A Psychic Predicted Our Futures • Ladylike

Published on Apr 28, 2018
Are psychics for real? The girls visit a psychic and document over three months whether her premonitions come true.
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  • Can anyone read angel cards I can I learned how to

  • I would have asked Jen to stop blocking me. You can't ask someone to do their job and then stop them doing

  • Oh frrreeeedddd

  • I do believe some people tap more into their "God-given" intuition and perceptive connectability when they're open to it and listening and the reason psychic readings are randomly "hit-and-miss" is BECAUSE it's being forced which manipulates the messages you're suppose to receive and in that you're able to see only pieces, i believe because of that it can really conflict with people's paths in life in both negative and positive ways and those individuals having the reading done for them are mildly open to receive guidance but only get partial guidance because they're asking and receiving a stranger instead of God who would be giving you the bits and pieces that would guide them/you on the path designed specifically and encourage the individuals growth at their own pace! So it can have some outcome, the self proclaimed "psychics" can pick up on the messages God is sending someone, like listening in on someone's private conversation, but they only get pieces because it's not their own conversation it's not meant for them and anyone could receive the message meant for themselves if they tapped into God themselves! (Speaking from experience as a seer and a listener)

  • *just like the old gypsy woman said!*

  • My heart hurt when Freddie cried.

  • Finding out that your crush is also gay/bi is the best feeling ever, it's like one step closer to being together (Chantel hit me up) :')

  • hey uh um wow that bit with her grandfather hurt me I cannot believe how much I cried during this

  • This is so beautiful, made me cry. I just recently had a session with a psychic in my city and it was so powerful

  • Chantel is a lesbian

  • check back with the psychic now!!

  • When Devin said "I had a sister" I blew up in tears like a few weeks ago my sister passed and it hit me so hard


  • I hate them omg

  • I’d buy kristans book

  • When did Freddie break up with her bf

  • Chantel is lesbian??

  • Are you born a psychic or do you just decide to be one?

  • Chantel is lesbian?

  • Omg I never knew chantelle was bi

  • lady like should get hypnotized


  • Devin is so cute when she cries

  • Omg my moms name is sandy 😍😍😍😍

  • Not gonna lie when Chantal said she was in a relationship with a girl I was like “YES I KNEW IT-“

  • I have a baby brother now but a few years ago my mom went to a sidekick and she told my mom she said you will have a boy and my mom said what do you mean and the sidekick said that’s all I can say... When my mom found out she was pregnant a few years later she immediately knew what the sidekick was talking about and knew right away it was a boy but she didn’t tell me this until after the gender reveal party and i was thinking it would be a girl the whole time but nope it was a boy and love my 9month old brother soo much!!! But I’m definitely going to a sidekick when I’m a adult cause I wanna know my future and stuff like that!

  • Omg Right when I clicked on the vid there was a psychic ad

  • I honestly want to do this because for a long time I have felt so stuck within my life. I tend to question you know what's my purpose in life and is this the right route for me. Those kind of things and I just think doing this will give me so much clarity but I just do not know where to start...

  • I didn’t know chantel was lesbian

  • I also had a friend who I talked to most of the time... But I messed things up and ruined our friendship... It's been a year since I lasted talked to her...

  • Look at the lady in the back, at 18:29. She looks MAD

  • What who is Chantel dating and 2019

  • I was shocked when Chantel was like "not a guy." I did not know she was a lesbian.

  • Ok idk why but I cried while watching this (I'm not usually soft like this )I don't like. Crying the last time I did my bf broke up with me to go with my best friend which was like a year and a half ago

  • Look at how long this video is

  • Devins made me cry. Ouch

  • Sabrina is that you ?

  • Wait so is chantel gay or bi

  • I’m physic.... I’m guessing there aren’t a lot of physic and Wiccan people around here...

  • Freddie almost cried Then I almost cried ;-;

  • chantel is lgbt?

  • www.ebay.com/usr/darkrose76

  • Psychic are for real for sure... but have you see a real life oracle foretelling the future? Watch Tibetan oracles take trance of an enlightened spiritual being bit(dot)ly/MeetBuddha

  • Devin is the best

  • Nice video.... Please visit my site to read / watch more. Thanks

  • My friends say I'm a psychic

  • South Korea is amazing...I love it there......but......I haven’t been there for a while😢

  • I had a damn psychic ad before this video....

  • TBH I think my rare dreams tell the future because I saw my 5th grade picture day without realizing because I saw meh self wearing a blue and white patterned dress w/ sneakers holding on a cart looking down and that's what happened *ON MY PICTURE DAY* and I was thinking OMIGOSH OMIGOSH OMIGOSH!!!!!!!! And there a few other predictions too and I sadly don't have dreams still

  • 10:04

  • Yes queen! The Harry Potter reference in the start of the video 😍⚡️

  • the number of tears made in this video on both sides of the screen are incredible

  • This is the psychic Lola she has no customers 1Like=1 customer 🔮.🔮 👅

  • I WILL BUY IT! Please write it! I'd LOVE to see what you have to say

  • Chantel is lesbian edit: if you are I ment it as a nice way

  • Dating apps are truly trash, so it's a good thing that that woman told her to stay off dating apps.

  • These women are very likeable. All the best to all of them

  • Are in your comfy chair reading and suddenly a figure caught the corner of your eye but when you turn there was no one there? Learn more: bit.ly/2NW5exC

  • did this really have to end at 19:59

  • Babes supporting babes 🏳️‍🌈

  • Wait.. Kristin started crying within like 5 second ._. Oh....

  • Wow this got deep, I'm shookith.

  • I think the cards are crap and you can interpret them however you want, but she had a really good intuitive sense

  • I feel like jen's chantel's girlfriend... gut feeling. I know it's been denied plenty of times but shots clearly changed!

    • girl sorry to burst yo bubble but chantel's gf is ashley. ex-buzzfeed.

  • The black chair the psychic was in is incredible. Does anyone know where she got it????

  • Can I like call her up to like give me a reading

  • i cant believe chantel is gay :000000

  • Are in your comfy chair reading and suddenly a figure caught the corner of your eye but when you turn there was no one there? Learn more: bit.ly/2NW5exC

  • Chantal has a Girlfriend 💖💖

  • I want to go to her, like I’ve been wanting to see a physic for awhile for closure

  • Why am I literally crying during thia

  • Chantel looks so beautiful without makeup. Not that it matters. She's beautiful either way

  • I thought Chantel was straight......

  • I don't know if she's really psychic or not but at least she gives some pretty good advice.

  • The beginning when she said where Freddie’s name came from freaked me out.....

  • i never knew chantel was dating a girl

  • Wow i didnt know chantel was you know

  • "But mad is good"

  • Wow I got really emotional

  • I have a friend ub school and i feel like im kinda a medium because I am not that famillar with ger and i grabed her hand and i started rubbing the pad on her palm and said give me a topic and sge said what do i bring with me in my bird watching bag and i heard a loud cawibg lije it sounded like birds and i said a bird wisole and she was shocked and then i did it again abd said that i saw a book and said a journal about qll the birds that sge has seen and i saw a lot of forest and feathers that were fallung in to water and i said that yiu collect feathers and wash them and she said that i got it all correct abd then it was i sensed her spirt animal abd i sensed she was very hyper abd i saw a very fast strick of lightning and she could tell like even if you dont show mych emotion she new uf you were happy sad or angry and ectsaidra and i felt a sift comfort like a dig abd when i said dog she said i was so correct and i only met this girl one other time and could tell her any thing sge wanted to know

  • and i'm santa claus

  • Does anyone know what cards she used?

  • This card reader is a natural intuitive and seems to be really great at feeling people out, but even such a psychic cannot penetrate the aura of a person who has built up a lot of psychic defenses as Jen has. Jen is very guarded and closed off in terms of being vulnerable to others. Kristin clings to reason and logic, but she is more open energetically. I think this is because Kristin has a less malleable worldview -- inside, Jen is less certain what her core beliefs might be.

  • "This guy that's you're with" "Uhhhh he's not a guy" she couldn't even tell Chantelle was dating a girl tf.

  • Am reading that........ Ure gay

  • “Chantel:It’s not a boy” :O Waaaatt da fuck Who do it is it one of the girls?

  • Is shanetel gay then

  • *this is so cool💜*

  • ..... I need to see if I am going to be a baker when I grow up...


  • Who else caught the Harry Potter reference

  • I think that she's a talented physionomist, a really good judge of character and a really good counselor more than anything.

  • “Fears aren’t facts!” This girl is so inspirational

  • I believe in psychics. .

  • Devin's dad sounds awesome. She's so lucky to have him (and him to have her of course). It's so cool he finds random interesting things and sends them to her. Neat.

  • I think the reason she didn't meet anyone at the 7/11 was because it happens When u least expect

  • That peacock chair I want it

  • Is that me in the future because im named shirley

  • I feel those that are hopeless miserable skeptics because of past experiences or a deep need to be guided, so even the most specific readings are waived off - like correctly guessing numbers, parental typical behavior. Idk there are probably little chances that these subjects, who are also skeptical and probably limited information in front of the psychic, gave out the specifics.

  • I was just casually painting my finger nails and watching this video. I looked at the color and it was "lady like". Osfkifidifi I didn't even- wow