Back-to-School Savings!

Published on Jul 19, 2018
Before you start your back-to-school shopping this year visit or download the free app to save on everything from backpacks and supplies to must-have tech gear and dorm room décor.
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  • She's tryna talk like a white girl

  • That's a Dude and ther all wigs


  • She looks like what Wendy wants to be OOPp

  • Sarahs makeup is super pretty

  • damn the girl in the back acted like she won a car or hit the lotto lol

  • White girls are trying to be black and black are trying to be white lol....what a weird world?

  • Love the shorts with stockings. These two look great🧚🏿‍♂️

  • It's weird this woman is what Wendy wants to be LOL

  • Two old women wearing short shorts. 😂

  • ***WENDY's breath smells like alligator burps!***

  • I will wear both of those outfits

  • WHATS REALLY TEA 🍵 #like #share #subscribe ‼️ FAN LOVE ❤️

  • You betta werk, Wendy! Love that outfit

  • She sounds like Adrienne from the real.

  • Love Sarah’s blazer and shorts. Anyone know where they are from?

    • Vic would love to know too

  • Wendy is a coke addict, her nose snorts more than a pig, coke whore

  • Kendy...u look ok for 54 but national TV does not need to see your whole thigh bone! It looks tacky and you're trying too hard to prove something.

  • Wendy you gals look like twins 👯

  • What the Go Go Girl is Wendy wearing?

  • Geeezzzuussss. 😒🤔🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Can we get through the summer damn!

    • I know can the kids enjoy their summer vacation?

  • Not a ask Wendy..:(

  • No!! “its not right around the corner “ 🤨

  • What the Xmas 1990 sparkles aluminium foil is going on with wendys outfit... A mess

  • That thumbnail is scary. They look almost identical.

  • I got duped too lol but that lady's outfit and the red hair girl next to her 😍

  • damn she’s tan afffffff lol

  • Wow I love Wendy's dress! Anyone know where it's from?

    • Angie . would look great on someone with CURVES!

  • Sighs Wendyyyyyyy Noooooo 2 short. You know how you always say kitchen table talk. Yea. Ok!!!

    • +Barb yeah would been nicer as a pant suit instead of the shorts

    • Sori Yazz Wendy, please get a new wardrobe stylist.This one needs to be fired.

  • What have they been dressing Wendy in lately, she needs a better fashion crew. SMH

    • Journey Escoba ....I agree! She's been looking really tacky lately...and like someone who's desperately trying to hang on to her youth.

  • Thumbnail twins😯. From the hair, short shorts,skin.....but the natural blonde seems darker than Wendy

    • Pelo MK Lmaoo I was about to make a comment on this lol

  • Clicked so fast because of the thumbnail with Wendy standing next to the white woman she so desperately wants to be 😂😈😒💅 How you doing Ms Wendy😆

  • Sitting in Fort Bragg eating breakfast at Denny’s and who do I get to watch this lovely morning? Mrs Wendy Williams! They have you on right now on two of the TVs here

  • I wasted this view. Thought it was ask Wendy

  • Wth Wendy got on? I had to stop the breakfast club Sherri interview for this! 😂🙄

  • Wendy Wendy that outfit is not doing you any favours

  • When is this show coming back?

  • This is as subtle as Thanos clicking his fingers

  • what the sponsorship is going on

  • Was it just me who thought this was a Ask Wendy? smh

    • Instant Entertainment the day my child turned five lmao

    • Alex C so you must be very into back to school savings. Interesting. When did this passion of yours start?

    • Alex C 🙄 bc that’s what proves literacy

    • Nah we read the title before clicking. We’re literate

    • thebigj3 not at all. Only reason why I clicked on the video

  • Why is she darker than wendy

    • She looks fabulous.....bunch of haters

    • Oh lord! Some people like tanning and even if you are black or brown your color will change if you stop tanning. I'm pale white because I stopped tanning, but years ago I lived in a tanning salon. Remember it's bad for your skinny

    • Wendy has Graves for Gods sake. look up what it does to black womens skin.

    • Leo because Wendy bleached her skin

    • Bruh😭