymore. I completely understand this sentiment (although it makes this comment almost superfluous), but I was wondering if you were up for the challenge of being the first to professionally record the Asian Giant Hornet sting. I am really sorry if you have already addressed this in a video that I have not yet seen as I am positive you have seen other comments like this one asking you to get stung again. Just curious to see where someone as experienced as you are would rank such a creature. Thanks!

  • 5:16

  • 5:15

  • 5 15

  • I love wildlife

  • My eyes they burn because the light reflected of your head 😂

  • btw LOVE the intro music

  • Coyote Peterson you should do a sting comparison with the Japanese Giant Hornet. I don't want you to suffer but you've climbed the sting pain index I'm interested in hearing how much more or less painful the sting is compared to the other stings you've taken. The sheer size of the thing alone I think makes it a worthy contender. Apparently only 30 of these Giants can destroy an entire hive of 30,000 bees. I'd love to learn more about them from you!

  • Still, he’s the only youtuber who hasn’t clickbaited

  • No shaving of the beard

  • Keep your beard the same way you have a right now on this video.

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  • Is it quintessential tho?? 😂

  • MMMmm!!! That majestic, holy showcase of Mark's glorious hair though!!!

  • Ant🐜

  • Try to visit Philippines

  • Hey coyote, Mark, Mario, Chase! Wanna hear something weird?...I'm not scared of bees, but I am petrified by wasps. I have nightmares about them and I seize up when I see them. I even totaled a car because they flew in the window. Like you and the giant waterbug my fear comes from a childhood's called Spheksophobia.

  • انت سعودي إليك😍😍😘😇

  • Interisting beard dont you ever shave it off again

  • ummmmm... there is 1 or 2 of them? idkkk

  • Your like an American steve Irwin. You should go swimming with some stingrays.


  • When all three are on set you should call the show Two men and a baby lol (joke) Mark is awesome too but compared to you and Mario he looks like a baby lol :P

  • I love ur beard 🧔 soooo much

  • 💯finally i found 💯

  • I love your US-tv videos. They are so cool! 😎

  • I like your beard when it is short or the way it is now!!!❤❤❤💙💙💙💚💚💚💛💛💛

  • The poor pants

  • Woe...I remember that one 😱😵 I liked this video yes!!!!👍😅

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  • What about the executioner wasp??

    • Umm, what about it?

  • You must be work with Steve-o. Two crazy guys and make a crazy new film. Definitely a good idea :D!!!!

  • Indiana Jones is that you

  • I think Mario should put dinosaurs in his beard

  • Gotta he honest...this is called coyotes corner in my mind. I remember you said it was a suggestion or something and that’s the name.

  • be brave stay bearded move it on coyote!

  • Real men don't shave. Bearded for Life

  • beautiful beard!

  • Keep your beard man, you look freakin badass with it and that hat

  • Coyote: " I think Mark has such good hair on top of his head he doesn't feel the need to have a beard" me: "ok coyote and Mark y'all do y'all"

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  • Without hat u look like Vaas Montenegro