Animal Field Trip!

Published on Jun 30, 2017
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On this episode of Coyote’s Backyard, the team explores the Holden Arboretum as they follow the map to its many lakes and ponds in search of all kinds of interesting creatures. Moving up the food chain from tadpoles to snapping turtles, Coyote manages to catch them alongside members of the Coyote Pack who have traveled from all over the Untied States. Yes that’s right, today Coyote is bringing members of the Coyote Pack with him!
Get ready for the greatest Animal Field Trip ever!

HUGE thanks to Holden’s Arboretum in Kirtland OH and all their wonderful staff for making this video possible. We can’t wait until our next visit! For more information on Holden’s Arboretum please visit their website -
On Coyote’s Backyard we’re sticking to the trail because animal expert Coyote Peterson wants to show you all of the cool creatures that live just outside of your house, or in your local parks nearby. Sometimes the opportunity to connect with nature is a lot closer than you think!
If you or your family want to be featured on an episode episode of Coyote’s Backyard please let us know what amazing animals live around you in the comments section or by emailing
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  • I wish Im in The field Trip

  • Riggsbey copied that sign he never made that up

  • 1:25 I used to take a class about animals in Montessori school in Richmond and that coyote symbol was called the silent coyote and when the teacher did that we would be quiet

  • Where’s this place

  • Wow your so brave

  • You should lead tour own expedition!

  • I'm scared

  • I’m in the ciody trip

  • Oh snapping turtle story I found a snapper about a little bigger than noseless in a place where snapper aren't common

  • I remember I When I was like 6 I cought a water mocasin I'm luck I got it mouth closed and the fact I got the jump on it and I'm like to my mom can we keep it!?


  • Hey look there’s A Hawk! That’s a terky vulture. So cute

  • ive missed coyotes backyard, the kids enthusiasm is so cute

  • I kissed a frog before

  • 😭😢😔

  • I cant go sorry ciod

  • Same

  • 11:28 that turtle really hated Coyote for saying that xD

  • Hey coyote you should visit philippines cause we have a eagle called philippine eagle and i really want you to feature it on a video

  • I love turtles and I have two can you make more turtle videos

  • Y.

  • 8:37 why did he said ender dragon?

  • Coyote: No turtle soup *for you* What I hear: No turtle soup for you...but turtle soup for the children which is gonna be made from you.

  • I found Wolf pack when I was outside

  • Caught a Komodo dragon plsss

  • Kid dosen't care about anything he just want to put his fingers in his nose 6:10

  • what

  • 8:01 back you people I’m snake

  • I'd call the turtle in the beginning snappy

  • You are so brave

  • He should have named the snapping turtle Voldemort

  • You are the best

  • Teenage mutant snapping turtle

  • Atrapen un tiburón

  • No bittng little snake your a bad boy

  • I’m a part of the coyote pack

  • Hi

  • coyote,im asking if snapping turtle has an ability to bite its own tail and tounge?

  • It's the balor symbol

  • Lotus is my real name

  • Oh that’s no painted turtle that’s a Japanese painted turtle

  • Inside language the Kioti symbol actually means love silent language I mean the country where you can’t say is I need your hands to say stuff

  • Every body pause in 8:06🤣🤣🤣🙂

  • 🐣🦑

  • Cool turtle🐢🐢🐍

  • Cool turtle

  • Cool turtle

  • The thumbnail doesn’t look like cayote at all

  • hay coyote com to indiaya

  • Wth my moms friend has a snaping turtle and it is 10 years old like me and is like a baby

  • Kid: Hey look a hawk! Coyote: That’s a turkey vulture XD

  • wow it looks so different than a ball python if u can't tell I'm talking in reference to when cyody cot the snake pus sorry 4 bad spelling lol

  • Best video everrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr your the best video maker ever coyote

  • I love you bw 😀

  • Can I join your pack

  • Coyote there’s a hawk It’s a terkey

  • 6:25 Kid: Coyote theres a hawk!! Coyote: No, thats a turkey vulture lol

  • Kid:”Hey look,that’s a hawk.” Coyote:*It’s a Turkey Vulture.*

  • 9:35 me when someone wakes me up at 6 in the morning on Saturday

  • Catch a coyote they eat people

  • Wow snapping turtle is very good thats why its snap snap look like a frog turtle becuese thats look like

  • Wow painting turtle is very good

  • Do you know law of fishes and if you do do you know Blake's exotic animal Ranch

  • I know you have a big turtle I know I know do you know Paul yeah pretty sure you do guess he's been to your house and watch your videos and I know that you have th thousands of Turtles and I know Paul was feeding a turtle at Cactus

  • I know where you live but two for me and you it's a secret

  • i wish coyote was my dad

  • That’s a turkey vulture

  • These kids are so well.behaved . I still remember when brought kids to field trip and That was my first and the last

  • I like turtles so mach if one dies I cry if someone kills one I will get mad

  • The frog was like wtf stop touching me!

  • X

  • coyote is amazing and I wish he my dad.

  • j

  • Noseless is krillen from db *krillen doesn't have a nose.*

  • Man those kids and adults are so flippen lucky:( Btw I love how they had a simble or whatever u call it and they dident use it once lol

  • As calm as posable "Notice that im bleeding"

  • When you said there safe frogs there are poisons frogs

  • I catch snakes and turtles at my cottage during the summer

  • Co ai la nguoi viet nam khong

  • when Coyote was just a kid he searches for snakes near in the pond, and when I was just a kid Im afraid to touch an worm

  • ayy that kid stole my symbole that i do with my friend

  • 6:25 lol "hey look at the hawk" "thats a turkeyvulture"

  • That coyote symbol is the quiet symbol for my school cause the coyote is my school mascot

  • My favorite catch that you catch was a snapping turtle 🐢

  • I love dinos

  • 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻😎😎😎🕷

  • Can i be your partner please

  • I like rare animals in Philippines have many rates living things

  • That snapping turtle is the animal version of Voldemort because he doesn't have a nose! Like if you agree.


  • I wish you were my science teacher..

  • Those kids where lucky to Meet u

  • will you do an episode with the black footed ferret ? from Ethan fuher

  • Rigsbee lol name

  • That's the quiet coyote symbol

  • 6:25 Kid: "it's a hawk!" Coyote: "that's a turkey vulture" FACTS

  • Hello kids I'm coyote Peterson and about to enter the strike zone of a snapping turtle AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Challenge: go to a lot of countries and find animals you can only find there

  • 3eee36