8 Common Movie Myths Debunked!

Published on Mar 23, 2015
8 Common Movie Myths Debunked! Hollywood is known for often bending the truth when it comes to science, and we are here to set them straight.
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  • Omfg everything in this has made my whole life been lied to. Like idk why but I WAS SLIGHTLY SHOCKED!! Before i saw this video, all the action movies had me created an idea of "okay, if there's a 30 metre tsunami coming or the ground is collapsing (creating big holes and gaps and stuff), I'll get a car, drive my way to find a yacht and yolo it on top of it." But disbwiqbsie OMGGGG What the heck 😂😤😤😣

  • the godfather

  • If light can't scatter how come the light from stars visible from us or even seen

  • “In Captain America the winter soldier.” BUCKYYYYYYYYYY

  • Godzilla is a movie myth.1:because we would have been wipped of the planet!2:his atomic breath defines physics.

  • You forgot the catch scenes where a character falls off an extremely high place someone catches them and they are completely fine

  • ay, that rifle sound sounds like the AK from Counter-Strike!

  • Captan América is a super Solger

  • Me an Marvel Fan: Um actually Captain America or Steve Rogers is a Super Soldier and can withstand more than a normal human can

  • In 2 fast 2 furious one guy in that did break his arm

  • In tokyo ghoul re: sausaki had amnesia

  • That intro

  • 2:06 but he is a super soilder

  • Deadpool

  • Captain America is a super soldier

  • Captain America had his shield which according to marvel is made of vibranium. Which would have absorbed the impact of the fall.

  • You missed the part about double barrel shotguns having 56 shots

  • Hollywood hypnosis. That's not how it works. No snapping and instantly falling asleep, no zombie mind control. You have to be willing to be hypnotized.

  • In 2 Fast 2 Furious they crashed Yanko Camaro which is worth around $630,000 that's a lot of money to waste but they probably Used a dummy car

  • Did you know it just fake

  • Myth busters

  • can you really survive a dumpster dive

  • You should do one on football

  • Hulk

  • One that you didn't mention, is the fact that there is no sound in space

  • U forgot about teeth= opened grenad

  • Jumping through a glass window falling multiple stories and rolling on impact so you don’t get hurt....

  • star wars lasers are not lasers they are powered by gas

  • In movies things don’t have to be real

  • Some Hollywood films actually try to be realistic, like WW2 movies and series, and WWI, like, Saving Private Ryan, Our World War, Band of Brothers, and The Pacific

  • what about "Pixels"? that movie was pretty wierd.

  • Nife Loggin

  • I just found this account, and I’ve been binge watching your video since that moment. They are sooooooooo interesting!!

  • They're not lasers you pleb they're plasma bolts

  • Captain America Winter Soldier Myth Question: Since Captain America was modified physically would he be able to survive the drop to the water?

  • Captain America has the super soldier syrum witch deaccelarates the force of contact pain

  • You're ruining movies for me love your channel

  • also the myth that the t rex's vision is based on movement

  • But captain America is a super soldier

  • Superhero landings are extremely deadly and are made to apply as much damage as physically possible.

  • If nothing is faster than the speed of light, how dose the dark get there first??

    • It had a head start.

  • You forgot hacking, in movies hackers are shown to type a bunch of random stuff with a trillion windows opening at the same time when that's not true

  • Lol

  • Its not Hollywood its doowylloh

  • Then explosions could be more dangerous than tornadoes only big explosions can cause damege gernades DONT do big explosions like Hollywood made us believe garnades do vary little explosions

  • Insta-love

  • You can't hear in space

  • You forgot something there are lazer sounds in the movies well space is a vacuum and sound needs something to travel in like the atmosphere

  • What about Sonic ? He runs faster than the speed of light or whatever idk

  • OverSimplified: I wonder what's my username. 1:31 OverSimplified: Got it.

  • I think that you can ignite gasoline by shooting it with a phosphors bullet

  • cap is also a super soldier

  • When your friend tells you those facts are false

  • Wait what happened in this video i have amnosa

  • How John wick will not die

  • 4:14 And a smashed car

  • You missed godzilla 2014 you can not have a big gint on the world

  • You forgot the 10 percent brain myth

  • You didnt mention iron man

  • I’ll be back

  • You can get rid of the effects of a venomous snake bite by sucking out the venom with you mouth forgot that one

  • I nearly got it while watching this.Sorry for AHS

  • while i was playing fortnite, this ad was playing, congratulations! it was a 11 minute ad.

  • The title typo. It meant “Ruining movie logic”.

  • Talk About Atipical Parkinsons syndrome :D

  • Throwing a cigarette it gasoline or something like that

  • Although, in star wars it's not Lazer, it's energy

  • 2:23 killed me😂😂😂

  • 1. Obviously you aren't talking star wars specifically, but the animation shows star wars. They don't use lasers. I'm not going to explain the situation, just know that lasers aren't involved in star wars 2. Here you specifically mention star wars. You thwart the myth with an example close to us. Sure, that works, but it's in a very different place. If you can explain in general why it is physically impossible, that's acceptable, however you don't, you just say that it doesn't happen in this specific asteroid belt.

  • Captain America is a super soldier. He is more durable than a normal person.

  • I'm I can only remember like three things but like if it's the o my thing I remember and don't stop thinking about I remember it forever by the way can you make how technology works video

  • ik this is an old video but gunshots expands when it shoots someone irl causing much more damage.

  • movie logic: 5 minutes until bomb exploded... takes 10 minutes to defuse bomb

  • You nerd plasma energy then see Transformers

  • No EarthQuakes Wow

  • How about the titanic did they over exaggerate any thing on there

  • did you see doom when they flipped Hollywood

  • *BoOm. nEw OtP BlOckOWriTEr*

  • another one is: literally anything at all to do with computers or hacking

  • Not mentioned how in movies they project hiding behind a car's door makes us safe from bullets!

  • You have underestimated the power of the Star Wars movies!

  • Back to the Future time travel

  • I watched fast furious it's unrealistic

  • Inifinty war is the best crossover ev-

  • As far as action movie/show characters from what I've heard, Bolt (the dog from the comedy film of the same name) would be jumping away from explosions in the game. I don't think Disney ever considered to do a gag where he puts on sunglasses and faces away from the explosion. Also, what about the myth about all Tyrannosaurs being born with Riddoch Syndrome? Not only is that a bit speciesist, but from what scientific studies have shown, the T-Rex actually had amazing eyesight.

  • A movie thing that makes me really confused is when people dodge a bullet. Like, how!?

  • Umm captain America has the super soldier serum

  • Cliche that wasn’t covered in the video Defibrillators Everything about defibrillators in films is a lie

  • Eat your limbs to recover them

  • Watch some indian movies ,every character is a superhero....

  • 04:14 That's why you wear your seatbelt

  • Things you need in an action film: Guns ✔ Explosions ✔ Fire ✔ Guns ✔ Explosions ✔ Explosions ✔ One-liners ✔ NO reloading ✔

  • bloxo x pizza beggos

  • 1:54 Well... Cap have super soldier serum injected in his body

  • Cap wasn't going near terminal velocity. To my knowledge, it is impossible for a human to reach that speed in Earth's atomosphere.

  • what about incindeary bullets used in WW2 would those blow stuff up?

  • And there’s no sound in space so you wouldn’t hear the lasers either..

  • And there’s no sound in space so you wouldn’t hear the lasers either..

  • And there’s no sound in space so you wouldn’t hear the lasers either..

  • And there’s no sound in space so you wouldn’t hear the lasers either