Banksy artwork self-destructs after selling at auction for £1m

Published on Oct 6, 2018
Girl With Balloon, a well-known Banksy artwork, is the final item in an auction at Sotheby’s in London. Shortly after selling for £1.04m, the canvas passes through a shredder installed in the bottom of the frame
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  • After the hammer hit, the man is pressing the button under the table to switch on the self-desctruction mode. If you watch the video at Bnksy`s Instagram you Will see it clear. It´s just a show. Banksy is a genius, but not a genius artist. He is a genius of marketing and sellings.


  • did the mechanism fail?

  • Truly an artistic statement 👏👏👏👏👏👏 Bravo

  • Did anyone ever consider there is a second print inside the frame that dropped down through the shredder and the other print simply rolled up at the bottom.

  • yall ever been to a museum? the display is part of the art, performance is part of the art, the entire thing is part of the art

  • Wait I don't get it!! When did it self destruct??

  • A prank is a prank no matter how many people helped coordinate it.

  • People are so mad. Im not sure what they are trying to prove. Like call it fake or set up. I mean what all pranks are set up. And what is a fake prank anyways. Unless everyone in the auction knew that was going to happen but judging from the reaction. Im guessing very few knew it was going to shred.

  • Actually Banksy should be liable for damages.... If I sell you a car I can't destroy it after you pay for it...

  • Am I the only one that wanted to rip off the hanging pieces of paper 🤔

  • part 2

  • I love how the video doesn't actually SHOW the picture being shredded You'd think Banksy would have hired someone to covertly make sure the whole thing was filmed -_-

  • Banksy's a savage and hit vanity right where it hurts

  • Please return in full condition for a refund or store credit.

  • What gains more value than gold, diamonds, even stocks... etc. Art.... People who are buying these pieces are doing it as investments. Folks mocking the buyers... need to understand that whoever bought this will double or triple his money in a few years and laugh all the way to the bank.

  • Good thats what they tryn to make money off someone else's 🖼

  • What a rip-off!

  • Auctionier: and its sold!!! Painter killed painting *Painter has been banned from the server for life*

  • Guess that painting didn’t like who bought it

  • Excuse me, what's your return policy?

  • Freind: you will never troll rich pepole Me: hold my beer

  • How did it get ruined It looks to me that it just feel out the frame plz comment what’s ruined on it

  • Absolute unit

  • That was a shitty thing to do. It wouldn’t be too funny if it was you

    • Actually because it’s Banksy, the value went up even more lol

    • you do realize it will be more of value, right?

  • How would something still have a charge on it... how can anyone fall for this. 3 years later and it’s able to still self destruct on cue... people are gullible.

  • But why??

  • It showed him making the shredder frame then kept posting untill it got put in that auction

  • A channel called banksyfilm

  • I know who did it

  • How does he manage to install his art pieces in that gallery?

  • now do that to the mona lisa

  • Amazing

  • Nice prank,,but FAKE Why is the top paper White and botom Darker? Why is there bend in the botom papers edge? Why didnt the paper went all the way thru? Fake as Tramps hair !

  • why do that?


  • Idiots

  • It'll probably be worth more now. Backfire.

  • That painting is 1 million dollars? what’s wrong with them

  • What’s the point of this?!

  • predesigned obsolescence.

  • Hunger, dresses, and wars: all of these things still exist because of those rich people.

  • Can someone explain? I'm lost the shredder was pre-installed at the bottom by Banksy or did the person who bought the art shred it themselves? (okay edit re-read the title of the vid but still new there a timer on it?!) How tf does that work?

  • LMAO!!! They probably should have researched what Banksy is about! OOPS, YOUR BAD!!! :p

  • I thought they meant the painting blows up or explosed by itself

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  • I don’t get it

  • There is a vid of the person who did this

  • We know all ready. "The Guardian: Our olds is better than our news."

  • /kill

  • and this is how a scammer becomes even more famous...

  • I didn’t see anything wrong what happened when where?

  • I’m confused, how did it self destruct?

  • Impeach Trump

  • Are you surprised? He's s socialist troll who vandalizes other people's property with his ham fisted messages.


  • This would’ve been way cooler if it went ahead a shredded the whole thing.

  • Wtf u mean self destruct, lying piece of shits

  • It’s worth 50% more now 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • This is disgusting. Another sign of a collapsing society. Sure go on and say it’s their money and they can do what they want with it but when people reach the point where they are spending more on a moments entertainment than what many people from that economy will make in a lifetime it goes to show a lot

  • 760,000 not a million

  • My kids 7th grade artwork should be worth a least 100,000 at this place......

  • Now that's how you pull a sneaky one If you know what I mean...😏

  • This is modern art.

  • Fake

  • Well, someone will be laughing all the way to the bank, see.

  • 😁😁😁😁😁


  • 00:23 A guy recording and has big antenna and a device covered with a piece of cloth

  • IT WAS GAY??!

  • Rightfully deserved

  • Shredded

  • Pretty sure that its price just doubled at least

  • What a waste

  • All of this meaningless.

  • Now the price,went up to 9999999999999 dollars 💀🆘

  • Why is there a shredder on it? To prevent theft?

  • The whole point is that it is fake

  • Where the self destruction

  • 🖕 these ppl

  • I think if he was really true to his views/opinions on the price of his art... hed make a piece of a million destroyed dollars. I know id do it if I had his $.

  • Is this what passes as humor at art shows?

  • You spend 1 million on a painting you deserve that

  • i would buy that painting for £20 and i’d stop.

  • Destroyed like Hilary Clintons emails.

  • God Banksy is the smuggest man alive

  • This is a “Stencil Painting.”

  • I saw the action for this! I know who pulled the trick. Haha

  • Fake

  • i dont get it, the auctioneer said 860,000 the sign board said 850,000 and somehow people are saying it sold for 1 million. what am i missing?

  • HOAX !!! SCAM ... there is no way Sothaby would put an item for sale without inspecting it first be several experts and adjusters, hence it had to be out of the frame. Secondly, the frame would also be inspected and no way it could have a battery operated mechanism that would pass the metal detectors and security !!! Or he could have planted a BOMB and just took everyone in the room out !!!! Hence, some one from Sotheby was on this PUBLICLY STUNT .... Dont be a fool like they want you to be .and THINK ... USE YOUR MIND.

  • Too bad it didn't feed all the way through

  • When you realize that you’ve just spent $1 million on slips of paper...

  • He’s s genius

  • (Reference) Rich said that he secretly made a shredder so...

  • W

  • The difference between the rich vs poor.

  • *_Destruction 100_*

  • Now he can paint another one and sell it and donate the money to charity (or open a soup kitchen).

  • Honestly the artwork is probably worth more now shredded cause of this prank