Bacon Snack Taste Test

Published on Feb 6, 2019
Who doesn’t love bacon?! We’re stuffing our faces with bacon-flavored snacks to find the next best thing! GMM #1477
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  • At 4:39just the ways they put the food in 5hier mouth is how you can tell how different of people they are and I love it

  • 8:25 “We might need to break out the lick daddies Rhett 2019-

  • 🏳️‍🌈⃠

  • I want link's pullover!!!

  • Omg... Links Hensley is Everything!!!

  • 0:41 Links reaction on what Rhett said...he probably wasn’t expecting that lol

  • 30000

  • Clearly never tried Frazzles. Now that is a bacon snack

  • Love the pullover Link! SF!

  • But bacon is a carcinogen...

  • Dogs got it ruff. 2014 now 2019

  • I like that idea of bacon wrapped almond😂

  • Rhett says: Link there should be bacon flavored Coq au vin, and bacon flavored Beef bourguignon.

  • It may sound like a severe testicle hernia 😂😂

  • i remember when i used to watch back in the day when there were no plugs but hey gotta make mo money mo money

  • tbh my brother got a bacon themed birthday party when he was 7 and we had bacon jelly beans

  • I used to watch you guys all the time, and now I’m back. Time to watch all your videos.

  • No wonder my dog looked let down when I busted out the beggin' strips... she was begging' me to put them away...

  • Is it just me or do Rhett and link remind you of Jim and Michael from the office

  • Wheel of mythicality: toast the day, ie: here's to a good day; then chug cup of coffee

  • I love those crispy thin things

  • Meat wagon is the ambulance or the dead animal truck lol

  • I'm convinced Rhett likes every food always.

  • Rhett looked so delighted by his own joke I love it 10:14

  • Myth busters changed appearances & tried to trick people Why don’t you both do the same Dress up as each other Get the glasses The beard The hair The clothes Mimic the movements & personality & see if people can differentiate you immediately or are fooled I’d just love to see that anyways LoL

  • The fact that Rhett’s dog is named Barbara is everything 😂

  • Perfect Crispy Bacon.............. DRRrrrroooooooop.

  • 10:15 rhett's inner father peeked out

  • Z u c c daddy

  • inb4 Youresoloud's lick daddies compilation

  • Rhett looks like he’s hella stoned, love this show, my go to US-tv show while I’m stoned.

  • Dogs do see in color just not all colors register the same for them like they register for us.

  • Don't eat my dog biscuits Again I'm mad Because you ate my dog biscuits

  • What about bacon flavored pringles? I think is smells good and tastes good

  • I find it oddly disturbing how okay you guys are with eating dog treats. barely a flinch. watching you guys eat it is so surreal.

  • I actually watched this to see if Bacon flavored Cotton Candy was in it. xD; It does taste like bacon to me! I've tried it. My mom agrees that it tastes like bacon and is not as sweet as normal cotton candy is.

  • Should have made Colleen come on this 😂

  • I well benj watch yor show just for the fun of it you shold try drifrent kinks of M&M's and link thay halve peunut butter ones

  • Welcome to youtube at 1:00 am, I’ll be your guide

  • I feel you wherever you go, you are everywhere ..; Every day I miss your talk of your presence every day. Call my Lord to be fine. I feel the strangeness of Dongh

  • Link’s face at 0:45

  • Anybody who has ever had a dog and bought the beggin strips have probably tried it

  • Creed introduced me to Mung beans 🤣

  • What’s with the white tips link?

  • damn u guys'll eat anything

  • Link: “If you really commit to chewing like I have-“ Rhett: “I didnt.”

  • It might be called "mooooong" and not "mung"

  • Should have named it Kevin Bacon

  • 3:15 I will not trust a vegan/vegetarian who does not love the taste of bacon.

  • 10:22 is why I liked the video

  • Vegans are mentally ill.... They are people who feel like they have ZERO control over ANYTHING in their life around them, so the ONLY thing they feel they CAN control, is what they eat...... Its complete madness. Dumbasses, oh well, morons, thanks for leaving more of the good shit for the rest of us th THAT ARENT mentally ill. So good looking out on that.....

  • Everywhere you go....... every restaurant wants to sell you some sort of bacon.

  • How is nobody talking about that dirty Funyun joke at the beginning?

  • Bacon lovemakin all day long baby lol! And dog treats shouldn't count imho.

  • I hate your faces so much ...I hope u get pinned in a rock slide and and molten lava pours into your bug- eyed face.

  • I’ve feel like I have never seen link wear a quarter zip before

  • Ritz bacon crisps are my favorite

  • Ritz bacon crisps are my favorite

  • Link takes his bacon snacks serious af!

  • Hate the new opening dudes. Not mad... just disappointed lol

  • Best food product that's tastes like the real thing , ( brothers ; toffee apple cider ) tastes 100% the same as a real toffee apple , trust me I ate a toffee apple whilst drinking it , go try it 👌👍 brothers r bang on there flavors , perfect level can taste clearly both apple and toffee , they do custard and rubarb too

  • Anyone else notice the Ritz said natural flavors but then on the front under bacon it said artificially flavored

  • *rub some bacon on it*

  • 😆😆😆 Rhett “which I’ve always thought bacon 🥓 is a lot like love ❤️ makin’ even when it’s bad it’s still pretty good you know what I’m sayin” 😆😆😂😂 put that on T-shirt. Once again Rhett “ severe testicul hernia” 😆😆

  • I’m watching this while having an empty stomach...😬👅👀 going to buy some food right away

  • Before becoming vegetarian the only form of bacon I ever enjoyed was the super floppy bacon, crispy is gross man, totally takes away from the fatty greasy goodness

  • Bacon in its purest form... | | | | | | 🐖

  • You guys should do a pickle flavored snacks taste test

  • This might be weird but I eat those dog treats with my dog!

  • Bleah. This season's intro really doesn't live up to your usual... :(

  • It's so sad, Rhett can't pronounce 'almond'

  • 8:32

  • Will it grill?

  • I know exactly what he's talking about. I sprout mung beans on a damp paper towel in my desk drawer. Very nutritious, but they smell like death.

  • I remember buying those gum balls from a store in myrtle beach as a kid and being so excited to eat them. Such a mistake they’re genuinely terrible

  • Those mung beans smell like death

  • Delaware's Woodside Farm Creamery has BACON Flavoured Ice Cream. (It was once on Food Network's UNWRAPPED program - bacon episode)

  • S U C C D A D D Y

  • Don't go bacon my heart

  • I swear to god, you can't go wrong with almonds 🙌

  • “People on the Amazon” really made link sound like a dad 😂

  • Have u guys tried English bacon? And what do you think of it vs your usual streaky bacon?

  • Eric Forman’s Voice: Hmm Baccon

  • Where did the "_______ Brian" joke come from??

  • Description: who doesnt like bacon? Colleen.

  • Wow

  • “Rub some bacon on it” OGs would understand

    • 911: whats your emergency? Rhett: I nailed my finger to a birdhouse accidentally 911: got any bacon? Rhett: bacon? 911: bacon, that's right Rhett: I have some left over from dinner last night 911: rub some bacon on it. On your hand, just do it. Rub some bacon on it, that's all there is to it.

    • Oh Yeah yeah oh yeah yeah Yes

    • Oh Yeah yeah oh yeah yeah I said the same thing when they said the one doesn’t taste anything like bacon.

  • Haven't you done this before?

  • can you guys come to India someday?

  • Why not do this but with root beer??

  • 10:15 😂

  • They made an episode about me!

  • Hilarious

  • watching this on Saturday evening and playing a drinking game every time the guys say bacon. do recommend😂

  • I would not eat pet food. It's made of lower quality ingredients that would not pass for human consumption and can have more contaminates introduced in the manufacturing process that can make you sick.

  • Is the Guy on the Right, the Versace Killer Actor ????

  • Missed opportunity to dink the crunchies ... LOL

  • Okay, so if there exists something Rhett can't swallow, it has to be horrible

  • I love links dad sweater! Meow!

  • How's this suppose to be bacon snacks when everything they tried is either vegan or targeted towards idiots who "don't eat pig"?