Are Walmart Gaming PCs actually THAT bad?

Published on Dec 2, 2018
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The new OverPowered line of gaming PC's from Walmart got slammed by other reviewers. While they do not sell these in Canada, we went down to US and got one to see for ourselves.
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  • What do you do with all of your unused unwanted and or outdated pc parts? Lol

  • I want that please send me it I get 20 to 30 FPS I hate my monitor it’s a core i3

  • 12:22 you scared the shit out of me wtf

  • To be fare I don't think anyone would have bought it on Linus' recommendation anyway, since I'm pretty sure most people who watch this channel would never buy a pre-built regardless of how good the margins were.

  • Yo the Rgbs in that pc spits out more rainbow barf than Corsair's

  • You keep your PC in the kitchen ? :-/

  • Why in the kitchen

  • I'm buying it for the colored fans. My non-gaming wife will love it!

  • 앙앙앙 난 니가 정말죠아


  • I watched Bitwitt’s video and his graphics card wasn’t plugged in either.

  • I'm watching this on this exact laptop and its an absolute beast. Can run pretty much everything on Ultra settings, beautiful 144hz IPS screen, all aluminum laptop. Very thin body as well, fun and easy to play in bed. Seriously this was the deal of the century. BE SURE to make it dual channel ram. It almost doubles the FPS on some games. Its very easy im a total noob and it was so easy.

  • my rig is so bad it runs watch_dogs 2 under 30 fps! [its a hp pavilion] [on package it said: amd ryzen 3 and radeon vega graphics]. that is on the lowest settings!

  • *OPINES*

  • 12:20 made me jump a bit

  • If you are a small youtuber reading this keep grinding even if you get small views . They gonna see you one day🙏🙏🙏.

  • Demon in the thumbnail?

  • Try to rebuild it to make it better with the same stuffs

  • Never trust Walmart you can tell by their fishes that they sell

  • 6:27 that actually look like a jailbreak players

  • Lowkey had no idea what he was talking about most of the time but his reactions to the geeky stuff was hilarious

  • Honestly I’ll take it if you don’t want it :3

  • I am looking for a good PC for getting started and I can't tell if this one is good or not cause you used a lot of words i don't understand.

  • When you get the thumbnail up in full screen Linus has 2 different expressions, the one on his face and the one in the reflection of the case.

  • Lmao the nerd rage is awesome. I love you this is great.

  • His bias is quite annoying... Sounding like a crybaby in every video.

  • Is he Canadian?

  • I don't like the ketchup and mustard cables...

  • What is the name of the fans for the case in this?

  • Thats why i go with msi

  • my mans plugged up a whole gaming pc in his kitchen

  • I love gaming but the cost of creating the compartments vs the selling price is so ridiculous I'll stick to my amd eight core and 730 gt Nvidia.

  • Great work doing this at your kitchen then your mother will mad 😐

  • openis

  • Funny how people critisize this pc according to this video when their own pc can't even run CS 1.6 ... I build my own pc and i never bought any hardware from wallmart , but the fact is that this Walmart Gaming pc can run the last gen games in ultra settings ( assasin's creed odyssey , gta V , far cry 5 , watchdogs 2 , batman arkham night , the witcher 3 etc ) . Don't spit on something that is actually up-to-date and working perfectly , just because of one name .

  • Your Russian bride is broken. Get a new one lol

  • 0:51 shit my pants

  • I usually dont do this but bitch you bought it from walmart and are complaining about colors like a fucking year old criticising every mistake and only half way complimenting the good parts sounds kind of biased

  • But its tons cheaper and works the same

  • Seriously I thought he said penis

  • so this guy who claims to be a gamer thinks hdd vs ssd have no effect on gaming performance? Get out of here...

  • My 2009 MacBook has the same amount of ram

  • Finally one creator actually made the video support display for 6.0 inch screen

  • wewewewewe

  • It's a fucking Wal-Mart pc why are you freaking out and it's a good first try but the way he was describing at the end made seem that it was utter trash but in actuality it's not a bad first try it ran okay and all because he can afford more expensive pcs and or build better ones for cheaper most people can't so the pc isn't as bad as he made it seem for the price point all because they made weird choices/errors dosent mean it's basically 1400 dollar trash can

  • "this is what provides all the power to the motherboard *shoves hand in fan*"

  • You just got new PC you only need buy new power supply, dual ram kit and motherboard.

  • hi

  • 12:22 r/PeopleFuckingDying - MaN lOSes HAnD iN INduStriAL FaN AcCiDEnt

  • My computer doesn't have USB C but it does have at least USB 3.0 and is done right

  • talk about Bias going into this, jesus....

  • why not give away that pc?? lol

  • how rich people waste their life Read More

  • Bitwits graphics card wasnt plugged in too.

  • Damn canucks can still find computers

  • openis

  • his voice is very high

  • Lucky. I have a 2012 Laptop. My parents won't let me get a Gaming PC because it's too expensive.

  • The Gordon Ramsay of technology

  • It looks good

  • When the pc doesn't reflect the same facial expression as the guy🤔(thumbnail)

  • Over priced yes. I got an ibuypower from walmart. Asus gtx 1070, 1TB HHD, 240GB SSD, mother board was cheap asa prime runs about 50$ now but still has duel channel ram slot and stock with 16GB ram upgradeable to 64GB, some RGB lighting and i7 8700k cpu. For 1299$ so for sure this pc is over priced. Im sure mine is as well its the price you pay to not have to build your own. Only thing i wish was different on my prebuild was the MB but it works just fine as is. I

  • honestly wouldnt say no to it, better than anything ive had lol

  • i like case so simple

  • What is the brand name of those rgb fans?

  • Ngentot berjaamaa

  • He speaks alien

  • Lol who still take adivce from linus? He's so bias

  • That's why I dont buy anything from Walmart I've stopped shopping at Walmart 4 years ago

  • I came here to learn about computers. I didnt understand a word you said, soooo, the only thing I took from this video was that I like the colors on the computer. :)

  • yoü

  • Y’all should upgrade the pc

  • It has Windows 3.1 and 1 metabite of ram

  • you should put a seizure warning because of that damn curtain.

  • Am I the only one who had no idea what the heck happened in this video? (I know nothing about tech)

  • Over-clock is stupid and PC frying time !

  • ._. what are you saying

  • He looks scared of it whenever he gets near it xD

  • If you don't like it you can give it to me

  • This video and the comments section are the exact reason most people hate "computer guys".

  • I wish all the comments were points about the pc and not their opinion about other comments. Smh

  • for expert the design is horrible but for non expert its cool (fan colors i excited too) i don't still get it why they put onboard VGA they put pressure on north bridge its very bad for gaming design like Lenovo gaming laptop put north bridge and VGA chip on 1 chip WTF!!! I'm repairing computer hardware and for me MSI motherboard design is very perfect the second is Asus

    • Their trick is that they trick people who have little/no knowledge of PCs with the rgb lighting

  • What is wrong with you? Why do you talk like a 6 year old? And what a OpENIS

  • Can I have the walmart pc I dknt have one all I have is a xbox and it sucks I would really love this

  • Bruh that pc sucked

  • That RGB is pretty sweet... useless... but sweet


  • Didn't look bad at all.

  • Lol I bought a $30 pc case and that even had usb 3.0

    • 😂😂😂 to think my wife almost bought me one of these

  • This pc is 10x powerful than my pc right now. Please send me that.

  • Why are they doing this in a kitchen?

  • I care about performance not colors. The only thing I really care about is how my case looks on the outside. No lights. If I only have one choice which i did on my fans that they came in red leds. No big deal. This is just crazy. He'll I have five USB on my front io 2 3.0 and 3 2.0

  • 1500 dollars went to them fancy ass lights. The only romanticism awesome is those fans lol. I go to Wal-Mart and look at their sad little pcs "gaming pc" only to laugh. 12 1500 dollars for what lol. Nothing extravagant to make it that price lol. A gpu and CPU is the only gaming about it lol. Nothing in there is that much monies

  • Damn did kitchen nightmares change hosts?

  • Just sitting here. Not knowing what the hell he's talking about. But finding it amusing anyways.

  • I want to say poor walmart, but...its walmart.

  • I think that the value here is the ability to allow the average consumer to return or exchange anywhere. Additionally this has teenager as the most likely target market. For a 12 year old with 3-5 free hours to play and zero high level knowledge. I say its a good buy but the price is just a bit high


  • WTF ... points out the VGA only option but BREEZES by the PS2 PORTS !!!! TF LINUS ? ???

  • Walmart just buys whatever they can make money on. These systems are a joke. Cause walmart sells two Gaming Systems.. One for 2000 Dollars, and one for 1400 Dollars. I can built a better and faster system for a 1000/1200 Dollars...