A Beginner's Guide to America's Favorite Korean Grocery Store - K-Town

Published on Apr 21, 2018
On today's episode of K-Town, Matthew Kang is at H Mart- a Korean grocery store chain that is expanding rapidly in America. For first time shoppers, H Mart can be daunting, but Matthew is here with five tips to help newcomers navigate the aisles.
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  • I love trying new foods and I'm going to go to an Hmart next week. What does everyone recommend I try?

  • Kimchi omg.

  • Y’all are overreacting. There’s millions of white grocery stores but there’s barely any Asian market so ofc it’s expensive 😤

  • ah my childhood

  • I’ve always eaten ramen dry, and I thought I was crazy for it! Good to know I’m not the only one haha

  • I go here when I notice there's something on sale that I want, usually tofu. 0_0

  • Wow Y not have that Grosory store all of Ct that would be AWESOME

  • COCOA PIES ARE GROSS😷😷😷👎👎💩💩💩 (after you eat 1)

  • Korean is scat

  • 뿌슈뿌슈 ㅋㅋㅋ

  • 13 bucks for that giant ass tray of sashimi!? That place is heaven.

  • I fucking wish England had the same Asian population as America, its just so hard to find good authentic Asian food here even in London​

  • This store isn’t in America. Sorry.

  • Is it only Korean food or other Asian countries foods as well. Thanks , great video

  • Occasionally, we come here to either shop, to eat at the food court, or just for fun. A simple drive here is absolutely exciting, as I am a lover of Korean culture and cuisine. 😁🇰🇷

  • Can someone tell me which gochujang is good? There are so many options

  • You tackled 15% of H mart. It’s so overwhelming and you just want to buy everything

  • H-Mart stands for Hung Low Market, lol. In all seriousness, we hit up the H-Marts in Atlanta, they have the best of everything Korean in the South.

  • And I thought I was the only one who ate raw ramen noodles as a kid.

  • I wish there was a Hmart in Sacramento

  • *i honestly never know what to buy when I’m there lol*

  • I love Asian markets but please do not poison kids with msg and sugary drinks... spam isn’t real food as well.

  • Cons of H Mart: costs an arm and leg compared to other local Asian markets and even more compared to abroad (it's like 5 bucks for small bag of chips that costs a buck fifty when in seoul), always crowded Pros of H Mart: I've gotten little sheep hot pot base there on sale, and 포카칩 chips (sadly no onion ones), the $10 bowls of hot pot meat are easy to grab for a special occasion

  • never heard of this chain...just know a few asian stores that i got to drive more than an hours to go to and they are pretty beat up and crappy looking

  • i miss the salt and vinegar snack noodles

  • You used me in the video! FUN!

  • indomie is the best instant noodles so far

  • More about what to buy! Really enjoyed. Thanks.

  • So I'm not too fond of this video because the truth is, it's really about how much money you have. We have a love and hate relationship with Hmart. Love when they have stuff on sale like 99 cents of tofu, a box of Ramen, or when certain meat is on sale, but other than that, it's expensive. Ban Chan is expensive for that small size and so is pre-made anything. It's basically a rip-off in my opinion. Plus, the workers judge you. They are biased against poor or middle class people. Maybe not all but this is from personal experience. So we only go here once in a while. Not to be a downer and all, but this is the truth for us.

  • I spent 45 minutes fishing through the shaoxing wine, and every damned bottle came from China, where you can't trust the contents. They hadn't a single bottle from any other country such as the US, Taiwan or Korea (and those do exist.) Fortunately, they had American-made michiu (Linchen), even though I couldn't trust any of the communist China brands of shaoxing. Linchen makes shaoxing, but they didn't have that.

  • H marts in northern California are 👎, terrible and cold services, employees look pissed off and their prices are higher than other Korean stores, maybe it's just growing pains sine they are kind of new in Silicon Valley 🤷🏻‍♀️Meh, I'll just stick with friendly stores like Kyopo

  • H-Mart is not a cheap supermarket to shop at when compared to other Asian supermarkets.

  • I love HMart. They have the best ones in Queens. The one in Manhattan is tiny and their selection isn’t that great.

  • H-mart is expensive as WholeFoods. Smh.

  • G Mart anyone?

  • My town has a huge asian population, mostly Indian and Chinese but Korean comes third. We have a small indian grocery store that only Indians know about (and most non-Indian kids because we have 2nd gen Indian friends. Indians usually live separate from the rest of us. If whites, blacks, arabs, and non-indian asians can live in 1 neighborhood, why can’t Indians?) Back to the topic, my town has so many Asians yet there are not really many Asian grocery stores. We have a lot of authentic restaurants, but that’s it. If I had to guess it is because Indian families tend to cook Indian food with ingredients you won’t find at Harris Teeter or Walmart, but other groups tend to cook American food with rice, or Asian food with American ingredients. I guess it is cultural differences. I could be wrong I am just going off experiences as a white kid who stayed for dinner a few times at my friends houses.

    • Blah - I've noticed this to, most non black, white, Hispanic folks only eat their own food. You rarely see them other places.

  • HMart is my homeeee

  • I ate at H mart today so delicious 😍😍😍😍😍

  • Matthew Kang shoplifted. He opened a bag of raw ramen and applied seasoning on it. Don't make such an attempting when you haven't paid otherwise you'll be arrested and prohibited from entering any store in the chain you've done such a misdemeanor. What an anticipated, automatic cancellation of K-TOWN!

    • Only seen white ppl do this crap , like sure u paying for later Let my black butt open some chips security be right there lol

    • People do it all the time, eat and then pay. You just keep the wrapper so toy get it checked out at the registrar ://

  • I saw Indomie!

  • I guess K mart was taken

  • So what were the tips?

  • I wish there was a H Mart closer to me! I have to go to Boston to go to a H Mart which is quite the trip and I won't drive in Boston lol we'd have to take the train or a bus so its kinda like a weekend vacation type thing if we want to go there.

  • When I was in kindergarten I went to a school that was in a part of town where lots of Asian people lived and the school used to sell packs of ramen noodles at recess and it was meant to be a snack. You'd crush the package so the noodles broke up into pieces then open it and pour the seasoning packet in there and eat it like chips etc. with your fingers. But it was just typical American marachaun ramen brand. Now I know where that idea came from! I never saw anyone do it since!

  • H Mart in Toronto is so unimpressive. The one on Yonge Street is like a gas station convenience store that happens to carry kimbap and samyang ramen.

  • Ranch 99/99 Ranch still reigns supreme in my book.

  • Damn, that H Mart is huge. Makes the one in NYC look tiny as hell.

  • YOu made a very informative and fun video., like your style. Love Korean food!!!!!

  • I wish there was one near me 😩

  • I love HMart! Luckily, I've lived/am living in parts of CA that have one.