Are Walmart Gaming PCs actually THAT bad?

Published on Dec 2, 2018
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The new OverPowered line of gaming PC's from Walmart got slammed by other reviewers. While they do not sell these in Canada, we went down to US and got one to see for ourselves.
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  • What happen at 10:30 ?

  • Im confused. Now,I don't really know much about computers,but it looks like the Walmart OP PC runs just about the same as the HP pre built one. So what makes it not worth buying?

    • The parts are cheapily manufactured. Think of it like a wal mart board. You can still ollie and ride it but its gonna snap and begin to squeak very quickly.

  • 12:22 *casually puts fingers into the fan*

  • 2:52 "overwhelmed by the penis of it" is what i heard

  • I saw gamernexus video before yours, so I knew what you would found. At least the Mobo is a Gigabyte ( Fan of GB mobo here). But not one you should found on a build of that price. Like a perfect Mobo for a low end system not one with a i7 and 1070. That stick of ram and PSU... look cheap. I wouldn't trust voltage stability on that PSU.

  • why doesn't Linus make a gaming pc and sell and other US-tvrs review it

    • he could but then he'd not even recommend it cause you can just buy your own for less since linus has to ship it, and pay people to build the systems people order, not to mention the extra logistics needed to house even more parts to build for selling. you'll end up paying some kind of premium like you do with all other pre built systems, so yeah just build your own

  • I watched the Gamers Nexus video before this one. LTT were lucky to get the right build!

  • 2 pcs with the exact same specs are running about the same. shocker.


  • partitions matter, when you are a retard and save all the shit in one partition and a virus gets your os and boom reinstall everything like a bitch. but if you partition os drive and media drive and game drive, then boom, you can reformat the os drive to reinstall and that's it. all the media and games are safe. linus never heard of this because he's rich af and he depends on the cloud or extra storage devices.

  • Why didn't you show us a comparison of the inside of the HP to the Walmart system?

  • Why it seems it is biased 😂😂

  • Im all peformance and 0 rgb XD.

  • Best solution: just build your own pc!

  • Give me the PC if you going to complain Soo much

    • Problem is the price is still $1500, its not like the walmart one is cheap. For that same $1500 you get all the extra benefits like usb 3.0 better upgradability, parts etc etc

  • they spent all the money on rgb fans and glass case, and mountain dew. lol

  • Going all out on the CPU/GPU/RAM/SSD/HDD : but cheaping out on the two most vital parts, the motherboard and the PSU. what is wrong with these people

  • Buying a gaming pc is a BIG waste of money and if you're an adult playing video games is a waste of time and a BIG RED FLAG that you haven't matured past adolescence.

  • I'm using a Asus, windows vista laptop that I bought 50%off for 300$ on black friday , 7 years ago.

  • 2:48 "So you're gonna be overwhelmed by the oh penis of it."

  • So booring pakuchan

  • Partitioning makes it 1000% easier to back stuff up, linus

  • Is a rx 580 graphics card any good

  • your curtains is hurting my head

  • I know its just a video but who games in there kitchen


  • well at least the case is cool

  • Serious ports!!!!!

  • no HDMI output?

  • I'm confused, where's Luke?

  • This case is cheap It's either a cmt520 or a clone

  • >Walmart has the game on SSD >Omen has it on HDD >"...but that doesn't affect gaming performance." Does... does Linus actually know how applications and games work?

  • The only thing I like about it is the Walmart case itself the rest inside with all the red flags is complete crap.😷

  • Just do your research and go on and DIY it. Trust me,you'll get a way better PC.

  • Compliments going to the cable management... wow, just wow!

  • Why is he raging?

  • You know i think there are a lot of people who would be just fine if not even dare say it happy with this product! You know some parents still do their job and dont spoil their kids!

  • "It's called a Folder!!" xD

  • Didn't bitwit have the same issue with the GPU not being plugged in?

  • Walmarts ok, PC just fucking sucks in general, who plays video games on a fucking computer anyway? Dumb asses.

  • Just get an Ibuypower or an Omen. Almost everything else is trash.

  • you gotta be selective, i have a walmart OMEN gaming pc and goddamn this thing is amazing, i7 7700 8th gen 16gb ram 256gb solid state and 1tb harddrive gtx10708gb works pretty damn good just shit cooling imo 2 fans and a oem cooler

  • Bro is this a comparison or a pick apart, smh SHUT UP ALREADY LINUS

  • Linus made his mind before any test.

  • Do you know that many corsair's power supplies are actually made by Great Wall?Like SF600 Platinum,TX750M etc

  • 4:52 LOOOOOOOOOOOOL!!!!!! ty, Linus! :)

  • English?

  • Anyone know the price of this OP pc?

  • 12:22 I guess I'll stick my hands into the fan.

  • you guys can give it to me for free i'm poor student......

  • No mention of how many lanes on the PCI-E?

  • If I'll be given this PC, I'll be the happiest person in the world

  • Walmart sells gaming pcs in Canada

    • When this was filmed they werent selling the overpowered PCs in Canada

  • This guy is the biggest nerd ive ever seen and I wanna kick his ass

  • I don’t know what the fuck they are saying half of the time😂

  • 2018, doesn't realize the benefits of partitioning a hard drive. smh

    • That's because there literally are none unless you specifically need a separate partition on your hard-drive for a specific use-case.

  • Does it bother anyone else that the OP is partially on the mat, and partially on the counter? You're welcome...

  • Good I hate this guy

  • This guy seems like a dick in real life and has an anger management issue

  • There is a pc in walmart that has nvidia and over 100fps or more or less I forgot I need to go there again

  • There is a reason why Im rich so I dont have to build it I have prof pc builders😂😂

  • Hey my hard drive is messed up, I have a 2 TB extended HD that doesn’t even show up anymore. The other he makes noises when I have my computer on. Any idea, could I get you to fix it? I’m in a military college and I haven’t been able to use my own PC In 9 months. Walking across campus really sucks in the winter, and paying $1200 for a desktop that won’t work sucks even more. I’m an adoring fan. Please help.

  • Linus, how’s the weed in Canada bro? We all know you smoke fat ones

    • He has a wife and a kid, man

  • I would be over the moon with that pc. lol honestly it would do everything I would need it to.

  • most like assembled by multiple people.....hence the little issues.



  • You shouldn't be working with an opened PC with the power cable still connected, always unplug it and wait for the LED on the motherboard to shut off. Also, make sure to use an anti-static wrist band. One jolt of static electricity can fry a chip.

  • You should do a massive giveaway for Christmas also why do you give me that pc so I can finally start pc gaming as i can not afford one yet all my friends all play it while I am stuck on console

  • *When you’re so exited that your mirror image can’t compete with your excitement (thumbnail)*

  • Douche chills....

  • Damn this guy is annoying af

  • lol "red flegs"

  • What about the case?

  • This guy blows

  • definition of a virgin

  • I am actually impressed by the Walmart PC. But there is way too many corks and gimmicks. But for $1400 I expected more. And by impressed, I was expecting it to be shit.


  • WTF?! How much? 1,5K USD?

  • short answer: Yes they are actually that bad.

  • But could it run crysis?

  • Never cared for RGB. It's gimmicky and I'm not a 14 year old boy.

  • Did you at least test said USB 2.0 ports to verify they are USB 2.0 and not 3.0? I mean labeling is obviously not always the biggest concern of some manufacturing facilities. The single channel ram and the power supply will cause almost all the speed issues you had in comparison.

  • Noticed PS/2 connections on the OverPowered PC... Who still uses PS/2 these days?

    • Literally no one..thats why he pointed them out

  • WALMART HAS GAMING PC'S :O I did not know that! I live in canada.

  • I have the greatest PC, the best in fact. It’s called no PC.

  • These blacc bars tho

  • my brother is a self tought coder and has been codeing for over 20 years are first pc was a 386 he was writeing code for . I my self became interested with the hard ware side of it and for 1400-1500$$ I can build u a much better Pc I how ever in rl am a bit of a slacker my brother however clears 6 figs a year self employed !! his name is Brett rutecky

  • And now, we will watch a smart guy and another smart guy criticize a Walmart computer for probably no reason.

  • seems like it ran pretty well

  • Hey linus my birthday is at 20th december i was wondering if u could get me a gaming pc for my birthday present? if no it's ok

  • this guy is a nerd...he clearly knows alot about computers. would be ncie if i could build my own and know all the inns and outs myself but i dont but it would be a mistake thinking anything from walmart is good quality especially a computer. Not eveyrone knows about computers and my guess is WAlmart would be targetting people who dont know everything about computers not a guy like this who eats sleeps and breathes computers and their parts. i paid 500 bucks for my gaming pc and it runs fine i mean if you're a hardcore gamer i suppose someone would spend 1500 bucks but not myself thanks my 500 dollar rig does the job.

  • I think I’m officially a nerd. Why was this on my recommended list?!

  • I'm too stupid to understand what's happening in this video

  • All I see is 2 gay nerds

  • The reflection is different on the PC in the thumbnail

  • You should test a computer from

  • I got mine at walmart and it has been awesome. Yes it was Budget PC but it runs current games on low or medium or better. Now games year ago run on high or better. So yeah if you are willing to buy pre built PC some are decent. But you will always be better building your own pure and simple.

  • yes, they actually are

  • you shuold have this guy on it more often