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Published on Sep 14, 2018
At America’s Best Toy Shop, we have the wheeliest, zippiest, fasterest toys, Top Rated by Kids! Shop
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  • Commercial for toys r us

  • Yi

  • It not the best but I am really looking forward to Christmas so I can get on of those cool toy s u guys have

    • Which one were you thinking of? 😄

  • Can you sell poopsie

  • Would be cute if I didn't see it for the millionth time.

  • WOW this is what they want instead of toys r us this is TOTALLY b.s thanks for closing down my childhood store

  • Walmart, why are you lying to everybody? You know you're never going to be the best toy show, so just stop.

  • Yeah right Fuck off walmart you killed kmart

  • “Toys R’ Us leaves the server” “Walmart becomes MVP” “Toys R’ Us Returns to the server” “Walmart loses MVP” “Toys R’ Us becomes MVP”

  • Ok, first selling toys is not just Toys r us’s idea, and they never were because everyone can sell toys, ok.

    • Why make non breeders watch this?

  • Does Walmart price match to any weekly ads and any retailers online? Updated 2017 and over

  • Ok, i think i will go to target now.

  • Oof

  • She's right oh and reminder to every one here I've never gone to toys r us and its go... Wait a minute its just a toy store... >:(

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  • You only got this because toys r us closed down

  • When I first saw this ad, it triggered me. Thanks a lot for triggering me, Walmart. And for ruining my childhood!!!

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  • Hello neighbor action figure

  • Wow you're trying to replace Toys R' Us... Thank you for ruining my childhood Walmart.

    • Summer Elliott What are you saying?

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    • Joke’s on them cause Toys R’ Us is comin’ back!


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