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Anthony Davis' Best Plays From The First Round

Published on Apr 22, 2018
Anthony Davis (258 points) is just the seventh player in NBA history to total at least 250 points in his first eight playoff games. The others are: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (287), Michael Jordan (283), Wilt Chamberlain (273), LeBron James (266), Bob McAdoo (261), and George Mikan (252) -
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  • There was no rip in "Rip City." 07-28-18.

  • Why is new jersey nets commentary doing the pelicans games ?

  • First big man ive seen go behind the back with the ball in a playoff game..

  • I hope he stays healthy for the remainder of the postseason. Y'all know Zaza lurking to hurt him

  • 1:41 Jrue Holiday being a fucking savage

  • Anthony "The Real Deal" Davis

  • 0:34 That must be painful

  • Hope Davis and Cousins stay at Pelicans and buil a big Dynasty there, NBA need more great team, not just few super team.

  • Woooo he is good but he is Very wonderful 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏

  • Anthony "Come Fly With Me" Davis

  • Fantastic to see AD shine, go the Pelicans!

  • Nurkic got manhandled in this series! LMFAO!

  • Mj and ad only 2 players to average 30 ppg in playoffs

  • anybody notice Jrue Holiday pin pointing Nurkic after the AD putback slam? That one always makes me laugh. :D

  • AD played like a dawg that whole series.

  • Man Portland got swept

  • AD doesn't stand for After Dunk. That's an Alpha Dunk! 😛

  • Portland sucks!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂 Warriors will sweep the Pelicans in the 2nd round.

    • Girl look at your name then do yourself a favor and look in the mirror. You gotta clean up your ugly mess.

    • Fuck What You're Talking About ! girl you dont know about Basketball

  • AD gonna send ZaZa and Donkey Green back to daycare

  • Brow

  • Mannnn I wish we had Boogie! I swear if we can upset the Warriors imma be so hype

  • Best big in the league. #2 Boogie don't @ me

  • He manhandled them complete destruction I mean what didn't he do????

    • Captain Crook10x dunkin n debo struttin

  • 45 comment whoo hoo

  • Overrated TrashLLard being a yearly first round exit as usual it's nothing new

    • Kevin DurGOAT W my nigga

    • Brendon Moore that's the past, and this is now, and besides Shitllard has been a yearly first round exit since that fluke series

    • James Harden 10x DPOY W

    • Evan Ronquillo and all defensive first team too

    • Evan Ronquillo no doubt about it

  • AD in the first Rd just absolutely destroyed the trailblazers and someone didn't tell Dame Dalla that it's AD time.

  • MVP

  • Pels win two rounds this year

  • Early

  • MVP

  • Rondo is always clutch in the Playoffs, mark my words. Pelicans will make some noise once they face the Warriors.

    • Danny Woo he knows how to win a ring

  • Palicans might be a threat. Can't wait until the second round.

    • DTBass123 Draymond or Kd would do a nice job on him.

    • they won't do shit against warriors or rockets.

    • DTBass123 well there like 100 teams that want revenge on the warriors

    • DTBass123 💯

    • KCJ same AD wants revenge against the Warriors for sweeping. Cant wait. Regardless AD is gonna get his numbers. Nobody in the league can Guard him. But I cant wait till next series.

  • MVP

  • 30th comment

  • Davis on fire

  • Where is the one where he sweeps the Blazers?

  • 20th comment

  • Dame Dolla begging to be an all-star and a first team all NBA player lmaoooo

  • Dame time? More like Holiday season! #GetTheBroom

  • Give me likes cuz I'm early :)

    • StreetZ NBA well it's clearly getting likes autist

    • ASAP Sp00kedOut no. He's probably just annoyed about how desperate you are for likes lol.

    • First Name Last Name mad you weren't early? Poor ass cant afford fast enough internet to get fast notifications?

    • ASAP Sp00kedOut shut up bitch


  • I'm disappointed in you Dame

  • 🔥⚡️🎉🏀

  • First

  • First

  • AD is insane and I was first like it tho if u like AD

  • 1st To make you read more