An Expert's Take On The Symbolism In Childish Gambino’s Viral ‘This Is America’ Video | TIME

Published on May 8, 2018
Donald Glover released a new song and music video “This Is America” under his musical moniker Childish Gambino on Saturday Night Live this weekend - and single-take music video is laden with metaphors about race and gun violence in America.
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An Expert's Take On The Symbolism In Childish Gambino’s Viral ‘This Is America’ Video | TIME


  • Here's one of the real problems plaguing America:

  • You need to go deeper. You havent even scratched the surface

  • Childish Gambino is a “Brilliant Genius” It’s funny how saying nothing can say a lot! But showing something can mean a lot. America ALLOW POLICE to treat copper colored people HORRIBLE!!! America DONT CARE ABOUT the TRUE “Indigenous” people OF AMERICA!!!!!! MY PEOPLE BEEN PRAYING FOR AMERICA since OUR 12 TRIBES were SCATTERED AROUND THE WORLD!!!!🙏🏽🌍

  • Or maybe people just overthink every fucking detail?

  • Your just a black man in this world... you are just a barcode ayy Thats a lyric , not that im racist

  • This is exactly what this song is about. Covering up the truth. This Video is a prime example.

  • Wow. Completely ignored the 17 seconds.

  • Oaaoo

  • Experts my ass

  • The whole video was a "distraction" , we also care more about guns than about the victims. The car scene i think translates to: Gambino in that moment is a "man who has everything"... a bunch of shitty cars once he "get's his money, blackman". It's a play on the "blackman's" struggle to obtain wealth and money, but it is an empty less pursuit. The rest this video does a good job at pointing out a lot. Such a good video(original)

  • Isn't Donald Glover doing well in America... current personal wealth $4.5 Million+? This is a America!

  • Good Luck Explaining Black Culture, it changes with the times- yet still the same. Explain the next big Reaction:

  • At the end of the day, only the artist knows the TRUE meaning.

  • THE MESSAGE IS RACISM, America is racist to black, to Asian men, to Muslims, Natives.........

  • Sheesh, lazy video

  • I didn't watch the video and simply disliked it because in the title it says an experts take yet it's not my take on it and I'm super smart

  • "Music expert" you mean dumb ass liberal who's views a line with yours correct?

  • I have seen a lot of these symbolism videos recently. I feel a lot is missed out deliberately so that you can make your "own interpretation". I think ultimately this the message of the video is....hey I'm gonna make you think* *really make money like everyone else.

  • Not much of an expert. Most people knew this already.

  • Theory

  • His overall point of the video is how us AMERICANS get distracted so easily by social media IN GENERAL not pointing the finger at race saying who doing what

  • this a horrible take on the video. search for the washington post explanation.

  • Is this like a preview of the expert's take or something, where's the beef? Fucking experts these days, 30 seconds outside the velvet box to get a couple big words a half deep thought.

  • I don't understand. This is music? This is art?

  • Terrible expert.

  • You missed the Jim Crow lose.

  • Black Twitter found more symbolism than this come on now😂

  • White Americans are so racist (I am a white person)

  • What a pathetic attempt at interpreting the meaning behind this clip. A more accurate breakdown can be found here:

  • So um I found this

  • So um I found this


  • Wow this video needs to be more diverse. To many black people only seen a few white... What a sad sad world we live in..

  • He genius im glad he show us this kind of art

  • the ultimate low point for youtube. think I'll cut youtube and bookface out of my life for good. google this

  • I am going to ask a serious question! Do you think outlawing firearms in the United States will stop violence between people? Keep in mind that the United States outlaws drugs and we still have people using and selling it. Also, London just surpassed New York City with the amount of murders committed, London had outlawed firearms for years!

  • What a shitty video

  • If it's coming from TIME, then it's not an "expert's take".

  • This is America video is really for the pseudo conscious and the fake woke.....the choir sequence mimics a manufactured news story of a crisis actor Dylan Storm Roof which perpetuates a false narrative and deception... Which is why this is only for the fake woke not the real conscious people that see right through the infantile emotions being triggered... this is America.. Edit

  • Absolute garbage.

  • Enjoyed the video because it paints a true picture of today's culture but what it doesn't do is offer any helpful solutions. Typical victimized mindset of many in this country. Blame someone else rather than take ahold of it yourself and spread positive change. Am looking forward to the next video form Gambino about "Steps to take to Fix America". Also- TIME: you suck at breaking down videos.

  • ppffffttttt you need to get your money back from that "expert" he ripped you off ....lmao crapiest expert ever what the hell did he come up with?? didnt even mention the white horse in the background...smh

  • More whinning privileged black millionaire

  • PAUL JOSEPH WATSON actually nailed it better than this pathetic attempt at a 'breakdown video'.

  • Literally the only ones I've seen to disagree with the symbolism, meanings, and truths behind it all are all white. Maybe try to see why people of color feel this way. try to understand.

  • Search for "The Truth About 'This is America' paul watson"

  • How does one become an "Expert" in such things.

  • The expert must have failed school.

  • Of course what’s new

  • Thank you for nothing... Can I get my 1:31 back please..??