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Anthony Davis's Best Blocks of the 2017-2018 NBA Regular Season

Published on Apr 21, 2018
Check out the best blocks of Anthony Davis from the 2017-2018 NBA Regular Season
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  • Lonzo didnt see AD

  • Yo he really blocked the ball grabbed it while falling out of bounds , and threw it at the other guy so it would touch him last and they get the ball . Holy fuck that’s some high iq quick thinking crazy shit . I knew AD was the man but goddamn

  • I thank AD for inspiring me

  • My favorite player Anthony Davis Fear the Brow.I have made 13 blocks in 3 days

  • Hakeem and dikembe would be proud

  • 4 minutes of blocking. 07-28-18.

  • Love to see these DUNKS

  • The real First Team- All NBA member...grabs popcorn.

  • This is what happens you work on your Soundcloud rapping in the get swept

  • The fact he is so young is actually so fucking scary, hes a top 3 player and hes not even in his prime? Jesus fuck

  • First team all defense 🥇 Anthony davis 🥈 Clint Capela 🥉 Rudy Gobert 4th giannis antetokompo 5th Joel Embiid

    • Justin Smith you need a frontcourt and a backcourt (2 huards 3 forwards) so embid ad and Gobert will be on the theam

  • Hes a beast 🔥🔥

  • Davis got more blocks than the amount of times my ex has blocked me on all her social media accounts

  • DPOY.

  • The 5th trashiest player

    • Takes one to know one eh?

    • i_have_ clout Nah... Hes just a good player

  • No,no,no,no,no

  • I got ZERO respect for AD ever since i seen him butt naked on the floor with a finger up his ass while he stuck his tongue out and said I love it...... Fuck this fufu ass nigga

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  • 23 from the jazz never learns

  • He was 25 when he won his first playoff game I was 22 when I went to my first Finals

    • LeBron James LeGOAT can’t be surpassed but LeHelp could use AD’s services right about now

    • Mr. Brow not really nig AD swept first round lebron dominated and got to the finals

    • +Jesus Araujo he wasnt a rookie in 2007 bud

    • Read well "Spurs" veterans ... Lebron: Rookie ... Cavs shit...

    • And got swept same with AD

  • I hope the pelicans make the conference finals.

  • DPOY

  • Anthony Davis DPOTY!!!!

  • If one of you guys could check out my Ben Simmons vs Donovan Mitchell Rookie of the Year mix and drop a like on it, it'd mean the world to me

  • MVP

  • First

  • Playing real good this year

  • Best player in the world in two years

    • LMAO stephen a who do u think is gonna be better

    • i seen both playoff and this game right now. all i see is gobert fouling people on offense and getting owned. AD been defending the paint strait up. gobert cant steal. he not fast, he not always i the right place.

    • bob brown Davis only has 0.3 blocks per game more than Gobert. Maybe you need to watch some more utah Jazz games if you don't see Gobert doing this

    • Nah

    • Milan Jovanovic next year honestly

  • 1st