8 Common Movie Myths Debunked!

Published on Mar 23, 2015
8 Common Movie Myths Debunked! Hollywood is known for often bending the truth when it comes to science, and we are here to set them straight.
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  • Watch some indian movies ,every character is a superhero....

  • 04:14 That's why you wear your seatbelt

  • Its impossible to shoot 2 targets at once

  • bloxo x pizza beggos

  • 1:54 Well... Cap have super soldier serum injected in his body

  • Cap wasn't going near terminal velocity. To my knowledge, it is impossible for a human to reach that speed in Earth's atomosphere.

  • Here's a movie moment where walking away from an explosion is possible (spoiler alert for those of you who haven't seen Iron Man, but want to). While testing out his third suit, Iron Man shoots a tank that is far away from him, then he turns around and walks away.

  • what about incindeary bullets used in WW2 would those blow stuff up?

  • And there’s no sound in space so you wouldn’t hear the lasers either..

  • And there’s no sound in space so you wouldn’t hear the lasers either..

  • And there’s no sound in space so you wouldn’t hear the lasers either..

  • And there’s no sound in space so you wouldn’t hear the lasers either

  • And there’s no sound in space so you wouldn’t hear the lasers either

  • And there’s no sound in space so you wouldn’t hear the lasers either

  • And there’s no sound in space so you wouldn’t hear the lasers either

  • A Trojan commercial come on before this video

  • Missed Myths Size change in fiction Air is like water, so you’d be swimming in air instead of flying Super speed is dangerous Strength can be worse

  • 1 of the people in that car got hurt in that seine he broke his arm i dont think you watched the movie

  • But you can use a Flamethrower

  • Movie logic: a regular plane crashes and doesn’t have any explosives on it yet it still blows up

  • i dont get how no one ied during the making otherwise they edit it, crushing all your dreams....

  • Infinity ammo

  • Bro, Steve is a super human!

  • Another Star Wars thing. There is sound when they attack each other with lasers and stuff. There is no sound in space so the battle would be short, less colourful and silent

  • In overdrive. Shockwases cannot kill ppl

  • Jason bourne

  • Break the lock with a sledge hammer

  • You can shoot gasoline and it will explode if you use incindeary round.

  • Demolition ranch Matt already debunked that door lock shooting myth. Even normal .50 BMG couldn't open lock. However incindieneary .50 BMG did it.

  • It’s a movie myth that If your shoot a mirror the bullet will bounce off the mirror. No the bullet would destroy the mirror.

  • Car stoping a bullet u missed that!

  • It's not lasers, it's plasma.

  • Like the Shock Wave At The Flash?

  • The most common myth: Star Trek is better than star, wars 😅

  • Shooting throw a pillow makes it quite

  • Titanic, myth busters debunked that 2 people can fit on the door and that it’ll still float

  • But he's arm was injured

  • I have amnesia futarama

  • Hippo campus

  • You didn’t mention IronMan

  • think they are not logical? Anime logic will make you think again

  • my cat has amnesia


  • Retrograde amnesia is also known as short term memory lost

  • You need to talk about how wrong Antman’s shrinking is.

  • Informative

  • But you know, Star Wars is in a completely different Galaxy so... And Cap is a super soldier so...

  • My nickname is A.J.!!!

  • Saving piravit rayan a WWII film

  • How about when someone suffering a severe allergy attack (anaphylaxis), an Epi-Pen stab is enough to save them, allowing them to breath instantly. Dead wrong (pun intended), Epi-Pens help, but the steroids given by hospitals are what saves you.

  • Sound does not travel through space. Sorry Star Wars

  • vehement

  • In Star Wars ships explode....in flames.....

    • They burst into flames due to the life support the life support keeps the fire burning

  • In some movies the characters have infitente ammo


  • the timers on bombs don't matter whatsoever

  • You forgot there is no sound in space

  • You missed the myth that silencers make guns stronger ( If anything they make them weaker )

  • Ok this was made in 2015 but I just have to. In Star Wars the lasers aren’t lasers there plasma blasts like how lightsabers are plasma

  • i deep impact the shockwave isnt bad

  • Almost everyone forgot that the common movie myth in all of action movies is that shooting at someone will propel them at least around a foot. Bullets in real life just damage you and would make you pass out or die because it's meant to do that. Bullets go through you. It can't push you.

  • Sooooo that battle before the rebels attack the second Death Star couldn’t happen? :(

  • The lasers are plastic nerf bullets

  • You forgot to mention Velicoraptors were turkey sized and had feathers!

  • 0:54 star wars begin on a movie i guess

  • Iron mans jet boots

  • Radiation doesn't cause growth like Godzilla.

  • Rockets launchers have no recoil

  • Ha. Hippo campus .LOL

  • Have you seen any tollywood movie?? I recommend you to make a video on it

  • BUZZKILL (I'm kidding)

  • why can i not triple like this!

  • Minnigun you can't hold one wile it's shooting it will blow you arm off

  • Ha ha infinity war


  • Will the eatrh excist in 1000 years from now

  • Hollywood👎

  • Here’s one you didn’t mention PEOPLES LUNGS DONT EXPLODE IN SPACE

  • in 2 fast 2 furious roman brakes his arm.

  • Cheerleaders are mean, dumb, and always peppy is another myth

  • Nah. U just missed the worst cliche : the dead person's straight green line in the hospital , which shouldn't exist at all.

  • What about the science of Tollywood😂😂😂

  • My sons name is Evan

  • Remember captain America is a genetically modified

  • On number 1 they usually use plasma and not lasers.

  • Who wants to make Blocko the movie about Blocko

  • Explosions in space don't make any sound

  • i do believe that retrograde amnesia is caused by damage to the cerebral cortex in general but damage to the hippocampus is what causes anterograde amnesia my friend not retrograde

  • captian america was unhurt because he has a healing factor he could heal aq bullet wound in a mater of seconds not hating at all

  • One movie myth is that after a person is dead they magically come back to life after 3 seconds out of no where

  • 1:57 So you are telling me that gangster vegas is not stupid but I was?

  • people think in movies people die

  • 0:44 - Edit: Actually, Life Noggin most of the weapons in Star Wars, including many ships don't shoot lasers but the very heated Tibana gas (it was mined on the mining world of Kessel, I think). Also unlike ammo on earth the heated Tibanna gas, used as plasma is slower than a bullet (so it can be pretty much seen) and also causes less damage to tissue (check Generation Tech - they gave me this info). So yeaaah... probably one of the few fictional things in the SW movies is just the sound in space... but the rest is pretty much done very well from a scientific point of view ;)

    • Actually it was mined on bespin spice was mined on kessel

  • They also don't actually know how to properly use a gun. If you do it the way it's shown in movies you the gun wouldn't actually shoot it.

  • Defibrilators cant help if a person's heart completely stops

  • Remember, in Star Wars, technology is different, and it is in a different galaxy thus making thicker asteroid belt.

  • 1:41 “Ekspeshully”

  • Lot of, but nah.

  • Light doesn't need a medium to travel through sound does though

  • He does know cap is too resistant to die from the fall in water, right. Or am i just a marvel nerd and he's normal?