Adam Ruins Everything - The True Origins of Tulipmania | truTV

Published on Apr 12, 2018
Tulips were considered a luxury item and status symbol during the Dutch economic boom of the 1630s, leading to the word’s first economic bubble.
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Adam Ruins Everything - Tulipmania | truTV


  • And then the economy crashes. Because tulips.

  • It’s not gilders, it’s gulden dipshit

  • 00:30 that made me cry...

  • Comic Con Funko Pops are COMPLETELY INSANE!!

  • everybody got rich, until the prices dropped in a matter of weeks, making a lot of people poor.

  • Sounds like Bitcoin

  • contract somehow duplicated

  • I have no idea about economics. I wouldn't even call myself an amateur. But, wouldn't debunking a tech bubble be as simple as saying that computers were always a high price? The first Apple computer which was one of the first in general, was $666.66. About $2000 if adjusted for inflation. Those numbers seem very close to what we have today. My point is that tech prices aren't really expanding. Edit: By the way, I'm referring to a thing that Adam said later in the full episode. He briefly said that possible economic bubbles we're in is a tech bubble.

  • for the love of christ, can we mix in the credits music at a volume that isn't designed to make everyone go deaf?

  • *T U L I P M A N I A*

  • Tulip Mania

  • They should ruin Johnny Appleseed

  • The dutch rule

  • Where did the second contract in the last animation come from? There was only one - and the second literally appears out of thin air!

  • im dutch and i never learnd about this in school

  • I thought you were going to talk about how Tulip Mania is often over-exagerated...

  • 2:06 wow the left dude copied his contract to scam more money out of people lol

  • And what people don't know is that tulips are originally from Turkey and the Onion(seed) where given to the Dutch as a present from the Ottoman sultan Suleiman the magnificent .....

  • Literally the housing crash, nice to see history repeat itself

  • sounds like bitcoin

  • those accents are weird. im dutch. do i sound like that

  • Were the tulip factory worker squad at

  • adam ruins the end of his videos....

  • 0::31 was that megamoeka crying?

  • Nailed that Dutch accent.

  • i feel bad for the gramma

  • A futures contract don't you mean a pre order

  • Are those tulip bushes?

  • *R U I N E D*

  • Fun fact: this is similar to how bank notes/paper money was invented.

  • if only mr. krabs was alive to see it

  • All your research and you can't depict how flowering bulbs work properly?

  • and then the netherlands economics crushed... so what was now new about this story? how did adam ruin it for americans? what do they normally tell you people?

  • I love how its on a country besides america now!!

  • Sounds very similar to the marijuana industry.

  • 2:05-2:08 wasn’t the guy in the green shirt holding a bag? Where did he get another contract?

  • Incomplete and inaccurate, somebody should make new videos like Mr. Smith ruins Adam's videos

  • So essentially this is the birth of the Stock Market?

  • Bitcoin...

  • The episode ignores a very important aspect of the tulip craze. The rarest and most desired tulips were formed due to a viral infection. which not only made them unpredictable but short lived. One feature of such economic bubbles is that buyers don't really understand what they are buying.

  • It is actually guldens

  • Tulips is from turkey

  • They got them Gucci tulips

  • 2:06 wtf

  • Only for us to later find out just how invasive tulips were, along with daffodils.

  • he didn't ruin anything, this is just an information video, as this series uses "ruin" as, correct the other guy making a different claim.

  • Gee. It sounds kinda like what's going on with Bitcoins.

  • We just learned this in Art school!

  • For everyone comparing this to bitcoin: no.

  • Bitcoin anyone?

  • Wtf are the accents?

  • the US stock market is in a bubble

  • The Dutch don't have slavic accents.

  • that fake dutch accent hurt my ears. It's like they never heard a dutch person talk

  • Adam Ruins Everything? ruins? this makes me prouder than ever to be dutch.

  • Huh did you see on 2:03 or something where the first finacial spectulator turn his bag of money to a contract instantly? Is it an animation error?

  • Bitcoin 🤣🤣 repitition

  • And then it turned out the rarest, prettiest tulips had a genetic disorder that made them multi colored and they became sterile and stopped blooming or reproducing so everyone lost all their money. Yay.

  • The bubble effect

  • The first ever season pass

  • Until they became useless to the dutch...

  • Is that what Dutch sounds likes to americans? Cause that's dead wrong

  • Hold up, from 2:06 to 2:07, the money bag the guy with red hair and green hat has suddenly turns into another contract, despite giving the only contract he bought JUST a moment ago to the guy in dark green with a mustache.

  • Hate to break it to you but, Haiti, Dominican Republic and all the Caribbean countries Columbus "visited" (#murder) are part of AMERICA. What you are calling America is actually a part of the continent called the United States of America.

  • For those who write bitcoin will remain forever: we still have tulips 500 years later. They worth about 1 cent a piece at the market.

  • It's like Supreme

  • It is nit gulders, but "gulden" (singular), or "guldens" (plural)

  • why is the ending music always SO FREAKING LOUD

  • Production quality is dropping. This is the second youtube video in a row I've had to turn the volume down for the outro music.

  • This video is due for a debunking by Emily...