A Psychic Predicted Our Futures • Ladylike

Published on Apr 28, 2018
Are psychics for real? The girls visit a psychic and document over three months whether her premonitions come true.
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  • I love lady like😘😘😘

  • She seems legit and I feel like this is so intimate and I shouldn’t watch

  • 12:00 omg😂😆

  • I didn't know Chantel was gay

  • Chantel is lesbian? Wow I never knew!! 👍

  • Why do girls wear lipstick? She looks so cute without it

  • Professor Trelawneyyy I love divination

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  • You still not seen a man in 7eleven then go to ministop hahahaha

  • I think I can predict the future in my dreams. Because whenever I dream about a certain thing, believe it or not, that exact moment happens in real life a couple of days after. That probably makes me sound like a crazy person, but that’s what makes me, me.

  • Wai, Wai, Wait, Does Freddie not have a boyfriend and also Chantel is in a relationship !!!!! Wait, What is happening !!!! Why is nobody updating me !!!! Please keep me updated!!!

  • Is Chantel bisexual?

  • Hi

  • The fact they started crying sometimes made me cry a little 😢


  • DEVIN MADE ME CRY!!!!!!😭😭😭

  • I teared up multiple times while watching this, this was amazing to see, thank you Ladies

  • Jen is so god damn beautiful :) :)

  • I am also in need of free psychic reading. Will you please read it for me? My birth date is July 1 1976 AD.I am now in Nepal. If possible please send the reading of entire life events past and future in my email as ermadang@gmail.com. Thanks very much. I really trust you. Thank you

  • I would buy Kristens book for sure I love those 5 girls their so inspiring:)

  • 5 seconds in and devin mentions horoscopes and a ravenclaw professor. already love this video.

  • I literally broke down when Freddie started crying.

  • i want to meet her

  • I tried imagining my friend's future, she ended up in jail in my mind :/


  • the problem with me and psychics is that i know that they arent real sorry if you believe they are, but theyre not everyone probably already knows they arent real and if they think people believe they are is really annoying because all of the psychics patients are being kind of possessed. i wouldnt use that word but i cant think of any other words for it. when the psychic tells them the stuff they remember it and probably tell people theyve been to a psychic and what they predicted to happen and then once they gain that information they are somehow pressured to do it and forget about it for a day, does it then remembers the next day and realises the psychic could tell the future, but the reality is they just say random stuff and they do it because someone told them they would

  • is chantel gay?

  • 🔮

  • 'From Horoscopes to Professor Trelawney' YES BYEOTCHHHHHH

  • Raven boy vibes

  • wheres the book

  • Everyone's crying and when they cry I cry for like 20 minutes

  • Stay off the apps. Few weeks later- Freddie and Jazz are on Tinder haahha

  • I may not completely believe in psychics but I think its actually pretty neat and fun, and its not always a money thing, my friends mom read tarot cards for me, its fun

  • lol I just realized that Devin was in avhpm . avhpm is a very harry potter musical

  • 0:04 trelaney I'M IN! (autocorrect is mean so sorry if trelaney is spelt wrong)

  • I don’t like psychics at all but...when she said EVERYONE STAY OFF THE APPS...I smiled and think I like her a little 😂

  • dude if u start crying and shes like oh wooow i feel sadness ,dont be impressed .-.

  • Chantel is a lesbian no hate but watttttt

  • I feel like at least half the lesbian women in the world work at Buzzfeed. Who knew?



    • Slime thyme she’s not gay she’s bisexual

  • Professor Trelawney

  • it's kinda creepy...but so intense and interesting!! i was so moved..!

  • I need her

  • Idk if this is real, they can just pay these great actors.

  • 6:46 omg Is chantel lesbian?

  • gimme her

  • hold up hold up Chantal has a gf

  • M1

  • im a new tarot reader so im skeptical abt the things shirley did but shes the professional so okay

  • now i want to go get read my curiosity is spiraling after this video

  • This lady just did her research on each of them all she prob had to do was watch all their vids lol dont be so gullible people

  • When a physic says they can’t see anything in your future and that your gonna die lol what would you do


  • I like that there's less emphasis on whether she's really a psychic and more on how it effected the girls and how they utilized her advice!

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  • you know bts

  • If I went to a psychic they would tell me “Your depressed and have severe anxiety. Get some help.”

  • napa valley yayya

  • My crush asked me out

  • She pronounced Tralwny from Harry Potter wrong. lol

  • 11:25 the way she moves the cards 😳 how ?!

  • The physic used quite a lot of “cold reading”. Atleast I think it’s what it’s called For those who don’t know, cold reading is basically like “I feel that your dad is not with you... is that right?” If she answered yes or no, the psychic would’ve known quite a bit more quite a lot of times. I’m not saying this is fake, it’s just I saw a college humour thing so uhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... Mkay edit: the physic actually just said stuff but still used some cold reading, and there’s also a lot of different methods so I have no idea. I just felt that it was info I should’ve shared.

  • does anybody know what deck she's using with the blond girl?

  • Was she a psychic or a travel agent? You guys all went on a trip after the session LOL.

  • I hope jen develops her psychic abilities, thats like so cool oml

  • I am a total skeptic. But I would still like to experience this.

  • Devin's reading broke me heart.

  • I would buy Kristen’s book because she’s an amazing person.

  • Shantells gay!!!!!!!

  • Does anyones know what the name of this psychic ?

  • Psychics are fake

  • Jen is so cute:)

  • i will buy your books :)

  • She's fine and she has her own good points but for me I can only see and feel genuine energy from Tyler. This is a psychic medium that would give you advice too so it's good but she can't actually make a person open up themselves during interactions with them that's why at some point there are times that she can't get a lot of key info's from the guest with a tact belief. Anyway I also like this spoof :) I would like to know the update for Freddie's 7/11 guy

  • She has literally stolen info from their earlier videos (I mean, I knew many of the so-called personal things she knew and I only started watching Ladylike two months ago) and is throwing out other info out there hoping something sticks. Save you money and time. Make you own future!

  • 18:34. The rainbow! Her yell was strong like if she was mad. His face🤣

  • I'll buy your book

  • who is chantel gf

  • Oh how it warned my heart when she said dziadzia (grandpa)

  • Can someone drop the psychics info I would love to have a reading..

  • Can kids see physics

  • I wanna talk to this psychic too but I live in scandinavia :(

  • Freddie and Juno Temple live in the same city

  • “I don’t think psychics are real” FF 30 seconds: 😭

  • When I first watched this channel I pictured you in the news :) I thought that girl is poised and intelligent enough for news, bigger things :)


  • Devin, I can relate to the sister thing

  • I didn’t know that Chantel was bI or lesbian

  • I don't get it tho??? (TT)

  • The one who consulted supposed to pick up the card not the reader (psychic) herself . it is not the psychic dictated the future in her but the one who seek consultation. When the one who do the consulting came, she is supposed to pick up the card, and not the psychic to pick on their behalf. In our land, psychic reader let the person to pick it themselves. that is the way it is. I am not sure of over there, "the western hemisphere"

  • Freddy is hot(i would say hit me up but im not old enough lol)

  • She needs to go to my house!

  • Jen broke the crystal ball....

  • Shantell is super kissable bite-able

  • Anyone able to name her decks? They're all so pretty.

  • With Jen, you can tell she was not comfortable letting someone in. Really she was trying to take control of the situation and started to protect herself. I am not psychic, but if I would were to do a reading and that was stopping me, I would point it out saying you are blocking me. You are scared of me seeing you. I will draw three random cards to kind of poke at the wall and catch something from you. Saving children can be saving your innonence. Letting go and play along. Im not psychic, but I am intuitive and it is easy to see on the camera with her body posture. She had defensive body posture, protecting her body and leaning forward for intimidation. Intense eye contact is also an intimidation factor because it shows you are not afraid. When I get readings done, they always talk about superficial stuff, but that is because I block serious stuff with fluff. I don't understand where it stems from, so for me I am hoping they can get past the crap and not tell me a truth, but spark a path to figuring it out.

  • Jen is so pretty barefaced why does she even wear makeup?