A Smith Family Vacation

Published on Aug 6, 2018
After wrapping his new film, Will hits the coast of Italy with the family for a little R&R. SUBSCRIBE: goo.gl/BUjQW8
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  • Will Smith everyone

  • vieni in Italia e non ti fai sentire..scostumato...

  • Willow is so pretty.

  • If you're scared you can't see beauty. Fear ruins life. Wow! just wow! Those words inspires me.

  • I feel like he's reprogramming my brain for success, with his wise words. This is like sesame suet for adults that want to be successful. 😂🤣🏆👑💯

  • He is sooo motivational

  • Except Will Smith his whole family like beggars

  • Ese Jaden Smith si que consume mucho crack

  • Will está bien Hermosa tu hija 😍

  • What a beautiful family they should have their own Reality Tv show.❤️❤️❤️

  • Will Smith taking W's and going on refreshing/nice adventures. Wish I had the money to do these things!!!!

  • Jayden is the new fresh prince!

  • Jaden --->canabis and drugs

  • Fear ruins life.

  • He’s kids doesn’t look happy wth

  • Estou no Brasil pra que voceis coloca uma porra dessa não sei que eles estão falando põe a porra traduzido caralho vai tomar no cu

  • jaden looks so scared throughout everything 😂

  • I'm your pan !!!!

  • 썅 존나 부럽네

  • I have a guestion how do u only have 3.8 million suscribers u should have like 50mil

  • The MIB clip made this video!!!!!!!!!!! Love you guys.

  • this video released 1day after my birthsy

  • try scuba in DOMINICA not republic though

  • good inspiration, thnxx g family goals

  • Weirdo kids

  • Bro Jaden face on the thumb nail 😶

  • Hello fresh king 🤴🏾⭐️

  • Will add some mid roll ads to become rich

  • Willy on hilly

  • Sad, had those kids not grown in fame, they’d be normal kids. The boy dresses like a girl.. keeps that gender disphoria agenda goin

  • my family vacations are to anthonys pizza and pasta and im overwhelmed

  • Willow acts exactly like superwoman on youtube

  • He's right about one thing.... Fear ruins life!!

  • I just want to say one thing.... I'm jealous af 😊

  • I still remember men in black....m

  • will will smith smith?

  • Nam-Myoho-Renge-Kyo 💙

  • Awe,they grew up so fast,like if you were here since “I whip my hair back and forth” and “karate kid”😭❤️

  • what is the music around 1:29?

  • Take me with you 😭😭😭♥️

  • ، Jaden is on drugs he is so skinny

  • will make a blog please

  • Coz we gangsta.....😂😂😂

  • This is cool

  • I love it

  • "just an icon living"

  • Replace the Kardashian’s w this


  • When Actors or Singers become US-tvrs and vice versa..

  • Please replace the kardashian garbage with this awesome family

  • " she shouldn't have came "

  • Who knew that Mike Lowry would end up being a family guy. Kudos

  • Why did I watch this... waste of 10 minutes of my life!

  • I get the feeling that Will doesn't like Karen all that much 😉

  • 😶I was breathing hard the whole time.... But then will . Fear Ruins Life .

  • Stop watching the Kardashians and start watching this.

  • Alguém do Brasil? 🤔😘

  • jaden is funny asl lmaoooo underwater tear

  • If they had a reality tv show, id definitely watch it

  • 2:41 top ten pictures taken by cleberties moments before death😂

  • wow this is way better quality then i expected

  • that drone cam is legit.

  • I hope Jaden and his phone had a wonderful vacation together.

  • REPLACE THE KARDASHIANS!!! Please, I mean i like KUWK but I prefer Will and his family

  • "RESPIRA DESPACION, STAY RELAX" her accent cool

  • go to the caribbean for a real vacatiom

  • alguien que hable español?????!!

  • Will,you are the best 👍

  • 1:54 does anyone see that person flipping the camera off


  • Jaden was jamming the whole time

  • Nice.

  • Hi is your young son openly gay now? I only ask because I see he wears a dress..

  • This is amazing. A dad spending some qualify time with his kids and vice-versa.

  • I love how you as a father take time from your career to spend time with your family. you are one of my favorite actors

  • Wills kid lookin like a discount comethazine ngl

  • There's fresh prince after 30 years Is the prince of the word

  • Soo beautiful. I just recently went on a plane for a work trip. Had my first expierence in the ocean at Cocoa Beach. Now I'm sitting in NEPA thinking I gotta get out of here way more. Thanks for sharing. I wouldn't have known these places existed.

  • You are rich you shouldn't be there without any protection. Where is your glasses first of all??

  • I whip my azz back and forth x100

  • Nice channel, better than all the non-stop screaming clickbate vloggers

  • omg, did you really just say that? “like the worst case of african-american parenting?” i had to listen to that twice because i never heard something so ridiculous- who says that in a normal sentence structure? why don’t you point out the width of your nose next while your buying a house plant because that will make the same sense. what a racist you are. your kind of black privilege has gone to your head yo

  • Cartoon family

  • ur my idol💜

  • Jaden's hairline is just😯👎💩😂

  • 🤓Will Smith you really know what to expect from life and family are all set to go through the whole process of moving forward with your own struggles! Keep success in your focus but family always comes first. I hope everything is going well with you and your family, keep this good stuff coming, IT gives us inspiration to keep moving in the right direction with our own family. Great videos your bringing to us, man that Volcano🌋 hike Wow those sounds, footage was breath taking💪👍 I love it raw footage no makeup artist involved simply beautiful😘

  • Yo Jaden had me dead this whole vlog 😂😂

  • Will oldest son look like a black Jason Mamoa...who I originally thought was part black...but I think he's part Samoan and they have black blood in their ancestry.

  • Finally, a family with talent that truly deserves to be in the spotlight. Im tired of seeing families with no talent being shown time and time again

  • 1:12 "Willow just Stay In The Frame!!!!" 😂😂😂 Jaden at 4:37. After that he lookin mad angry at Willow for waisting their time on more explaining 😂😂😂


  • Thank u i needed something wholesome today

  • Raah! Your kids are on H or sumting hahaha

  • Yes good dis

  • Thanks for making me feel poor, guys!!

  • Te copias del rubius

  • We get it. You are rich.

  • I freaking love Will Smith

  • Waiting for a reality show

  • lmao jaden in the thumbnail