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Anthony Davis and Jrue Holiday Combine for 88 POINTS As The Pelicans Advance To The 2nd Round

Published on Apr 22, 2018
The Pelicans defeated the Trail Blazers, 131-123 tonight in Game 4 of the Western Conference First Round to win the series 4-0. Anthony Davis led all scorers with 47 points (new playoff franchise record) along with 11 rebounds and 3 blocks for the Pelicans, while Jrue Holiday recorded 41 points (new playoff career-high) and 8 assists in the game.
Entering today, there was only one instance of a duo combining for 88 (or more) points in a playoff game in NBA history: Jo Jo White (34 points) and John Havlicek (54 points) on 4/1/73 Celtics vs Hawks
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  • Portland did not have what it take to win. That is why they went home. 07-28-18.

  • AD's the next. Not Giannis. Not Kawhi. Not Durant. Not Simmons. Not Curry. Anthony friggin' Davis is the next, and I've said it about him from the beginning. He's, quite honestly, the perfect combination as a player, perhaps even more so than LeBron. Brow's been putting up LeBron-esque numbers his whole career, except he's had to carry an even lamer team than LeBron's had, for much of Bron's early Cavs tenure. But now, the Pelicans have really got something cookin', with Boogie (hopefully), Rondo, and Jrue's (second-)rising confidence. I think with some better help, NOLA will see Brow become what I've always thought of him: As the Goku of the NBA.

  • Gs win series end in game 5. Lol

  • i don't think the pelicans were phenomenal it's just that the blazers suck on defense. for the love of all that is holy what is jusuf nurkic doing? he looks like a g-league player out there. the guy cannot defend to save his life.

  • Anthony Davis is a Beast

  • when you realize Wilt Chamberlain hadmore points in a game than these two combined Lets go Pelicans anyways!

  • The Brow is no joke

  • Big up to og rondo

  • Let's go N O n the p is not silent

  • Anthony te amooooo

  • Belimon by NxNu on #SoundCloud

  • Jrue puts so much effort

  • POR ? No,POOR

  • Keep sleeping on this man. He’ll always keep opening your eyes

  • I don't wanna see any Pelican bandwagon fans let them have their moment

  • I wanna see ESPN sweep this under the radar like they did with Lebron and Kyrie scoring 80 or so

  • I am not a Pélicans fan but i think Davis will be MVP for next season he is great af 😱

  • Also denver prolly would have put up a bigger fight

  • Don't forget about rondo

  • Jalen rose and kobe combined for 81 points

  • Pelicans without Demarcus against Blazers: 131-123 Pelicans with Demarcus against Blazers: 151-123

  • Looks likes blazers need to take a HOLIDAY.......

  • pelicans vs 76xer finals😃😉

  • Dame wanting to be on 1st team. BITCH UR ASS BELONGS ON THE 2ND TEAM

  • in the end of the match dame showed the time in his wrist...time to start holidays...

  • playoff holiday>>>>>>>>playoff lillard

  • Damn jusuf nurkic got punked bad by A.D. Dude needs to learn how to box out because Anthony Davis was dunking all over him like every play lol.

  • Wow

  • Cj was having a hard time wid defense this game

  • Ya can't spell Lillard and Portland without 4 L's

  • Uncle Jrue

  • Warriors better watch out.

  • Where are all you "AD to Boston" idiots at now 😂😂😂

  • Blazers looked incredible in the regular season. They really have to work on their consistency.

  • Blazers in 9😂😂

  • Stop saying trade Cousins. #1 he's not even ours, he's a free agent but as a lifetime Hornets now Pelicans fan I hope we resign him and he comes back strong. It's amazing to see us coming back post CP3 years. Cousins deserves it, pay that man and resign Rondo please NOLA

  • Watch out warriors

  • If cousins was there; pretty sure it isn't a sweep

    • it will still be a sweep but more embarassing sweep... who is the player going to guard Boogie?? Aminu?? Nurkic?? Meyers Leonard?? lmao... AD and Boogie gonna eat the Blazers alive even more... Rondo will probably doubled his assist numbers if Boogie was there... also, back court line up of AD, Boogie and Mirotic with a frontcourt of Rondo and Holiday... who's going to stop that??

  • AD been that guy the whole season but Jrue is in his bag rn

  • After Duncan

  • Congratulations NOLA!!!!💪

  • Rondo's pass is damn accurate. Might as well pass the ball into the basket

  • "Holiday Another Highlight " !!!!

  • Rondo>Lillard

  • And there it is..

  • Holiday played like Kobe Bryant

  • This is what happens damian lillard when you meet a real mvp candidate and a real all nba 1st team player.....anthony davis is a monster and best power forward in the game right now.....

  • I searched Portland Fail Blazers and came here

  • Blazers in 9, no... wait...

  • go the pelicans and me boy davis and the rest of the squad hopefully demarcus is ready for next season or late this season