A Smith Family Vacation

Published on Aug 6, 2018
After wrapping his new film, Will hits the coast of Italy with the family for a little R&R. SUBSCRIBE: goo.gl/BUjQW8
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Producers: Aaron Ferguson, Lukas Kaiser, Mike Nussbaum, Sadao Turner
Editor: Chris Dallas-Feeney
Camera Operator: Mike O'Neill


  • Just keyed in long enough to say, WHO FUCKIN CARES

  • The best vídeo then i saw today!

  • Thst was soo beautiful!! All your children and friends. Your children are soo blessed to have a father soo wise. Whom loves bonding his Children w his dad. So Good. 🌟🌹💕🌹🌟

  • Will Smith Rulz

  • Me cae mal Smith y su hijo peor. Qweones más pesados

  • Tem dinheiro o filho dele mas não tem felicidade Garoto triste .

  • Could there possibly be a cooler dad? Nah!

  • Cambio mucho el hijo de Will y se ve que ahora es niña,,, la niña se parece mucho a él

  • I just realized something!… volcanos are made by the center of thee earth !🌍🗺🗻 Ha! I just learned something new today!

  • New York NY City

  • Vacation My Friends like Jamaica and other

  • Vacation

  • Dear Will Smith... Keep doin this channel. We love it as much as we love you !! #fan #willsmith

  • can you adopt me?

  • Somehow, don't know how or why Will Smith has become a great motivator in my life, thanks man. A very bright human being.

  • Te amo Will

  • 1.55, rally

  • it's crazy they are the oposite off xxx tentation

  • 😊😊😊🌷🌷🌷🌷💕🌼

  • Willow, you look so much like dad!

  • nice unc.

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  • Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa the rewing time

  • Vaya jonki de hijos tiene wil

  • Algum brasileiro aí ?

  • Pando

  • So this is the new iPhone clip ayy

  • Jaden look like comethazine

  • Willow is STUNNING!!! Also both of your children’s music is AMAZING!!!! You’re a great father & you’re so lucky they turned out well ugh

  • I love how well mannered and respectful his kids and family are.

  • A whale that pilot's a ship? "I'll think of you're punishment" omg

  • Why they speak like white people?

  • Thank you for sharing!! I am adventurous and love to travel. “Fear takes away beauty”

  • jaden hands 😂

  • The editing on this is amazing

  • 3:22 ahh thats hot

  • What a content!

  • It should be "She shouldn't have come".

  • The whole dam family look a-like!!

  • Yaaaaaa is it rewind time ?

  • That same one, it’s on an island next to Lipari.

  • I climbed volcano!!!!!!!

  • jayden looking real skinny

  • Guys. Will smith should make a show called. Keeping up with the simths

  • It’s so adorable and funny how jaden wore all white for the hike 😭💍😍😍😍

  • Jayden is so short compared to willow 😂😂

  • 6;44 = the song is lofi

  • Malnourished 😐😨

  • You are an inspiration

  • thats hot

  • Eu sou do Brasil e gosto muito de vcs

  • gay son

  • Show!

  • 4:50 Jaden Smith looks confusing asf

  • I wish Will Smith was my pops. What an honor.

  • I swear I’ve seen the “Willow just stay in the frame” in a pixel phone commercial??

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  • I think his son has a bonny face seems he x not eating just saying

  • caramba como eu sou pobre

  • will smith saying she shouldn't have come it wasn't funny at all it was just making her feel excluded who ever laughs at that deserves shame put on them as it is would make me feel ver saddened and wish I would have never met people at all as something like that has happened to me a lot in school exclusion of people is utterly disgusting and bad no matter what as no one would think its a joke it hurts people extremely physically and mentally because its not funny to me and I doubt it would be funny if it happened to you either, eg put yourself in shoes of people who had badly excluded as I highly doubt you would be laughing if this happened to you as this is the first freedom to bully some one

  • Oh, That’s hot, that’s hot

  • They should have taken an egg with them and then cracked over a hot spot! 🍳 🌋

  • How beautiful is Italy?!

  • One day I'm going to do this with my futre family in Jesus name amen. Thanks #WillSmith for a great video! Also inspiring.

  • Deberia de ser traducido en español !! Tendrias mas vistas

  • еллоу

  • Muy lindo que comparta toda la familia. BENDICIONES MI HERMANO PARA TI Y TU LINDA FAMILIA.

  • and the google pixel ad comes into play

  • nag iba na ang itsura ng mga ni smith mas ok pa cla nung bata pa ska subra cla sa tangkad

  • Is this seriously what rich people do??

  • Who knew volcanoes were hot

  • Jaden looks so different now! He was just a baby in The Karate Kid 😂

  • why is jaden holding hands with his brother underwater? was jaden scared?

  • He really doesn't want that white lady there....

  • 6:42 That transition tho

  • Such a juicy hug

  • C'est joli, ça donne envie d'y aller aussi.

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  • Next time invite me

  • Your son is stupid with his hair color blond

  • *das hawt* I love this guy!! 😂😂

  • YAAAAAA dats hot that volcano Hawt

  • The MiB clip 😂😂😂

  • Ahhhhhh! That’s hot😂😂

  • 3:20 Thats hot!

  • Brasil de olho!

  • I like how jaden just like in his head he like Bruh what am I here for boi* It’s funny ok 4:44

  • Will smith come and visit capadocie in turkey underground cities and cave homes

  • The coolest family in the world. I hope to be blessed to go on vacation like that with my family someday.

  • Brasil Alguém aew

  • You are doing daddy right 👍😍

  • Really cool But dont you feel weird that there is a whole camera crew with you like wouldnt you Enjoy a real holiday Will

  • Jaden didn’t want to be there 🤣

  • i love that freakin WILL SMITH vlogs 🤪😂😍💜👍🏾

  • wish i have a dad like him


  • Wish I did this without anyone arguing or saying they don’t wanna do it

  • porfa soy latina un poco de traduccion no hace daño a nadie porfis sii

  • Shoulda made it 10 mins