9 Weirdest Things on Amazon - Part 3

Published on Jan 21, 2018
5 McDonald's Gadgets put to the Test! - us-tv.org/tv/video-Ev9rOA2Yjs0.html
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  • Socks and sandals? You monster!

  • My dad has the second product

  • oh he's in america I can tell by the outlet

  • What’s up everybody welcome back to my labratoroorro


  • You’d be an awesome father lol Wife: *Gives birth* Taras: Boom

  • Every like = a pizza pouch

  • That one

  • "U can use two fingers" 😏

  • The noise of the bug vacum will scare the bug away hi hi

  • I came for my daily dose of boom.

  • On the Intro he said 10 product on the title is 9 lo

  • Oh yea love the bug catcher.

  • its bot funny

  • Forget Gucci Flip Flops... We got bass flops!

  • Did you forget about your dry ice? You used to do lot of excitements with dry ice and liquid nitrogen.

  • Those fish flip flops are hella funny

  • Можете ли вы сделать несколько видеороликов MRE, и я хотел бы, чтобы вы были в Индии I HAVE FINALLY LEARNED RUSSIAN WOOOHOO!!!!!!:)))))

  • I liked the cool products the fish one is funny lol I liked the battery case.

  • I like fishes


  • That is a brain CT.

  • U should do more vlogs i liked them

  • Reasons why Taras' children would have an awesome life: Russian father with incredible accent Stock full supply of MRE's PASHTIET mmmmmMMMM delishush

  • The coasters AT FIRST looked like a turkey..

  • Sudurbhai

  • Bandaid outlet plugs hilarious!

  • But does anyone wear any fanny pack? Just sayin...

  • Tara’s would be a great dad

  • As a horror narrator...I approve of the coaster brain.

  • Hey when unbox therapy says that bag can t be cut i imagined if he gives it to you 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😅

  • dewalt , real tools, mmm no thanks...

  • Can someone PLEASE explain what he says at the start of the video

  • Sunt roman


  • I have the fish flipflops dude!

  • Fish flip flops!!!!lol

  • I only came to see what is pizza pouch😂😂

  • Блин, this stuff is weird

  • He says boom a lot in his videos

  • I'd buy a pair of fish flops but my pets would want to eat them.

  • The pizza slice? The gun tool! Insane 😂

  • The heat in your pocket kills bacteria silly

  • According to Amazon, the Pizza Pouch is frequently bought with the Farting Animals Coloring Book. Really.

  • He’s so hott! 😍

  • Ive wanted those coasters since I first saw em!!!!

  • You are so rich

  • what happened to part 2?

  • Could you imagine little Taras’s runnjg around in camera

  • BOOM!!!!! ?

  • Ohhh i love gadgets

  • Lets try to punch it... Whoops!😂😂

  • I actually expected him to bring a slice if pizza:( like if u did...

  • id use the bug catcher to vacuum my car !

  • Use grean?

  • boom loocked that

  • ''Those pizzas gets THICC...''

  • I want that fish flipflops


  • I get it!

  • I do have that fish slippers its colored gray so it looks like a real fish.

  • You ruined pockets for germophobes

  • It’s a fanny pack

  • Lolololololololol Dewault-real tools? 😂🤣

  • Bello

  • Molto bello

  • Hold your drill straight.

  • Just use a real bandaid

  • So weird Gajiks

  • Stay there deep...boom

  • Call luke and hugo too look a the fish slippers!

  • We bought the pizza pouch as a group of 12 and we took a whole pizza and ate it when we gone hiking

  • wash the germ gadget off before inserting in pocket.

  • Hahaha they do look like bandages..

  • "Safety is #1 priority" Nearly cuts off finger.

  • Praise why short destruction usually phase limb welfare boot law.

  • Welcome back to mal about ratory Where a safety is eh numbar won per Ority

  • Wipe it off with a hand wipe before you put it in your pocket

  • You put 9 weirdest … gajiks or something

  • I love the coasters

  • They aren’t stink bugs they are a different type of bug that looks kinda like stink bugs.

  • When he used the dewalt i swear it was on reverse when he screwed it in and on forward when he unscrewed it

  • Pizza pouch is ridiculous. Good vid CRH.

  • Me: TAKE COVER Him:boom

  • Fish flip-flops are hot item here in Thailand!

  • 😁😁😁😁😁

  • Fish flip flops perfect Father's day gift lol

  • He sure buys a lot of gadgets

  • i acualy realy like the bass/fish slipper send the to me ill give you my adress

  • Funniest Russian ever!

  • He was piecing the stress puncer up😂😂

  • Is this your new studio, is it like a greenhouse inside a gazebo?

  • You wearin two pieces of fish c:

  • BOOM

  • Does anyone know what those blue screens are called that he has behind his couch?

  • him: How cool is that? me: pretty cool . . . i was like this everytime he ask 😂

  • him: How cool is that? me: pretty cool . . . i was like this everytime he ask 😂

  • FishFlops ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  • I have the fish slippers!!!

  • I didn't know Russia used the same outlets as US!!!!!