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Adventure Time | Finale: Characters' First and Last Lines | Cartoon Network

Published on Sep 12, 2018
Watch each Adventure Time character's first line, and their very last line of the series.
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Unlikely heroes Finn (a silly kid with an awesome hat) & Jake (a brassy dog with a big kind heart), are the best of friends and always find themselves in the middle of heart pounding escapades as they traverse the mystical Land of Ooo.
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  • Shelby's last line was the best

  • Christ. LSPS Voice changed so much.

  • i laughed out loud at shelby’s last line

  • Shelby’s last line was so emotional and sad. “MMMmmMmMM CHeCk PLeAsE” ~ Shelby’s death

  • this is so sad can we hit 836,027,104,576,104 likes


  • Goodbye. And thanks for the adventure


  • I remember rushing home every week because my parents told me we needed to watch Adventure Time. *I did not disappoint*

  • Come Along with me...

  • Remember when this was a show about a kid and his dog

  • The show was silly and fun and then it turned dark and deep throughout the last seasons. Honestly I loved it

  • Betty first line was werd

  • Can anyone tell me what happened I stopped watching it at like season 3

  • Shelby's last line killed me!

  • Adventure time is in adult swim now

  • Miss the show already :( At least we have tons of seasons to rewatch

  • Why am i emotional

  • The person who plays the lemon guy sounds like a certain character from Rick and morty?

  • Check please always made me laugh

  • I grew up with this show but stopped watching, I’m so sad cause i missed so many episodes😭


  • Cartoon Network is dead without adventure time or regular show

  • Ice king basically died ;-;

  • Bring back adventure time

  • First Star Wars the clone wars, then Pokémon, then regular show, and now adventure time. Pokémon anime isn’t as good anymore since it went to Disney. Once the amazing world of gumball is gone, my childhood will be officially dead. Why Cartoon Network? You used to be my go to spot and now...? Man I’m in the feels kissing all those memories away.

  • I just realized that pb was literally screwing with life and death on the FIRST EPISODE!

  • This hit me in the feels

  • I miss this show

  • I-I’m not crying

  • Man... I remember watching this when I was in third grade and being super happy to come home Tuesday afternoon to watch the new episode and watch them do derpy stuff. Eventually that became much more complex giving people subtle problems and cool revels like marline and ice king having history just making the show so much better... I’m a senior in high school now and I still watch an episode every now and then, to remember the good old days.

  • epic

  • Alright Cartoon Network, we get it, stop rubbing this show's ending in our faces, we already made a lake full of tears, we don't need another ocean

  • Finns voice changed alot

  • Ice king and doofenshmirts are my most favorite villains

  • I’m crying, literally crying

  • R.i.p Adventure Time

  • So I guess CN really doesn't consider Ice King and Simon to be the same character. Speaking of "same character", it's amazing how Gunter managed to be three vastly different characters in one show. And Tom Kenny voiced them all...

  • Shelby 's Voice Changed So Much

  • I cried when fern died

  • Mmm check please 😂

  • What about banana guard 42 or banana guard 21? Lol😂

  • Thus the last of the good shows on CN is gone

  • Mmmmm check please 😂

  • Adventure Time hands down is one of the most emotional shows I have grown up with. It started so goofy and random and over time it evolved so much that it brought me to tears especially the end.

  • Not accurate but ok

  • finns early voice was so cute eee! gets me every time

  • 2:49 oof

  • Hmmmmmm check please

  • And Finn’s tooth never grew back.

  • Just Beautiful

  • I have to say. My favorite line is Shelby's: mm Check Please~. Never change Shelby

  • Its ok just promise to plant me there:( those words were so sad

  • this show used to be a very enjoyable show (and still was) but it actually turned into something sad.

  • “Fern: I don’t feel so good” 😢

  • I used to make fun of this show before I started watching it, I watched one episode and I was in love

  • RIP

  • Guess who’s sad T~T

  • Why did they put this on adult swim

  • 3:33 OOF

  • Bmo tho


  • Adventure Time had the first roast *_EVER_*

  • At first I thought I was ok with the ending..... but then as time got on there seemed to be a gaping hole in my heart that’s been growing and growing

  • you will be missed

  • Why did this song have to end? I wish it was still going.

  • im so sadd this ended

  • I didn’t know this show ended 😱😱😱

  • Why do you have to hurt me like this

  • 3:15 Aww

  • This was so pleasant I miss fern

  • The memories, the adventures, the action, the romance, the drama, The End...

  • Lemon grabs always unacceptable only once in a lifetime you will here him say acceptable

  • “A few more drops of explosive diarrea”

  • back in the day when things were basic🤕

  • Both ice king and Betty sacrificed themselves using the crown to keep the other safe O.o

  • Who would dislike this

  • Shelby had the best last line

  • I’m very sad I dropped this show 2 seasons in

  • I like how it went from a super funny cartoon to a some what serious cartoon

  • "Yeah, I know what 'Ice King' means. *_A big nerd!"_*

  • Cn you have broken my heart bring Adventure Time BACK!

  • Why CN WHY!

  • If i had 6 minutes and 37 seconds in my life I would watch this

  • is princess bubblegum Albert?!?

  • Why aren't all the characters in this??? Flame Princess/Phoebe is just as important!!!!!

  • I wish I could go back

  • Come along with me to a town beside the sea We can wander through the forest And do so as we please Come along with me To a cliff under a tree Where we can gaze upon the water As an everlasting dream All of my affections I'll guve them all to you Maybe by next summer We won't have changed our tunes I still want to be in this town beside the sea Making up new numbers And living so merrily All of my affections I'll guve them all to you I'll be here for you always And always be for you Come along with me to a town beside the sea We can wander through the forest And do so as we please Living so merrily

  • Ice king is honestly the most relatable character ever

  • Why does it have to be on adult swim

  • Im not crying, My eyes are just... *_okay fine whatever_*

  • everyone’s talking about everything but ice kings line and the part where his crown went was actually really sad ngl and bmo just because bmo was my favorite

  • :| I will miss this show but I will still watch it

  • *your getting tall*

  • I'm cryinggg

  • F

  • Me At The First Episode Of Adventure Time: Yeah! Mathmatical! Me At The LAST Episode Of Adventure Time: Dang...Thats bad, Everyones Dead.

  • rip shelby... u will be missed

  • 1:29 lol

  • I remember my brother and me watching this show when we were younger. Really our whole family loved it. It was weird, but it was great. I never got into it though. We watched it occasionally but other than that, I pretty much never saw the show again after a certain point. I wish I’d watched it. I wish I’d watched all of it and been a fan. Watching this video brought back a sort of sadness mixed with longing and nostalgia. The show clearly changed a lot. This comment might seem silly but this really reminded me of my early childhood and how much I miss how simple things were and how I miss being able to watch this show when I got home from school. I miss those times so much. It’s more than nostalgia. It’s like this longing for the past that’s bathed in a wave of sepia. It’s this feeling that everything has changed, and I’ll never get back what I had. My life is fine now. I’m doing okay, my family is fine, it’s just different than it used to be. Somehow. I can’t really explain how. I don’t know why this makes me feel so sad because it’s not like there’s anything wrong with my life right now. I miss the way things used to be. This show really brought back this feeling that I was hoping I wasn’t going to feel anymore. Sometimes at night, the feeling would hit me and I’d cry myself to sleep. I could never properly explain it to anyone (I’m probably doing a pretty bad job rn). All I know is that it’s this feeling of deep longing that I’ve felt occasionally for a very long time. It’s very painful and I wish I didn’t have it... I used to literally pray every night that I could find some way to go back in time and relive those times. Even when I was as young as 8 or 9, I felt this way. I knew I would never be able to do that, but I hoped so much that I could. Sorry for being so emo but I felt like if I didn’t try to talk about this in a place where other people can read what I’m saying, I’d feel even worse. For so long, I’ve been wondering what this is and If you have felt the same way before, or maybe know if this is something significant, please let me know. Sorry for this long and kind-of-irrelevant-to-the-video comment.