Back To School Drugstore Makeup Tutorial

Published on Aug 4, 2016
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Its back to school 2016 so you need to slay that first day! I created a super easy everyday makeup tutorial that anyone can do. I used a bunch of affordable makeup brands such as elf, Maybelline, and wet n wild. Comment below what your most excited about for the first day. I never could sleep the first day i was always thinking about what to wear how everyone was gonna be. If your out of school already what did you get most excited about let me know boo boos!
How I get cash back when I shop online:
All The Makeup Details From This Video Below
Foundation- Maybelline Fit Me Matte Powerless $8
Shade: Soft Tan
Concealer- Master Conceal $9
Shades: Light- Light/medium
Powder- fit Me Matte & Powerless $8
EyeStudio Brow precise Micro Pencil $8
Shade: Soft brown
Lash Sensational Luscious mascara $9
Liquid Liner Nyx Collection Noir Liquid $6
Esquido False lashes $32
Style: Oh So Sweet
Physicians Formula Butter Bronzer $15
Iconic Brushes
Rose Milani Blush $7
Elf Only Need It Nude Eyeshadow Palette $10
Elf beautifully Bare satin Lipstick $5
Shade: Touch of Pink
Wet n Wild Geometric Highlighting Powder $4
Maybelline Baby skin instant pore eraser $7

California Drive-AULX Studio NovaLibrary

Equipment Used:
Camera: Cannon Mark lll 5D
Lens: Cannon 24-70 mm F2.8
Editing Software: Finalcut Pro X

FTC: This is not a sponsored video


  • Waitttt make up is allowed in west school? Now i wish I study there...

  • Please can anyone tell me about her hair color highlights?

  • The ELF palette is the mad for matte, not the need it nude.

  • I'm 228 in fit me and I want to try the superstay full coverage one. Any shade suggestion for me?

  • This is the first video of yours I have watched and I have been subscribed for about a year!

  • Natural beauty is everything girl!! 👅

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  • Lmao who cares if she got lip injections why’s it a big deal

  • ok let me tell you the truth you look beautifull without makeup

  • It doesn't allowed to do makeup in my school I wish it was

  • Chriss I just love your fab makeup . U look damn pretty with all your makeup #Love from India #quad fam member

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  • is it just me that finds it satisfying

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  • hey christen you are beautifullest youter

  • hey christen you are beautifullest youter

  • What setting spray did you use?

  • I know that you have lip fillers but you honestly look really good with or without makeup and lip fillers

  • This is so welldone and i really appreciate that you used all drugstore because most of my makeup is drug store so thankyou

  • I like to see you go to a dollar store and buy real cheap make up and show the challenge. Its weird but buy like wet n wild, la colors. Anything cheap eyelashes and all. You said to post drugstore stuff so do dollar store look. Don't spend over 30.00 to give a bunch of choices. Please it would show difference of what your use to. Thanks a lot it would help my friends who can't buy high end make up they asked me to post it to you

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  • I do not know about you guys but to me christen looks a lot Ike zayn malik's ex Perrie😕😕

  • dude i can't believe one year ago i tried recreating this for my first day of freshmen year so crazy i can't beleive it's been a year

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  • Love the look, but who wears liner at school, no hate just saying😊

  • So does powder prevent the skin from creasing?

  • lmao. i go to school with just baby powder, brow, and lip tint agshdjd poor af 😂


  • Can you do makeup for beginners and makeup brushes you recommend

  • 1:10 💀

  • I love this look

  • can y'all calm down because of her lips. she's a grown woman and can do whatever tf she wants. I don't think she cares that you think she has "perfect" lips or that "every youtuber" has lip fillers now.

    • you're right. if you gotta complain why'd ya click on the video?

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  • She looks really weird with no makeup and then looks flawless with it either way I love her videos and maybe I think I have a favorite US-tvr✌️

  • My school actually would allow this. :)

  • eyeliner isent the same on each d side

  • Is this sssniperwolf???

  • No one wears this much makeup ! If ppl want to know a back to school make up tutorial then just put on mascara and a little bit of bb cream on imperfections

  • Isn't that the Elf Mad for Matte Pallete? I know it says it's Only Need It in Nude, but it looks like MfM to me..

  • Y'all shut up saying that's alot of makeup . Maybe for 6th and 7th graders is but most 8th and highschoolers wear even more makeup ! Jusr becuse you're like 14 or 13 dosent mean other people aren't gonna wear this much of makeup . I seen people wear more makeup and they're just 13 . I would wear all that makeup for the 1st day or picture day . So please be realistic

  • You should do more

  • I'm actually happy to say I'm in high school and don't ask my parents for money, I'm an incoming junior and I work in the lawns sounds crazy but I do 🤷🏻‍♀️ gets me the money I need

  • So much hate over your lips. Jeez people. Are you really so bored that look for people to critique? Why should you care what she does with her face? I mean, it is hers after all.

  • I would love if you do a video on using only elf products please I would love for you to do it

  • Is there different shades of ? Or dose one shade work for all skin types?

  • 4:34 .....your welcome ;)

  • You are slaying the game girl

  • I'd rather sleep another 30 minutes than waking up and doing this full glam of makeup.

  • i hate you

  • Sure the makeup is affordable, but the brushes cost like, a billion dollars...

  • What kind of setting spray do you use in this video? I have trouble finding one that actually works!

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  • Does anyone know if she used the light bronzer or just the regular bronzer?

    • I'm trying to figure that out to. I think it's the regular bronzer because it looks warmer from the website.

  • What brand is the spray primer you use here?

  • Used this look for church and got a lot of compliments, thank you my dear, love your videos xxoo

  • This is the makeup I'm wearing for my moms wedding, minus all the face makeup (except highlight) and eyeliner😂😭

  • I like how everything is under $20 and then the lashes are over $30 😂😂😂

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  • So... I'm the kind of person who doesn't like makeup very much, but I have larger pores... and I just want a way to hide them a little more so could I get away with just primer, foundation and setting powder?

    • Suzanna Traynor you could but you might want to do blush and bronzer to give some of the natural color back to your face

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  • Llku

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  • can you do middle school makeup and life hacks please 💄😄😄

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  • apply concealer became more fun with the brush set --> the sister told me about the store. Ȉ luv that makeup-brush items and decided to purchase it. Turn out this really good and I luv it

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  • I use the same foundation and concealer as she is and it never looks flawless on me it sometimes ceases and my concealer creases under my eyes. Could it be because I use a beauty blender or because I have blotchy and acne prone skin or maybe my primer?

  • Can you do a soft makeup look super/super natural? It would be great! 😘

  • Loved this Makeup Look! 🖤


  • i love this look but it's a bit much for school wearing false lashes in my opinion. Of course we should all do what we like tho ;}

  • Why do y'all even care if she has lip fillers??? SHES HOT AF LET HER DO WHAT SHE WANTS

  • Hey can you please do a new video of all your drugstore favourites. I love how you always try new products with these videos but I want to know out of all of them, which works best for you! Thanks for being amazing

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  • Hi

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  • R u sure it's Need it Nude bc I think it's Mad for Matte

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  • If only I could do my makeup back in high school lmao

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