Australia With My Bondi Babes!

Published on Feb 24, 2018
Had the BEST time in Australia. I realized that this was the first trip I've ever done with just friends and it was an absolute blast!
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  • Goodbye Australia, welcome Puerto Rico?

  • Nice music choice. I'd love to see y'all do a burning man series on all your channels. Then a compilation like this.

  • I love the fact that Amy uninvited ally HKSJS


  • Ya no doubt!! I think this video is shot super well. Great j.o.b. !

  • Kaeleigh's tattoos >>>>>> Beauty

  • What's a Bondi Babe? Well done video. Sidney looks wonderful. Thanks

  • i want those orange pants

  • does anyone know what song was used at the start?

  • I wanna know the song name!!! Please!!!

  • i’m in love with the pants!!! where are they from??

  • Did you and Kara break up? D:


  • This makes me wanna travel

  • you should have come to the Gold Coast!

    • we are still mad that you didn't come to the Gold Coast

  • Come back soon! ❤️

  • I always love the travel videos😍 id like to travel myself one day😊

  • Why didn’t you stay for MARDI GRAAASS? It’s our gayest time of the year :)

  • Y’all should’ve done a meet and great in Sydney!!!!!!!

  • I can't believe you were here!

  • I don’t I live in Australia already 🇦🇺🇦🇺 💜

  • Y'all should've stayed for Mardi gras !!!!

  • What's the song right at the end???

  • this is just so aesthetically pleasing, I'm living for it

  • Loved the music!! Australia is definitely on my bucket list after watching this!!

  • miss kara

    • lin syu they broke up or sth?

  • were is caraaaaa???

  • You're so sweet Cammie! please may I ask for something ; why don't you and Kara make a collab video such as the girlfriend tag or any other type? Thanks in advance.

  • such great summery vibess

  • Hey Cammie! Your BFF Justina is here! What a lovely video ! I love all of your leg shots, you an tell that with each day, you're getting more and more tan! Yes! Slaaay girl, slaaayy!

  • It makes me so happy that you came to Australia! I hope you liked it here! ❤️

  • I need to go somewhere in Australia 🇦🇺 dangggg 😍

  • when did you go to australia?

  • Kaeleigh catches my attention so much. She's so fine ♥ ♥♥

  • Devastated that I missed you here in Melbourne! Glad you made it to Smith & Deli though! What did you get?!

  • This makes me so sad, I live 2 hours out of Sydney and didn’t even know you were here 😭😭

  • That video was too quick

  • Cammie I usually love your vlogs and videos but I'm from Australia and this was a real let down. Instead of the 10 million shots of feet, or moving water you could have shown some of Melbourne's amazing street art and outdoor art exhibits. Sydney is more than just the Opera House and Bondi. Newtown in Sydney is the queer capital of Australia and you showed about 15 seconds of Pride Day which is so much fun and so many ppl dress up in crazy costumes for. I don't want to see you getting coffee in 5 different places or random shots of ppl walking by a pool. You could have been any where it was so generic. I feel lime this vlog is a huge step back for you in terms of content quality. Very disappointed and I'm usually a huge fan.

    • Lauren Wilson for someone who is a tourist they usually only do touristy things and see the main sights so I’m not surprised 😊

  • Sydney is amazing

  • You are phenomenal at vlogging

  • Watching from Australia! :)


  • I like the vlog just wish there was the littlest bit more talking:)

  • Makes me sad watching this because I missed you

  • Wow u guys come here n didn’t even know :( what did you think of Australia cammie. I live in Melbourne well about 45mins away.

  • This is such a cool video! ILYSM CAMMIE!!! i hope i get to meet u someday :)



  • how long were you in australia for

  • #cammieslegsaretan2k18

  • Wish your vlogging was more of an actual vlog than just a montage :(

  • Wow I want to go!

  • I do want to go to Australia. But I’m terrified of flying and because I live in England it is a terribly long flight.

  • Your so good at vloging 🔥💙

  • Amazing shots but how does your editing keep getting better?! Lol. I normally watch vlogs as just an observer but that first cut from scenery to your food where it like bounced or zoomed or whatever I was like “oh ok fancy!” Lol love it

  • Omg you are so TAN

  • 💓

  • Love this vlog! Your editing skills are amazing. You are so talented. Love from belgium

  • Amy is LIVING

  • ❤️❤️

  • make a video on how you edit your instagram stories , youtube videos and instagram pictures. if you could share with us the apps that you use

  • can’t believe i bumped into you at smith and deli!!! you were so SO lovely and kind and angelic & this vlog was beautiful!! pls come back soon!!💞🌷

  • I wanna go to Australia so bad!

  • you’ve made me miss sydney more than i did before! looks like you all had fun! i can even see where i used to work!!

  • I want to live in this vlog

  • I think tourism Australia should hire you to film more of our beautiful country!! 😜 Hopefully you'll come back soon!! Xx

  • Ok but Cammie, can I get like, all of ur outfits?

  • This editing omg💕 I’m shook

  • This video was a great motivation to edit my personal travel videos, thanks ^^

  • OMG you guys were at Naked For Satan!! Kicking myself I wasn't there 😭 #gutted

  • You guys should've come for Mardi Gras weekend!! Its going to be such an incredible time :D

  • You should come visit the Sunshine Coast in Queensland


  • So beautifull :*

  • RIP Perth kids

  • watching the footage of you in melbourne was so surreal, I'm at smith and deli once a week usually, and now, here it is, in your video!

  • Omg so I thought I seen you at Fairday but thought that you were just a really similar look alike 🙄🙄🙄 next time your here maybe

  • Yes you went to Holey Moley. Such a fun place 😊😊

  • 👌🏼❤️

  • No joke, Cammie is your tan natural? You are goals! 😍

  • Need more videos like this one!!😍😍😍😍

  • I feel awkward!

  • Cool vid!! 💙

  • 💖💖💖

  • This video reminds me summer's vibes!!! So cool to see all the places, beaches, food. Amazing!!

    • yessss that is Australia in a nut shell! Haha you have to visit.

    • its actually summer now in Australia!

  • dat food at the end looked good thoo

  • ❤ I used to live in Bondi, this brought back such precious memories of an old life! Thank you 🙏 I hope you made it to Gertrude and Alice cafe bookstore. Best place in the world!

  • How the hell do you only have 292k subs! Your so underrated 😘

  • Yay!!! I love you and wish the best for you!

  • You really should've explored the great ocean road! If you ever come back, i'd highly suggest it!

  • You got some great shots of a beautiful country! Your editing is amazing!

  • RuPaul's cuotes are my life


  • If I lived there I wouldn’t wanna move

  • Also almost 300k!!

  • The video turned out really well! Australia looks amaaaaazing 😍

  • Your legs are tanned af. Nice thou

  • lol yall beautiful

  • come back soon !

  • Girl I would dieeeee for this trip. Awesome video 💖☺️❣️