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Alec Benjamin - Boy In The Bubble [Official Music Video]

Published on Nov 26, 2018
Alec Benjamin - Narrated For You available now:
Director: Conner Evert
Creative Director: Clare Gillen
Executive Producer: Raymond Hauserman
Producer: Effy Kawira
Director of Photography: Chris Hadland
Editor: Brit Phelan
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  • Here is the video for “Boy in the Bubble” I really hope you like the new mixtape . Leave a comment below ! follow me on insta for more updates @alecbenjamin .

  • Here because of Russ' tweet, dope sounds

  • I know this musicvideo from somewhere but I dont know where

  • awesome!!!

  • I feel as tho the person who hurt him also had a deeper relationship, which would explain why he likes the pain. Now that he no longer deals with the pain to other person gives him and now they suffer by themself. But that’s just how I feel :P

  • Now....What Have we learned today kids..

  • Here because of tik tok😂

  • you re sooooooo good loves from belgium

  • The moment the song began, I knew I loved it ❤

  • I love this song so much I keep watching it everyday

  • it's Harry and Draco omfg

  • I like this guy! :>

  • Niceeee 😍😍😍

  • 💔

  • Reminds me of the manga ”The Devils Boy”

  • The kid that got beat up in the vid reminds me of Harry Potter 😂

  • Algum br pf me diz q o valentão realmente parece o Ronaldo do gato galactico

  • This is so underrated fr he deserves so much more fame and likes for this😔 deep meaning and rlly got to me

  • Whoever dislikes this video is insane

  • Wait so his bully is nice? I’m confused to what happened at the end.

  • I wish his songs were more singing instead of reading the lyrics out loud normally. Not hating I just like hearing him singing instead of reading the words. His singing is nice.

  • I love this song

  • That was sad but very heart warming and at the same time true because later in life it will hurt the bully

  • I love out near where this was filmed

  • why was this video so sad?!?!?!?

  • Found this song by accident. Love it and a lot of his other songs now too. He has a great voice and well written lyrics

  • Fantastic Song lots of love

  • Harry Potter?

  • Lol this music video is my life. BUT I'm the GIRL in the bubble...

  • I’m not the only one who checked if their video speed was normal right?

  • Yes I love this song and the video makes it 10 times better 🧡🧡🧡🧡🧡🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤

  • Harry Potter!

  • ᗯᗩIT, ᔕO TᕼE ᗷᑌᒪᒪY Tᑌᖇᑎᔕ IᑎTO ᕼIᔕ ᖴᖇIEᑎᗪ I ᗩᗰ ᔕO ᑕOᑎᖴᑌᔕEᗪ

  • dAnG! tHe sHoW iS on My bIrThDaY! xD I don't like it, I love it. C: Nice work btw

  • Finally! I've been waiting for a music video for this song and was not disappointed

  • I like Alec's music, but I have never heard his real voice, and I feel like he will sound like a lil baby (;;

  • What is up with his voice? Is it autotuned? I cant really tell, there is just something odd about it..

  • This song has a deep meaning I don't know it but I can feel it deep in my heart. It's so underrated song but this song is to good I've developed a deep connection with this song

  • everyone’s scared of someone.

  • This deserves way more

  • Who is here from tic tok

  • NICE

  • 01:38 It's so disgusting

  • Este chico debería ser más famoso, su música es genial. ❤

  • ❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Sem defeitos

  • Love it

  • Was not expecting that ending lol

  • You are super cute


  • Aye this fire imma tell my pops to get you a concert

  • Off topic: looks like a movie trailer about two gay guys and now I wanna see said movie that I have imagined

  • This song has so much meaning and so does the video, this is why I live his music because I feel like no one else is able to do what he does nearly as well.

  • Knew him through the song "If I killed someone for you" , his songs are unique with deep meaning. Becoming a fan instantly. Bless you Alec. ✌

  • After i herd this song i then became *a w a k e*

  • I’ve been waiting for this video and I gotta say I’m impressed I feel like the meaning was really powerful and it really tells a good story GREAT JOB ALEC 👏👏👏👏

  • Is this: that movie with that auggie kid

  • I was in bed cause I was about to cry

  • And my heart was pumping Chest was sceaming Mind was running Air was freezing Put my hands up, put my hands up I told this kid I’m ready for a fight

  • Oh God, you're so good singer!

  • The message is so beautiful so is the song

  • I found this song from tik Tok but I love it

  • Ok I SHIP IT.. ahem like if you agree

  • Did tic toc send anybody here too ?

  • the people that disliked this can suck dick

  • I really love how much his songs are meaningful ! and the music video absolutely showed that in the best possible way

  • It was xplains me

  • Wait so what happened to them?

  • this so is great and i can relate

  • I'm not crying your crying......nope not me😖


  • He is a hater



  • 2:52 awwwww

  • 2:09 SAD

  • is this story true if so that is sad

  • Omg, It's harry potter and August from wonder mixed together!


  • This boy sounds like he always in a nightcore video.

  • This song is so underrated,I love it x3

  • i think your only nice song is " let me down slowly ".

  • Harry Potter?

  • This Song Reminds me of the Movie Bubble Boy

  • Can u plz do a show in nz

  • oh my god, I never knew that the mv would be so lit. ..

  • I love your singing

  • U know your in our BuBble 🍆TuBe & our global followers @ diZ point...🤣😂 Why LiE??😅🤷🏻‍♂️

  • I need a music video for outrunning karma now!😂

  • Cute ending.

  • Finally y'all made a music video for this

  • the meaning is too deep to be physically shown. applauding u alec

  • The bully looks like Matt from the vanpire diaries


  • So are the bubbles like the problem in someone’s life?

  • How does that kid have so much saliva?!

  • right between 1:38 and 1:39 the bully got a strand of spit hanging from his mouth lmaooo

  • Mom I think I have a 4 hundredth boyfriend who doesn't know I exist

  • Broken heart 🤦💔