Adam Ruins Everything - The True Origins of Tulipmania | truTV

Published on Apr 12, 2018
Tulips were considered a luxury item and status symbol during the Dutch economic boom of the 1630s, leading to the word’s first economic bubble.
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Adam Ruins Everything - Tulipmania | truTV


  • That one guy's accent sounded like Count Dracula... or Count Chocula.

  • The moment when you learn more about the market than 8 years of school

  • I’m having issues figuring out the second voice. (The one arguing with Adam)

  • Tulips : Funko Pops

  • I always feel sad when someone cry’s after they don’t get what they want 0:29

  • The guy talking in the background is definitely is jerry from rick and Morty right?

    • Cosmix He’s also Cyril Figgis from "Archer."

  • there is a movie called tulip lovers, its kinda telling the same story...

  • 2:04 watch the left guys money turn into a scroll

  • Tulips don’t grow in bushes

  • 2:06 the contract just appeared out on nowhere

  • No.. it's called pre ordering! Lol

  • 2:06 the money turns into a contract

  • this makes so much more sense now. it wasn't the tulips themselves, but the profit that could be made speculating that drove up the price.

  • 2:06 Animation error, nice to know that they still have humans

  • So old folks Supreme?

  • More crazy was that the multicolored ones that brought the most money were formed by disease that did not pass on genetically. Meaning they sold the potential offspring contracts from diseased flowers for alot of money, while not being sure they would actually become multicoloured.

  • CN - Dutch TTG - tulips

  • 2:06 that guy just took the other guy's money and it turned into a contract.

  • The world's first pre-order

  • that dutch accent is offensive and racist Adam thanks for ruining a wonderful country you racist bigot

  • That accent sounds like a Russian who was told to do a German accent.

  • This video ignores the cause of the crash entirely. The high tulip prices wouldn't necessarily have counted as a bubble unless the tulips themselves weren't valued enough to justify it. In 1637 the Dutch parliament passed a law declaring that all the tulip futures contracts would become options contracts. That means that someone who signed a tulip futures contract could decide at any time they didn't want the tulip after all could get out of the contract and keep their money minus a small fee. Obviously an option contract is worth less than a contract where both parties are required to uphold their end of the bargain, so the tulip market collapsed. I don't know why Adam omits this. Is he afraid of making the 1600's Dutch government look bad? Why does he care?

  • at 2:06 did the guy in olive coloured shirt snatch the guy turquoise colour shirt money and pass him money? I see what you did there

  • piss off cyril

  • I have seen investment banks buy stock in a company, then buy futures contracts in that stock, and in the commodity that the company makes, to inflate the price of the stock. The games get more complicated. But the spirit remains.

  • and a few years later the prices went down considerably and the people with a contract no longer had money

  • The bitcoin of ancient years.

  • The dutch call dollars guilders for some reson idk why

  • Sadly we kept making more tulips

  • why dollar is there its Netherlands


  • So Bitcoins are today's tulips?

  • If anyone is hyping something up and saying you need to get in on "this" so you can profit too, then it's they who are the ones to profit. You're hope to do the same as him and hype it up even more so you can sucker someone else into it.

  • I guess its a happy ending

  • a jeerry shouldnt be narrating

  • why is it that if you go off of what Adem says when ever he talks about history, Americans choices in the past sound absolutely insane

  • Showing dollar sign instead of the gulden sign

  • why does this seem a lot like bitcoin?!?!

  • 2:06 the bag turn into a piece of paper

  • You did not mention the fact that Netherlands bought tulips from Ottoman Empire. That is the origin of tulips and that is why they were expensive and a status symbol.

  • I have so much tulips.

  • 2:06 HEY. I SEE YOU CHANGING THAT MONEY BAG INTO PARCHMENT. *sneaky bastards changing the props*

  • You forgot the part where the market crashed and everyone lost their homes.

  • Tulipmania

  • 2:06 the red haired turquoise shirt guys money turns into a scroll

  • after that, the tulip market crumbled, everyone lost thousands of money. a 100 years later the Netherlands were as rich as they had ever been!!!

  • Why didn't he cover the Dutch Tulip Bulb Market Bubble that crashed due to the increasing prices? :S

  • bit coin....

  • Not nearly as cool as Orchidelirium. One of my favourite words. Never get to use it.

  • It's back

  • all these tears over the accent could water crops...

  • Jerry why are you there

  • And then the economy crashes. Because tulips.

  • It’s not gilders, it’s gulden dipshit

  • 00:30 that made me cry...

  • Comic Con Funko Pops are COMPLETELY INSANE!!

  • everybody got rich, until the prices dropped in a matter of weeks, making a lot of people poor.

  • Sounds like Bitcoin

  • contract somehow duplicated

  • for the love of christ, can we mix in the credits music at a volume that isn't designed to make everyone go deaf?

  • *T U L I P M A N I A*

  • Tulip Mania

  • They should ruin Johnny Appleseed

  • The dutch rule

  • Where did the second contract in the last animation come from? There was only one - and the second literally appears out of thin air!

  • im dutch and i never learnd about this in school

  • I thought you were going to talk about how Tulip Mania is often over-exagerated...

  • 2:06 wow the left dude copied his contract to scam more money out of people lol

  • And what people don't know is that tulips are originally from Turkey and the Onion(seed) where given to the Dutch as a present from the Ottoman sultan Suleiman the magnificent .....

  • sounds like bitcoin

  • Were the tulip factory worker squad at

  • adam ruins the end of his videos....

  • 0::31 was that megamoeka crying?

  • Nailed that Dutch accent.

  • i feel bad for the gramma

  • A futures contract don't you mean a pre order

  • Are those tulip bushes?

  • *R U I N E D*

  • Fun fact: this is similar to how bank notes/paper money was invented.

  • if only mr. krabs was alive to see it

  • All your research and you can't depict how flowering bulbs work properly?

  • and then the netherlands economics crushed... so what was now new about this story? how did adam ruin it for americans? what do they normally tell you people?

  • I love how its on a country besides america now!!

  • Sounds very similar to the marijuana industry.

  • 2:05-2:08 wasn’t the guy in the green shirt holding a bag? Where did he get another contract?

  • Incomplete and inaccurate, somebody should make new videos like Mr. Smith ruins Adam's videos

  • So essentially this is the birth of the Stock Market?

  • Bitcoin...

  • The episode ignores a very important aspect of the tulip craze. The rarest and most desired tulips were formed due to a viral infection. which not only made them unpredictable but short lived. One feature of such economic bubbles is that buyers don't really understand what they are buying.

  • It is actually guldens

  • Tulips is from turkey

  • They got them Gucci tulips

  • 2:06 wtf

  • Only for us to later find out just how invasive tulips were, along with daffodils.

  • he didn't ruin anything, this is just an information video, as this series uses "ruin" as, correct the other guy making a different claim.

  • Gee. It sounds kinda like what's going on with Bitcoins.

  • We just learned this in Art school!

  • For everyone comparing this to bitcoin: no.

  • Bitcoin anyone?

  • Wtf are the accents?