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Amanda Nunes vs Raquel Pennington | HIGHLIGHTS | UFC 224

Published on May 13, 2018
The UFC on FOX crew breaks down Nunes' dominant TKO victory over Pennington in Rio on Saturday.
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Amanda Nunes vs Raquel Pennington | HIGHLIGHTS | UFC 224


  • Were you surprised by the outcome of this fight?

  • Her coaches should be fired. There was no reason to have kept her in the fight especially when they say they are done. Once a fighters spirit is broken the fight is over.

  • She knew she had a bad leg..pennington was fighting on one leg..she's kicking her alot.

  • Her coaches should be held accountable. She is the one that's going to have brain damage from going back in the 5th round. Not her coaches. They should be ashamed of themselves.

  • valentina should of been the champ, she got robbed.

  • No Mas

  • They should've stop this fight earlier. I would fire the coaches. They have to protect their fighters. Smh.. 🤕

  • Nunes vs cyborg

  • ufc no longer focus on real fighters they promote the fighters they like Amanda is way better than Ronda but ufc and Dana don't care

  • "Amanda" is a dude!!! Look at the face, not the hair. Look at the clef in the chin, and the strong jaw features. Not too mention the brow bones protrude...women are not born that way. The arms are also a dead give away, along with belly button placement and the sides are dead give a ways of a man. Amanda and Cyborg would be a fair fight, both are men dressed like women. Pretty sad that they can actually beat a real woman up, and get paid for it. Anatomy 101!!!

  • Do you make more money going 5 rounds ? 4 rounds pays the same as 5 ??????

    • RevBiker Big D The Jesuits killed Kennedy.

    • indiglo1971 who said hour?????? Rounds!😎😎😎😎😎

    • RevBiker Big D they don't get paid by the hour.

  • The dark knight rises. If she really wanted out she would have just said I'm done mid-fight and that would have been the end of it. Ref would have waved it over. She was looking for motivation from her people, words of encouragement, a push. Thats just how I'm reading the situation. If she really wanted out *SHE* had the power to end it just by looking at the ref but she looked to her corner instead for GUIDANCE. Nobody _wants_ to quit. She was brave, she had a moment of weakness, thats all. It got to a point where she knew she wasn't going to win the fight and it all seemed pointless and she didn't know what to do. Her corner made her tough it out, I'll say again -- if she really wanted to quit the power was in her hands but she turned to her corner. In that situation I would have said get back out there because thats what she wanted to hear.

  • If she didn't want any more she didn't have to walk out after the bell, she could have just sat there and the ref would have called it.

  • I'm done. I wanna be done. Why would you sign the contract den?

  • The worst coaching I've ever seen. Done is done.

  • Great coaching! Get out there and get trashed! She’s a weak minded non fighter! Don’t let her back in the ring! Never let those coaches be around the cage again! Can’t believe this went on. What if she knew something was wrong

  • It seems unfair Raquel had to fight a man.

  • Why do fighters have such messed up ears??

  • She needs to fight Cyborg now. Or Holly Holm

  • Fightong is so kind and sweet

  • If a fighter is able to give up like that, she shouldn’t be a fighter

  • Nunez only won because that's what Amanda's.

  • Woodley looking like a Light Weight in this video. I would imagine the amount of weight that dude cuts for a fight is ridiculous

  • Kiss each other.

  • Fighter - "I'm done", Coach - "No". Need a new coach.

  • I love you

  • Somebody should have told them to "Take it outside!" ;)

  • I want team Holm to sleep her.

  • I wonder if the dude in the blue suit hears Yanny or Laurel

  • She could have tapped out any time but she chose to keep fighting even though She could have quit what a champion

  • She needs to fire all her coaches

  • terrible coaches. they need to take better care of their girl.

  • As a coach , your NUMBER ONE objective is to protect your fighter at all costs . That was by far the most disgusting thing that I have ever seen in an MMA fight

  • Not overly one sided? Are you out of your mind? Pennington was DESTROYED in this fight. Don't get me wrong, Racquel is an absolute warrior, but she knew that she was done at the end of 4, and her coaches are total idiots for pushing her to go on.

  • Well there you go 👏👏👏

  • I've said it before and I'll say it again, this woman is annoying. Get a different presenter.

  • If wonder if Dominick and Tyron sleep together the night before going on air together to get their chemistry right, like the Spartans supposedly did?? Anybody know??? Asking for a friend... lol

  • Ufc seems so dead lately. Not really all that exciting as of late. Am i the only one that feels like this?

  • Nunes would completely wreck Cyborg you guys, stop lying to yourselves. Sorry but just like...not sorry.

  • that left leg probably hurt more than all of knee/punch to the face she received during the fight.

  • She needs to fight cyborg already that’s a money fight


  • Bread & circus to keep you occupied fellows.

  • Bread & circus to keep you occupied fellows.

  • I'd say Raquel did a verbal tap. If she said that during the round, the ref would stop it. Her corner could not force her to continue. Same logic applies. Verbal tap. Shame on her corner.

  • Tyrone “ufc is out to get me” Woodley

  • Dana White needs to fine her coaches

  • Transfer huge laugh mvrrh army word illustrate Indian copy bunch signal secretary.

  • I could've sworn this shyt said Highlights?

  • Its about time we start talking about the🐯🐯🐯🐯🐐🐐🐐

  • Her coaches thought it was the Rocky movies

  • I still say Ronda, is waiting for Nunes to lose so she can make her return to the UFC.

  • Her corner should of stopped the fight! They were wrong because she communicated to them that she was done!

  • Feed nunes to cyborg please.

  • Did you see that girls leg? I was wondering how she could still stand. Her coaches set her up for failure!

  • I super appreciate the way people recognize that its all about verbal consent- she said she was done and wanted out and yet was pressured to stay in - we're over it, male or female - when you're done, you're done especially when youre body is being brutalized.

  • The Raquel broad had a gut. Can't have a gut at that weight class.

  • 🦁🦁🦁

  • The Best MMA fight in History. Trump Vs HRC and Obama. The ref Q. Now show on . ...

  • Again?

  • Rousey dominating WWE lol

  • Nunes vs Cyborg Make it happen.

  • Pennington was not even close to be a match for Nuñez. Bring the Cyborg.

  • Why are they not saying ANYTHING about not fighting Valentina Shevchenko?

  • Rocky...more like, Lossy.

  • is a good way to keep up on your MMA news and boxing news and other sports. Check it out and let us know. On another note, we need to see nunes vs cyborg. That would be a great fight.

  • raquel was scared the entire fight, it was a pitiful display, BRING CAT BACK!

  • I hate the UFC Highlights, they should show the highlights like the HBO Boxing

  • Rocky lost it

  • If shed of quit like she wanted to shed have to live with it for the rest of her life and no matter how bad it hurt then and there on the spot it was temporary the pain shed have to live with for quiting will hurt forever and I agree with the coach saying never give up ever no matter how bad it is if you qut youll never forgive yourself u may never get a title shot again and your gonna throw the last chance you may ever get away cuz u want to be done you should not be fighting if you can allow your mind to tell you you cant go anymore a true fighter never gives up idc if there arms are dead and there face is hanging off you never ever quit if you can allow yourself to give up because its not going your way you should not fight ever