AMAZING All You Can Eat BBQ KEBAB Buffet in India!

Published on May 13, 2018
I'm always on the lookout for new amazing buffets, and when I heard that AB's had all you can eat kebabs, I knew I had to go.
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  • they have a good strategy to fill you with potatoes and the self serve buffet so you don't gorge on the expensive meat. lol they keep bringing him fillers like "does this mans stomach have a bottom?"0

  • Love AB's , there is one right next to my office . But it usually has a week long waiting -_-

  • Babuganeshan

  • @Strictly Dumplings -- Ajwain are carrom seeds , they are used to impart a flavor .. Fish is sea BASS

  • Potatoes and BBq Pineapples are favs of Veg and non vegetarians alike -- edit and crispy corns

  • Really deceptively sweet at first, then firey like a firecracker when you get to know it. It's like my mother. LMAO

  • I just subscribe to this channel good stuff

  • Oh yeah..oh yeah...ooooooh yeah...o yeah...mmmmmm😂

  • this guy eat a lot

  • Subscribed , your channel is far best.

  • Ur choice of food is awesome more than Mark Weins.

  • You really need to stop shaking your head because that’s going to give the wrong impression to the workers

  • Loved this episode mikey!!

  • The only veggies i eat are in aloo ghobi with naan breads... that is deliciousssss

  • 16:50 welcome to India

  • Wow the service there is amazing!!!!!!!

  • I eat shark all the time 😋

  • Why is it that you've never been to Africa? Eur-Asia isn't the only place that has great food and culture 🤔

  • Gently cradle my eggs

  • 11:45

  • Barbecue Nation is much better tho

  • Even 40 percent people are hard core vegetarian for other 60 non veg is not a daily thing and they usually avoid it on Thursday Saturday Tuesday

  • wow dude,, you can really eat a whole feast.... your appetite is second to none :)

  • Man Asian food are delicious than comes to rest of the world

  • I am happy you enjoyed your trip in India. You made a very good series and many people re-discovered their love for good food :) Really have to try the places you marked out during the series. Safe journey and happy food adventuring Mike!

  • hey kebab is not from india or Arabic and Greece kebab is just from TURKISH food I hate this people selling aur country food please check it google and kebab is which country come from

  • Nice funny intro I liked


  • I cant hold now i m leaving for india i swear i m.leaving this month..

  • I’ve never dropped so much for a video! Great Video Mikey! 😃

  • Momos!!!


  • You should go to Mexico you'll love it

  • Oh yeah

  • B4 I went to India for vacation I watched this video, and I was amazed on how good that food looked so b4 I left to the states I came here and those potatoes were the BOMB. This food was amazing.

  • I was going to say why he look so familiar not cause he is asain and im asian .. Not all asain look alike lol (it was actually cause his other youtube page) lol

  • do they serve beef and pork?

  • since following this guy I am gaining weight, can't stop eating while watching his video and end up in Chinese buffet

  • Woah. Wanna eat those kebab too! 😭 I’m craving...

  • Address and name. Hurry!

  • awhhh hell no , i can't fly to india, stop teasing me

  • Have you been to Pakistan?

  • Ohhh... Man... What about your stomach... Is it a Black Hole???

  • Let me take you to a journey in new delhi ping me when you’re here next time ...

  • We love you Mike. Come again.

  • He just nods with all the food they put in his table. 😂

  • Rabbit? 😭 Shark😭 oh dear.... my vegetarian heart is weak

  • This guy is so easily impressed by every item he's eating 😂.....taste is usually average in Buffett....

  • Hi tiakum

  • Indian food is so flavourful 😍

  • 😍😍😍

  • All Indian foods are soo amazing 😍

  • Its feel like a river inside my mouth

    • Asfaque Khan Dude same

  • Wait... what?? That was 10 dollars?!

  • i found a cure for you getting full , watch your own videos as you eat , youll never be full

  • I'm here eating chips

  • Shark fish I wanna try that dish

  • Never watching this on an empty stomach

  • Putting this buffet on my bucket list 👍🏼

  • At least eat the Chicken leg with hands. This in India and no one cares 😋

  • Those potatoes are called pakodas or bhajiya😋😜😉 and they do taste good. If ever there comes paneer pakodas or palak (spinach) pakodas just go with it

  • 干你妈

  • buffet

  • That pineapple looked and sounded truly amazing :-) I wonder what that was cooked in :-)

  • I watched this video for more then 5 times, but it always makes me very hungry. must try buffet.

  • love kebab xD

  • You don’t know if sharks have bones hmmmmmm

  • I like all of your food videos, specially Japan and India. You are my favourite food commentator. But you always surprise me the quantity of food you eat lol... God bless you.

  • No chopsticks?

  • no shark😢

  • Instead of Herby he says erby 😂😂😂 like if u agree

  • He must hv a giant sized stomach!!! I never could eat all that! Looks devine!!!! 😭

  • This guy makes any food look good 👏🏾👌🏾

  • This makes me hungry 🤤

  • 😍😍😍😍😍😍🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏💖💖💖💖💖

  • How do you stay so fit?

  • Go to Pakistan for real food

    • Indian food is a 100 times better!

  • “ amazing amazing amazing wow wow wow wow”

  • You always make me sooo hungry! If i were rich, i'd eat good like this every day...

  • tavuk şiş bu amk neyi abartıyon

  • Nigga you can’t even get a good pizza in America for $10.......I’m moving to India

  • go to Washington DC

  • Indian food, generally speaking, is incredibly delicious and fulfilling

  • Flake

  • Sharks don't have bones

  • I KNEW IT!!! He's powered by Hot Oil.

  • Why isn’t anyone concerned about the shark meat? Sharks are super endangered!

  • My fav dish is vegetarian momos and paneer tikka masala

  • Dude u must be having a good metabolism

  • The most vegetables I have EVER seen you eat.

  • Momo is from nepal......

  • u can't eat rabbit😂

  • Dude you got your money's worth, when I went there I couldn't eat half as much as you could

  • Can't be a hind dominated area as those guys don't eat meat.

  • As an Indian, even I am surprised that it cost him only 10$. Wtf?! Where can I find this place!

  • Come on man!!!how can you juice it up every time?.Your videos can’t get better...

  • I feel like at the end the employees were just throwing food at you just to see how much you could eat. 🤣

  • Bro i love ur videos

  • Nice.job

  • love from Bangladesh...