6 Instant Drink Chiller Test

Published on Apr 6, 2018
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  • Sure, the can was cold, but was the soda inside cold? I wanted him to open the cokes and pour into a glass and then take the temp.

  • In russia, people chill their drinks with a driller

  • "This is defiantly ez way to chill your dink!"

  • Whoa cool. When somebody Likes shaken up coce?

  • With the zero dilution thing you are supposed to fill up the containers with water and freeze it

  • Just use nitrogen

  • These work but aren't efficient, the best way is to wrap your drink in a wet paper towel and put it in the freezer

  • Big liar

  • i like the Cooper Cooler Rapid Wine Chiller

  • This one is a forest boost

  • Spinning coke is good right?

  • "wow it tastes like coke"

  • Wow Boom!

  • let me wait 30 seconds *2 seconds later* ok let me try it

  • W u STeAliN BAtteRiEs??

  • boom boom boom😂😂

  • 8:48 if you fill it with water and close it then freeze it then yes it it will be better

  • You should have put crushed ice or crushed ice with water

  • These are all useless. Just put it in the fridge, or freezer, or just put it in an ice chest.

  • Fill it with liquid nitrogen oe dry ice

  • how didn't the can explode after al the movement?

  • Put liquid nitrogen there

  • This guys review are proper and thorough

  • Just a little more ice POURS ENTIRE ANTARCTICA

  • “Another room temperature can” slams on table ROUGHNRUFF

  • Soda man😜

  • 9:50 you have to freeze the hyperchill first

  • Lol

  • Boom!

  • prob could cool a bunch of drinks by putting the ice in the drink tho

  • Find the best spinning gadget

  • I can get similar results just by putting ice in a cup, oh and no batteries either

  • Nice excuse to drink all the sodas 😄

  • His boom Is really awesome he"s like ima drink this boooom!

  • this is so cool just pun😂😂😂

  • I want to soda Coke

  • The fros boos is a great gadjick

  • what’s is he saying when he says welcome back to ?

  • The most honest and the best US-tvr on US-tv

  • Boom

  • soda-coke

  • Suppuar

  • I just booiled it

  • 2:50 - 2:54

  • Instructions are there for something. READ THEM FIRST.

  • why wouldn't you just put the soda in a cup with ice!?

  • Fross Boose

  • 13:32 29 deegres thats how cool this water is xD

  • Those are actually pretty good gajicks

  • Maby pour it in a glass and add the ice :) funky gadgets

  • ice, a little water and salt in a cooler and you can chill more than one can of soda

  • I’m glad you’ve grow as a strong US-tvR I remember when you had 2mil

  • Read the instructions. The ice coffee jacket goes into the freezer before use.

  • all a bit pointless when you have ice anyway

  • Uhm, why would you need to spin it while you have an ice?

  • Ginormous.

  • Reverse microwave.

  • Use dry ice

  • *facepalm*

  • Tarus do a video of all of your pocket knives

  • Just buy ice from ebay..


  • boom

  • Put your Coca Cola in a liquid nitrogen...

  • He cracked open a cold one without the bois just his gajiks ;-;

  • Just put the ice in a glass... boom

  • You forgot “thumbs up for me” on the first gagdget

  • Boom Thatz crazy pretty Awsome

  • you could have just shaken a bowl of ice with the soda

  • Look it’s already 28 degrees, I think he meant f

  • Or you can just put it in a bowl full of ice. Smh

  • You should make a vid of all your gaj its

  • the great lengths someone would go through just to cool a drink without diluting it a little with ice.

  • nOW ThaTs AlOt Of dAmAGe!!!

  • Make some ice in fridge Spinning can in ice Boom You got ice cool soda can

  • “Boom”

  • It tastes cold ! How can something be tasted cold, it can be feeled cold taras

  • "it tastes really ice cold:

  • It’s almost icy cold... It tastes about room temperature right now.

  • “It can fit a bigger stuff in it “ -Taras Kul

  • Wow!

  • Today I learned that cylinder cans have corners 😂

  • The way he says boss has me dead😂

  • Lol cool u should put ice cream salt with some of them but it might freeze

  • Wow

  • The real hero is the ice

  • 1st one is gonna make ur coke bust all over u

  • Boom lol

  • That would have exploded

  • What is he measuring with that thermometer? There's ice in the bowl so of course the temperature is going to drop!

  • boom

  • That last one is the bomb

  • A n d t h e n I t s u c c s i t p r e t t y g o o d

  • I like drinking soda coke

  • Frooze booze

  • Here in America we just throw them in a bucket of ice water...

  • How to make soda flat instantly!?

  • Another way is pouring the drink in a cup of ice

  • Or just put it on a cooler