Adventure Time's Finale EXPLAINED! (Easter Eggs, Lore, & Analysis!)

Published on Sep 4, 2018
Adventure Time has officially reached its epic finale, and boy was there a lot to unpack in that 44 minute episode. Whether you’re an old fan who was left confused by some newer plot threads, or a die hard Adventure Time expert making sure you caught all the Easter eggs, NerdWire is here for all your post-finale episode dissection needs. I’m Kris Carr and this is the Adventure Time Finale explained.
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  • Need a full Adventure Time recap? We've got you covered:

    • Do you know what happened to the candy kingdom, the candy people, Princess bubblegum and Marcie?

    • where is the ice king original form? I only know that he is in the golb but idk if he escaped or not...

    • The dog unicorn is a grand kid to jake, U see him in the card wars second episode

    • +Shedinja Fan aueidro

    • Trap god cv

  • So no matter what Oooo will always be reincarnated. Interesting but future show wise... No

  • They said the adventure would never end...

  • I can't be sad AT has come to end... My life and enjoyment has been enriched by the show.

  • Was I the only one who cried for like half an our after the hole started singing "come along with me"?

  • Joh Damn, "Mr Finn, I don't feel so good..."


  • The finale seemed rushed and messy. Not bringing back the Lich in the final arc was the biggest problem.

  • Fern begins finn,i dont fell so good....

  • I feel so nostalgic...

  • Damn i cant believe its been 8 whole years since Adventure Time started, damn im too young to be feeling this old

  • Hate it when amazing shows come to an end 😢

  • Um Beth is Jake's daughter

  • Dog unicorn wizard. Do you even know who Gibbon is?

  • 👑 🙁 👗 👠👠

  • adventure time ending me:unmake me!

  • Adventure time sadly ended with only one thing missing, Finn’s right arm, I just wish finn’s right arm regenerated before it ended.

  • From pen to Finn I've bbeenn watching since nick random cadtoons

  • Okay so they didnt get killed but they did pass away. At least thats safe cause i was gonna tear up that finn and jake got killed trying to save the kingdom.

  • i'm not crying you're crying

  • You know what the Night sword is but you don’t know who Gibbon is Well played

  • I’m an extreme fan but I’m not a egg hunter

  • "Mr.Finn i don't feel so good" that's always get me xD

  • It's over.. this was my childhood.. man.. all these great shows one by one are disappearing. First gravity falls, then adventure time!? Steven universe is probably next which is sad..

  • I feel ba dfor Finn.. *BOTH* of his crushes were gay. Worse thing is, for each other. Finn is basically me in life. Something you like always turns out to never work. ;/

  • I feel like adventure time shouldn’t continue from the finale, just to let you soak it in.

  • I’m gonna miss this show when I look back. I’m gonna be stressing over a job cause my kids are gonna be getting married and my wife is gonna want some expensive shit and I’m gonna have to make payment on shit I don’t want. Then there’s the times I would come home from school and wait for adventure time to come on. This show may be gone but it’s forever eternal all of us are going to look back at this like it’s Tom and jerry to our parents

  • 5:28 pretty good part

  • I’m sad Adventure Time is over bit I’m glad it ended in the way it did.

  • I wonder what must be these people's age if they say ''My childhood show'' geez

  • i’m really gonna cry when spongebob ends

  • Will happen happen happening happen sing with me because I am bawling in Tears

  • If the show ended there was a reason they said the avenger will lever end and it did

  • Awesome

  • I cried so hard...

  • That’s so sad....... Finn died a virgin and never got his slong wet

  • I WAS SOOO SAD IT ENDED, I cried like three times

  • Lesbians

  • 0:29 like right now

  • What happened to that flame girl that fin liked?

  • The dog with the jewel in its eye is gibbon , jakes grandson

  • This is more convoluted than anime.

  • They should start adventure time with shermy and beth

    • They're releasing a comic with an 11th season of adventure time, continuing the series

  • that mr finn i dont feel so good was so daaannnng

  • It was about time lsp became queen

  • cmon man when does fin get his happy ending female

  • i’m crying. i’m fine. it’s fine.

  • I hope Marceline and Princess Bubblegum had a great life together

  • What was finally happend with Fin's FATHER ?

  • Actually.. only shermy is an reincarnation. Beth is a descendent of jake and lady rainacorn.

    • If they can make a future adventure Time, that would great. So we can see what shermy and Beth do

    • Yea

  • I dont think thats jake or jermain statue it looks likes finn arm

  • Definitely not as glorious as Regular Shows finale.'

  • dog unicorn wizard is ribbon from daddy daughter card wars

  • i feel bad that Finn is left single, since he tried so hard to have a relationship :c

  • I'm crying in the club

  • So sad it's over, What if there was a sequel show with completely different people exploring Ooo

  • (Sigh). #SweetQSour

  • I've been watching adventure Time since the pilot episode and I've gotta say it ended the way I wanted it to although I was taken aback by Marcy and PB kissing I never really had that particular thought but needless to say I am satisfied with the ending of the series but to be honest I'd love to see the series continue with Finn and Jake's reincarnations now all I need to do is wait for the end of Steven universe

  • Adventure time is still in CN... To remember our journey with Finn,Jake,Pb,Marcilne,BMO,etc Goodbye Adventure time. Thanks for the greatest journey in CN for me. And the others.... Bye Ooo....

  • Tbh the crown has 2 wishes One from the older generation of gunter wishing to become his idol And one from Betty's to merge with golb Once gunther wears the crown, he turned into ice king & merge with the crown he wears (Tbh im confuse with his gender since i saw he can lay egg) Betty was right, the crown can revert once the crown get out from golb but, with stacked wishes


  • Huh, using harmony to get rid of a God of Chaos..........i wonder what ELEMENTS that took. Get it?

  • You just summarize it but still loved it, i better rewatch 😂

  • I found ring princess' crown.

  • This is so sad

  • i may or may not have been crying, due to the fact this was the finale of Adventure time. T^T


  • This is not good enough for me ! I honestly can’t stand the pain of adventure time being over like I’ve watched this show since it first aired and now it’s over 😔it’s unexceptionable and heart breaking 💯💔

  • "Mr finn i don't feel so good" All ways gets way

  • *heartbroken sobbing can be heard in the distance*

  • I want more new adventure time ep not incarnations of the charcters😣😣😣😣😣😣😣

  • On the way back to MARCELINES house Shelby and Beth are signing James song ‘on a tropical island’

  • At 3:06 there’s a Easter egg which says “trust no one” I pretty much got over the sad ending for 2 weeks and I’m watching the whole show again

  • Goodbye Finn and Jake 😫😭

  • the most satisfying ending since Avatar the Last Airbender-- Actually, scratch that. Poor Betty and Simon. Kingman and Margles :(

  • So wait in the future are’nt there supposed to be humans because in 9:45 the humans came back but where are they now???

  • 7:26 happening happened

  • They are gay wtf im shocked

  • Cried

  • I really needed an explanation, thanks

  • The white dog is actually Gibbon Charlie’s son

  • that relationship between princess bubblegum and marceline remain me the final episode of avatar korra, korraxasami hahaha i mean girl x girl its popular cartoon relationship right now? sad for fin he doesnt get along with any girl but atleast he has best friend Jake and meet with other human and his mom :) sry rip english

  • So NEITHER Finn nor the Ice King 'got the girl', the Princess went 'Lesbo', and on top of all THAT Jake is replaced by a FEMALE Shapechanger in the end ?? Did Kathleen Kennedy start writing scripts FOR Adventure TIme as well..??? O_o

  • How Adventure Time started out : "Another random to Hell cartoon,comparable to other completely nonsense series." How Adventure Time ended : "Another masterpiece of storytelling that will live through the ages." CN may suck,but at least some things still have the original Cartoon Network spirit.

  • How the hell did marceline die

  • Adventure Time is what brings me alive if its gone no more this might be last comment of mine you will see bye bye world bye everything

  • BANG.

  • I’m not crying, you’re crying.

  • "Fin Jer" might be Fin: Jeremy (the voice actor of Finn); recognizing Jeremy's final and finished role as Finn's voice actor.

  • NerdWire i saw an easter egg jake and finn's clock in side a box right beside ice king's (a.k.a Simon Petrikove) drum (or at least i think cuse it was broken and the clock got broken when the treehouse was broken)

  • >when you flip the episode to avoid copyright

  • im fuckign sobbing..... bitch holy heck....

  • Adventure time was part of my childhood that i loved. Until it was destroyed with politics. Turned into another political agenda story. Terrible thing to do to a show that had so much promise

  • No it’s about the sea lard smh

  • Mr.Finn , I don't feel so good... *fuck.*

  • Why did they have to kiss.

  • You know, it was a good run. A damn good one. And as probably my favorite cartoon ending, it’s better than pulling a spongebob or Simpson’s and going on forever. You done good Adventure time. You done good.

  • You mean: Adventure Time v2

  • mr finn... i dont feel so good.. *_whoosh_*

  • *Next thing you know a continuation of adventure time but with a different title gets previewed*