Are They The Father? (GAME)

Published on Sep 10, 2018
Are they the Father? Rhett and Link watch some of Maury's best guests to see if they can tell a dad from a dud. GMM #1375
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  • 'If you look under your chair, YOU GET A BABY, YOU GET A BABY , YOOOOOUUU GET A BABBBBYYYY'

    • Can I trade mine for a Italian one?

    • This looks refurbished

    • Can I give it back and take some cake instead?

    • +Blue Ocean08 it's an Oprah Winfrey joke.


  • damn it, click bait with link's dad's pic...... wanted to see him in another episode

  • I saw Jordan and said "well no cotton candy Randy this episode" well played GMM well played

  • BUT i am a women

  • Rhett did not rip off "That 70's Show" with that shirt!, "Honest!!!"...

  • I feel bad for the kids in these situations

  • Hi

  • “Jiff” “Giff” who cares?!” I care Rhett I CARE!!!

  • Well my step mums niece has 6 toes on each foot.... and nobody else in the family has 6 toes

  • My full name is Charles Neal McDonald . Just thought that was pretty cool

  • Okay why do they celebrate together when one of them is accused of cheating and lying🤣

  • I always go with noses if guessing the dad or cheeks if guessing the mothers

  • At 12:51, you can see a rare specimen, called the blue-shirt boi, in his natural habitat, presenting himself with millions of pleasant dabs. 😂🤣

  • There was a guy dabing in that last clip

  • The dude at 12:52 😂😂😂

  • Is Jordan Patton Oswalt? 😂

  • No offense but Jordan looks like a discount John C Reilly lol

  • Um.......If I'm a am I the father?

  • Don’t bring the man back please

  • you know whats funny why are all the women so happy when they find out that they mans baby is his lol why dont the women already know they must of all cheated

  • dude this is the funniest gmm i've ever watched.

  • I can imagine the girls faces that watched the intro lol

  • You aren't the father you're the mother

  • Jordan is SO funny!

  • I love you family and friends hello friends GoodMythicalMorning hello friends RhettandLink hello friends Rhett hello friends Link Happy Smile

    • I Love you family and friends hello friends GoodMythicalMorning hello friends RhettandLink hello friends Rhett hello friends Link Happy Smile

  • Moridbfhsvd(i cant spell it) more like jeremy kyle

  • 😂😌😑😄😌😄💕💕💕💕☹️😣😣😣☹️😣😕😔😣😕😕😕😣😣😕😕😣😕😕☹️😔😕😣😣😕😕😕😣😕😕😣😣😣☹️😣😕😕😣😣😕😍😕😣😍😣😣😣😣☹️😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😕😣😣😣😣☹️🙁😣

  • Randy reminds me of Patton Oswalt. In a good way

  • Daddy.....

  • I’m a father I’m not ready yet

  • Who has been here since will it taco and there old songs

  • that one baby his name is like Salvatore jr. oh my God that baby is freaking gorgeous

  • I got extremely disturbed seeing Cotton Candy Randy and Jordan in the same room, before quickly remembering editing exists, lol

  • i dont understand how the winner was in the paper when the paper was there the whole time and cant be changed.

  • Okay but wow Rhett’s vibrato in “Maury, Maury, Hallejulah.”

  • conspiracy: jordan is cotton candy randy after midnight.

  • glory glory manunited glory glory manunited

  • Jordan is so quick witted. 😂😂😂

  • Yes, actually. 6-fingered-ness is hereditary.

  • I thought the David one was sweet. Also, he did the worm.

  • Link's dad looks like Ray from Trailer Park Boys

  • Hosting crew member was actually hilarious. Have him host more often!

  • Lol they both look so uncomfortable and creeped out when cotton candy randy shows up

  • “Last weekend i took your kids to six flags” How to break the ice 101

  • Salvatore needs to get that white crap out of his beard @Link: It is called polydactylism, and yes, it is genetic.


  • "Happy Cotton Candy Day, daddies. I have a Father's Day gift for you. It's a mouthful of spiders."

  • Happy cotton candy day daddies

  • look at the guy dabing at 12:53

  • 7:51 go to that cuz it funny

  • I really like there little jingles, but this one got so stuck in my head its not even funny! I've been singing Maury Maury Hallelujah in my head all week.

  • Why tf does everyone have weird ass names??

  • That Salvatore jr. Was such a cute baby.



  • 😱🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👍

  • So now they're naming their child food/ingredients? Apple and cinnamon?

  • 10 fingers run in my family

  • Luke, I am your father

  • Whoop whoop I love there juggalo references

  • "Happy Cotton Candy Day Daddies" -Cotton Candy Randy

  • Surprisingly enough, 12 fingers is a dominant gene and 10 fingers is a recessive gene.

  • gaah the thumbnail for this was such clickbate! I wanted Link's Dad to be in an episode again so bad! He is great! #CharlesLincolnIIFangirlfolife (still a great episode...just sayin)


  • 0:02 "You are the FATHER!" B-but... im a girl...

  • Wait how did that cotton candy randy work, isn't the guy in the middle cotton candy randy

  • Y’all should have Daquan on the show

  • why did i think they were standing the whole time!?!

  • Can anybody fill me in on the cotton candy dude at the end of the video? I've seen him in a couple of their videos now and I just feel kinda left out of the loop. Where does he originate from and what's his name?

  • Bata bing bata boom

  • Two men waving in a game show, 1 foot apart because their not gay

  • Cotton candy randy

  • Comment because there was 2,999. Now it should be a nice even 3,000

  • 3000 comment

  • What was with that ending 🤣

  • What is the song at the beginning?

  • I can't be a father. I can only be a mother.

  • The gathering of the juggalo is a fun place to go to

  • 11:45.. Rhett's laugh KILLED ME

  • It is more common to have 6 fingers, then to have 5

  • I was born with 12 fingers it actually runs in my family 😂

  • 12 fingers is actually the dominant gene

  • What about Jeremy Kyle

  • I was waiting for Cotton Candy Randy to show up but my guess was on Jordan transforming or something of the sort but it was pretty cool how they made him a separate person

  • When Rhett wins and tries to do the worm you can really tell how tall he is...when I first started watching because of camera angels I though Rhett was like 6'1 and Link was like 5'8...Link is my dad's height and he's considered tall...I sadly am the shortest in my family and they always put things out of my reach...I'm 5'5 but I have all brothers even my mom is 5'7 grrrrr


  • I love links hair!!!!!!!

  • the juggalos remark had me dying lol

  • The crew member looks a little like Zach Galifianakis lol

  • Maury didn’t start out that way . # Irememberwhen

  • I knew they were married guys and fathers.

  • Just because he’s the father, doesn’t mean she still didn’t cheat 😂

  • this reminds me of jeremy kyle show but less violent

  • Clue judge far criminal territory occasion afraid ultimately bath love paint.

  • Rhett, it is GIF not JIF. It does make a difference. It is Graphic Interface not Jraphic.

  • I disagree with the last statement. The greatest "Internet Daddy" is Angry Grandpa...

  • 0:44 Oh my lord this is so majestic

  • That Maury bumper though

  • 12:51 who else noticed the guy in the blue shirt goes crazy and starts dabbing😂😂

  • Omg I forgot that this show existed, this the thing me and my grandma bonded over XD

    • AAYYY GOT IT ALL RIGHT, my childhood taught me something XD