8 Kitchen Gadgets put to the Test - Part 24

Published on Apr 15, 2018
8 Kitchen Gadgets put to the Test - Part 23 - us-tv.org/tv/video-w8UI8r9Ccwk.html
Testing Flex Tape - As Seen On Tv - us-tv.org/tv/video-eMkZ8GEVgUw.html
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  • I like the shirt his wearing

  • ai lof kitcen gatjet men!

  • 8:26 😂

  • 2:41 AH WENT TO DEEP (ThAtS wHaT sHe SaId HA ha HA)

  • I like how quickly the cheese gun dispenses the cheese

  • Hot glue gun with cheese!

  • Everything sux. Just use a knife. It's a melon. But the watermelon slicer is much cleaner.

  • Favorite: microwave crisper

  • Your videos are very satisfying

  • I want a guy who is so exicted of me like taras is excited because of the grilled cheese sandwich

  • Boom

  • I think he shoud wair safetie glove

  • Taras, I feel like you need to review a cutting board.

  • what does he do with all that gadgets he buys?

  • I have the microwave reheatable

  • Your melon is hard it’s designed for ripe fruit 🍉


  • cantaloupe is a melon

  • Loved the go plate and last drop ketchup holder

  • Its pretty useless.... 🤣

  • 6:15 What I eat everyday

  • Does the pizza thing work on fries

  • Love it when the tips of the dogs' ears appear.

  • "Kinda hard. There you go. Oh man, went too deep" - CRH 2018

  • *opens cheese-stick with knife* I love you so much 😂👌🏻

  • The melon slicer isn't sharp enough .


  • he breathing so hard when he's cutting the insides of that canilope

  • 2:40

  • Hurensohn

  • Simple science explains why bread burns in microwave so easily. Microwaves work by beating up water molecules inside of food. Bread has no water in it. So instead of heating it up, it burns it cause bread is already dry.

  • went too deep

  • A melon only

  • Its for a melon that's why

  • "very unique" ... "here is another one" am having so much fun watching him! :)

  • Can you talk arabic

  • Much information

  • Hello, how are you?

  • I like the white one

  • so what happens to all of your open food taras

  • One of my favorite product test videos well done your funny

  • Is it grilled cheese if it’s in the microwave??

  • I’ve got the same microwave

  • "OH YEAH

  • 2018 and I am Russian 🇷🇺

  • Oven works better on pizza

  • Just cut it like a normal people do-_

  • You know you need to butter the bread to make a grilled cheese right?


  • Where's your anti cut gloves

  • Boom

  • You putting these gajik makers on notice. Some work great n then others are exposed. Thanks for doing the work of the people

  • Sandvich 😋

  • Do more please

  • You're holding your plate, and you're holding your dink.

  • In this video he looks like serious

  • But I have one question about the grilled cheese. Which what cheese did he use?

  • Went to deep


  • I know I’m weird but I like soggy pizza

  • “Listen to that crunch” *hears nothing*

  • That cantaloupe was hard as pumpkin 😂 Try the gadgets with a ripe one..

  • I think they should work better if the melons were riper. I bet the first one especially would have been easier they were soft and ready.

  • "Kinda hard. Ugh, went too deep" That's what she said 😏😏

  • like the first ketchup bottle stand

  • Cool gadget

  • "Ugh went to deep"

  • His reaction to steam is priceles

  • Its use less

  • Gotta love the gadgecs!!!

  • That ending tho 😂😂

  • Dah

  • Can’t u just use a nite to cut and use a plate to heat up

  • Microwave toaster

  • Dammit, now I'm gonna be caught in a marathon watching your vids lol.

  • Microwave cooker ... round one.

  • Went 2 deep


  • You should do a giveaway for the gadgets you no longer use

  • I wonder how many gadgets. he has in his house

  • if you warm up a moist pizza and a low heat it will just be warmer and soggy

  • boy you are supposed to stick a straw in that bottle, why are you taking the plate off, that's so much work

  • What kind of nuclear microwave burns toast like that

  • All the things in this video is stupid☹️

  • Also, with the reheatza, you should preheat it first. I saw another video that said the instructions said to do so.

  • وين العرب !! دوس لايك 👍 صوتنا يسمع في اي مكان 😀

  • Ah man went too deep 😂😂😂😂

  • Ooooo....steami😂😂😂

  • "You're holding your plate and you're holding your dink"😂😂😂

  • អាចឺម

  • one,two

  • Knife is best gadget

  • Cantaloupe=Rockmelon?

  • In Russia, we keep our bow suspended from the kitchen ceiling.. just in case..

  • Cool vid

  • Now you have char bread for survival! XD

  • oops it went deep XD

  • Aah man, went too deep.

  • How many gadgets do yo have 10k?

  • Can you actually do science videos again. This is kind of boring.