Another Top 10 As Seen On TV Products That Were Surprisingly Awesome

Published on May 4, 2018
Another Top 10 As Seen On TV Products That Were Surprisingly Awesome
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These As Seen on TV products are actually pretty great! For this list, we're looking at at even more As Seen on TV products that won over shoppers with their usefulness and value or just how cool and surprisingly innovative they were. If you don’t see a product you think should be on here, be sure to check out our first video on the subject! Join WatchMojo as we count down our picks for the Another Top 10 As Seen On TV Products That Were Surprisingly Awesome.
#10. Emson Bacon Wave
#9. Tap Light
#8. Pocket Hose
#7. Flex Tape (by Flex Seal)
#6. Forearm Forklifts
#5. ShamWow!
#4. SlapChop
#3, #2 & #1: ????
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  • Your pick's not on the list? Maybe it's on the first one!

    • My dad has the pocket hose. 😀

    • Oxi-clean was mostly miss for me.

    • magic bullet should not be 1 go look up how many people have had an exploding magic bullet...

    • To me it is obvious that you were paid off because at least a couple of these were complete garbage. For one I had the bacon rack for your microwave and it never worked. Second the slap chop only worked on prechopped items for instance if you wanted to do an onion you had to chop it in half of even smaller before it would fit under the slap chop so making the Slap Chop usless. And friends of mine had the Magic Bullet and it was the worst blender they ever bought they threw it out after only a week. So your list to total BS.

    •, Can you do the top 10 video game concepts that are actually disturbing.

  • I sawed this boat in half!

  • Flex tape????????

  • Michael Scott burned his foot on a foreman grill... I want one

  • The forearm forklifts don't take the strain off of your back, they take it off your hands. Your back is still going to take the full brunt of whatever you're lifting if you lift incorrectly because both your hands and forearms connect to your torso at the same point: Your shoulders.

  • I use the magic bullet every day.

  • Wheres the T H A T S A L O T O F D A M A G E ?


  • for filipinos here theres a dub on shamwow just search pamunas ng masa

  • That Boat Scene in Flex tape is fake

  • Okay nice list but Flex seal should have been number one

  • lol, none of these products were new. They were re-branded generic items already available at wal-mart for pennies in comparison.

  • I S A W E D T H I S B O A T I N H A L F

  • Oxiclean is total garbage. Tide worked better

  • If flex tape ain't here I'll fish this video with flex seal color

  • Vince Offer looks like a tall Dwarf Mamba.

  • I’m just think how tf the forearm forklifts don’t break ur damm arm

  • ShamWow sucks as a car Chamois! It left lint EVERYWHERE!!!

  • *T H A T S A L O T T A D A M A G E*

  • Aye. I own a pocket hose. It’s great. It never kinks and it stretches.

  • Sold. I need flex tape

  • ShamWOW! (Mainam na pamunas ng Modtacles)

  • But the magic bullet explodes, no joke. The ninja is way better

  • Flex tape was a lie

  • Number 5 and Number 4 are Ripoffs!

  • did everyone's bullet work but mine? mine didn't even chop up ice properly.

  • "Phil you've done half a job and you have a full smile!" - Jontron


  • This magic blender has been renamed in many countries Names like 7stars 123magic etc

  • Sagpro films

  • I just sawed this nation in half!

  • The guy playing the dad in the bacon wave commercial works with my dad in real estate lol, he’s a cool guy. His name is Doug Barnes.

  • The 21% of people who didn’t rate Oxi-clean 5 stars used it wrong

  • Pocket hoses are great right up until it explodes and starts whipping around wetting everything within 30 ft including the person using it. Very cheap inner rubber hose just doesn't last. Had several and all of them end up bursting. And no I didn't get the cheaper knock offs or imitations. I got the original.

  • Slap my nuts

  • How to get a well successful product to show in tv? *GET A MADLAD!*


  • slaP CHOP

  • *F L E X T A P E*

  • My Foreman Grill got a lot of use back in the day, and I use my Magic Bullet for smoothies on a pretty regular basis. I've also used the Flex Tape to fix a large hole in my horse's water trough. I know these sound like shameless plugs, but some as seen on TV products do live up to the hype!:)

  • The magic bullet is not good

  • I used to work in a convenience store with an as seen on TV section, and we actually tried to talk people out of a pocket hose. I don't know of it was the climate in the area, our the material, our what, but probably about 7 times out of 10, the customer brought it back because out had split. 1 or 2 customers and you assume they're not taking care of the house. But a quarter of the time? That's a flaw in the product. Plus it was a pain in the butt too us because they were harder to send back to the manufacturer.

  • #notsponsored Cough, cough

  • I can't remember a time that my parents didn't have Magic Bullet

  • Let's face it ladies when it comes to shamwow some of us weren't lookin at the towel throughout the commercial XD

  • Bacon is a food group !

  • Colleges don’t even allow crock pots in dorms, let alone a George Foreman grill...

  • I sawed this boat it half

  • Went through 2 of these videos and didn't see the miracle blade 3 series? You guys failed

  • That’s a lot of damage

  • i have a lean mean fat reduceing grilling machine and it works great

  • i have a lean mean fat reduceing grilling machine and it works great

  • i have a lean mean fat reduceing grilling machine and it works great

  • i havee a lean mean fat reduceing grilling machine and it works great

  • i havee a lean mean fat reduceing grilling machine

  • yo what about the Shark Vacuum???

  • PHIL ma man

  • You are going to love my nuts

  • Slap my nuts

  • oxy clean is just hydrogen peroxide

  • Best thing I ever got off TV and still use like 15 years alter is the V Slicer

  • Got a pocket hose once. Broke on the first use

  • Magic Bullet is still the only informercial I've ever seen that made me want the product.

  • Magic bullet served as an awesome mararita maker and espeally fresh ground coffee beans, they just don't show you how you have to shake it like a maraca so nothing gets stuck in the blades and it burnt out, but yeah...this and the Foreman grill both never did me wrong. Good products.

  • This was published on my birthday 😁🎈🎂🍰

  • OxiClean is awesome. I use it in every load of my laundry.

  • Hi BiLlY MaZe HeRe

  • No the pocket hose is a penis joke don't lie to yourself okay sweetie

  • slap chop ,, what a joke,, the guy said it was $20 but the deal said $49.99 ,, my grandmother had a similar chopper 45 years ago . oxiclean did bugger all to get printer ink out of my carpet, i tried the process so many times and it did not get the ink out, my sister gave me a magic bullet,, i put a lot of fruit in to it and the machine was not better than my regular blender,, the magic bullet is now in a cardboard box with the rest of the junk i got

  • *That's a lot of damage.*

  • *” T H A T S A L O T T A D A M A G E “*

  • Sees Flex Tape breathes uncontrollably

  • Flex line of products in video? Oh, I-I can't stop it, here i goes- THAT'S A LOT OF DAMAGE!

  • The Pocket Hose is absolute garbage. Worked at an Ace Hardware for a few years and that product was returned at the same rate it sold so I had to get the store to stop carrying it.

  • I think all we need is the item blessed by our lord and saviour phill swift flex tape no one can deal as much damage as him

  • Crank chop is new then.. :o

  • I'm buying all of these

  • The guys that delivered my dishwasher from Home Depot used the forearm forklifts

  • *'i sAwEd thiS bOaT in haLF'*

  • Why is flex tape not number one?

  • Tagalog dubbed of shamwow is the best. Hambog ng Sagpro mumba wan

  • *Y O U R ' E G O N N A L O V E M Y N U T S.*

  • *I S A W E D T H I S B O A T I N H A L F.*

  • Oh Magic Bullet!!

  • I remember Slap Chop and Shamwows commercials XD

  • I actually own the tap lights and use them in my pantry and bottom cabinet. They work really well for the space


  • Oxy clean works but it doesn't get out every stain oh and RIP Billy Mays

  • Clicked for flex seal

  • The way he said ramen tho


  • That’s a lot of damage

  • Flex tape isnt that good if the hole is big and you put it outside of the bucket thing

  • Brass bullet hose is actually fake advertized because 2 cars can rip it

  • Every JonTron fan FLEXTAPE


  • #1 flex seal.

  • *slap my nuts*

  • can you do a top ten cheesiest or most cringeworthy as seen on tv ads because we all know a lot of them are embarrassing af

  • Nooooooooooo not Vince