AMAZING All You Can Eat BBQ KEBAB Buffet in India!

Published on May 13, 2018
I'm always on the lookout for new amazing buffets, and when I heard that AB's had all you can eat kebabs, I knew I had to go.
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  • That looks like heaven on earth. If i ever go to India, im definitely going to this place

  • fires of mount doom lord of the rings haha

  • I think I gained 5lbs just watching the video lol

  • where's the bobs and the vagene?

  • I went to ABQ before, never knew they had emu, or rabbit or shark? was it really shark or was it some fish which had the same name?

  • where is the location ?

  • Mikey I'm watching your videos for about 10 days now and you know what, I gained about 2 kgs weight.....your videos make me soo hungry :)

  • Just to make one thing clear. I do Love food and try new stuff. Everything from Typical European style to Asia and african style. But eating animals that is endangered Thats a No No. When i pointing this out, i mean that you shouldnt eat shark My dude. Peace out 👌

  • You can eat tooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much

  • You should go to Italy

  • My mouth is watering

  • I wonder if the camera guy got to eat?

  • id prefer shark take its revenge over a chicken just saying, death by chicken sounds dragged out and painful

  • Come back to India soon and make more awsome videos.

  • I’d feel way worse about eating shark than I would about eating rabbit, as much as I love bunnies. But I’m still not clear about the word “sharkfish”

  • Don't miss the haleem.😜

  • This man just ate a drumstick with a fork and knife. Disliked. (I'm kidding but I'm still pretty disgusted)

  • The Cajun Spicy potato is the best 🤤

  • Oh my god, Mike have evolved. Now he can even eat a ton after the sneeze.

  • Oh my god, Mike have evolved. Now he can even eat a ton after the sneeze.

  • Hahahahaha I enjoy this video so much, especially when you’ve got attacked by the fried chili 😂

  • nothing can beat indian food

  • everytime you pronounced 'emu' wrong I couldn't help but cringe. Love your content either way though 😂

  • Sharks don’t have bones they have cartilage

  • Mikey it's incredible to see how much you can eat

  • Finally Turkish foods

  • I am SOOOOOOO there next time in India.

  • oh yeeeeaaaah...

  • That is crazy cheap even by Indian standards. Meals in good restaurants set u back that amount or more easily. Man i miss them food.

  • all hail the potato god

  • Yummy

  • AB trumps BBQ Nation with its wish grill & slightly lower prices. Here in Pune it has become my go to restaurant over BBQ Nation.

  • Watching while fasting...torture...what is that potato thing

  • Wow you must have a black hole in your stomach. I was getting hungry watching but then I felt overly full watching how much food you just ate.

  • That's right! It is AMAZING! 😀😀😀

  • Cool video! Is Jasmine still in India? The skewers look so good!

  • WTF ITS $10 ??!

  • I’ve seen a lot of your videos and THIS one!!! I am sooo jealous! 🔥

  • Sharks don’t have bones

  • O yeah

  • I’m new and he just makes me hungry and he says ummm and oh yeah 😂

  • You must have a tiny garbage disposal station build into ur throat! Where the hell u leave all that food!

  • It is very unfair I can only watch not eat....😋

  • If another food blogger use the word “paradise “ I’m gonna jump from the window

  • Aahh fasting and watching this is not a good idea

  • Chanced upon your indian food videos...some adventure you had!! You know you gotta plan another trip to india right.... coz mike you are missing out on a lot of indian meats is a notch above all the kebabs and biryanis you have had till now, and i personally know a bunch of hosts more than willing to share that journey with you. Cheers and love your reactions!! All the best.

  • How on earth do you manage to eat all this without getting full!?

  • $10????? For all of that? In Las Vegas buffets are like $55

  • wow buffet

  • Man o Man you are a power house .... with really big bang appetite... u really enjoy the food good going.. Mikey...

  • i live in bangalore

  • I feel like every time I bring this up I get someone assuming I'm vegan, so I'm going to say this FIRST... I am not a vegan (but, of course, nothing against veganism!). I just want to know what people's opinions/lines are with meat. I love meat myself, but am always drawn toward the topic of veganism and the morals of eating other animals. Personally, I think that while we can survive on an all-plant diet, meat is a natural thing for us to consume. In my current opinion (it has changed A LOT over the past few years), the problem or moral confusion does not/should not lie in the consumption of meat, but rather in the treatment of the animals before they are butchered. Again, this isn't meant to offend anyone! I just want to hear the (politely put) opinions of others! If you decided to reply, please, please try to comment in a friendly fashion! I'd love to have an ongoing conversation/debate about this with some new people! Also, I have never seen someone shake their head as much as Mike does 😂

  • Oh my my my...the food looks so amazing...just can't wait to try it

  • you were in barbeque nation i was right behind you

  • How do you not gain a million pounds? You make me want to try foods I would never try.

  • How much is their all you can eat? What part of the world is this.

  • I was in that restaurant when you were filming. I saw you. 😁

  • Where is this place

  • I wonder what is the bill then?

  • nice

  • As a fellow foodie, you need to go somewhere in the middle east and try yemen food. IT WONT DISAPPOINT!!!!!!!

  • Fresh shark steaks are amazing. The meat is almost as firm as beef steak, and the flavor is so clean. It is the most under-rated of all seafoods, imo.

  • Can't help but think of the damage he does in the restroom

  • have a big epitite ...where does all that good must have a big workout. .....superb

  • When you were just about to bite the green chilli, completely unaware about its power, just 1 sentence came to my mind, "Good Lord, he is about to witness his tryst with destiny"...

  • Man! How much your little belly can hold? That is too much food you could eat in one sitting. Dang! I can feed myself full for a week on the amount of food you ate in single sitting.

  • Lunch : $8.00 for Veg, $10.00 for Non Veg (All Inclusive). There is one free beer/mocktail also included, I don't know why he didn't choose. Dinner: $9.50 for Vegetarians, $11.00 for Non Veg (All inclusive). Again 1 free beer/mocktail. ... (Mon-Tue) $11.00 for Vegetarians, $13.75 for Non-Veg (All inclusive) .. (Wed-Sun, but if you arrive before 7 p.m., you pay the same price as Mon-Tue ).. 1 free beer/mocktail..

  • Unreal. Really.

  • Ooo yeaa!

  • "non- vegetarian"