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Published on Sep 11, 2018
At America’s Best Toy Shop, we have the bestest, funnest, surprisiest toys, Top Rated by Kids! Shop now:
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  • Published in Oct 16 2005

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  • 00;4 my reaction when i see a super cool hot wheels track

  • I hope k Mart comes back and kicks your a#$

  • #1 Best thing about WalMart

  • Don't spend your money here these people have the worse customer service!! at every Walmart I have been !!!I waited every time for them to ask for my receipt at the door and for years they didn't but they did recently and I declined ,WHILE still exiting never stopped .I would have been long gone before she got to a manager. KMSL! I'm not sorry. this is low lvl harassment ,and once I give my money to own something it is just that ...I own it, and my receipt!!! and if anyone wants my stuff they need a warrant signed by a judge. I just feel like this it's never never never okay to assume anything about a customer, customers are always right, yes it is Important to be on guard and be mindful of inventory and thieves, but somewhere they got this all wrong .I don't let my babies take gummy bears at rouses and they let you. nothing is free and to see the same employee in 4 areas of the store on a shopping spree is sicking .and you have cameras !!!you don't have to stalk customers!!! i notice everything ,and everyone .I can feel people looking before I glance their way! You just don't do these things and your customers will stop choosing other options. The other day a manager followed me around until I checked him at this point I left and now shop at rouses and cannatas but everyone needs to know it's not all the customers it's Walmart too !!they have no respect for people as human beings, but one person at a time it will change it will get better and you will pay for the lies you tell that get people killed

  • i wanna give a big shout out to that one jojo bow i saw while walking down the target aisle

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  • You’ll never beat toys r us

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  • Toys R us is better r.i.p

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  • My little nephews will love toys at Walmart for there birhday party perfect.

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