6 Instant Drink Chiller Test

Published on Apr 6, 2018
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  • Those are actually pretty good gajicks

  • Maby pour it in a glass and add the ice :) funky gadgets

  • ice, a little water and salt in a cooler and you can chill more than one can of soda

  • I’m glad you’ve grow as a strong US-tvR I remember when you had 2mil

  • Read the instructions. The ice coffee jacket goes into the freezer before use.

  • all a bit pointless when you have ice anyway

  • Uhm, why would you need to spin it while you have an ice?

  • Ginormous.

  • Reverse microwave.

  • Use dry ice

  • *facepalm*

  • Tarus do a video of all of your pocket knives

  • Just buy ice from ebay..


  • boom

  • Put your Coca Cola in a liquid nitrogen...

  • He cracked open a cold one without the bois just his gajiks ;-;

  • Just put the ice in a glass... boom

  • You forgot “thumbs up for me” on the first gagdget

  • Boom Thatz crazy pretty Awsome

  • you could have just shaken a bowl of ice with the soda

  • Look it’s already 28 degrees, I think he meant f

  • Or you can just put it in a bowl full of ice. Smh

  • You should make a vid of all your gaj its

  • the great lengths someone would go through just to cool a drink without diluting it a little with ice.

  • nOW ThaTs AlOt Of dAmAGe!!!

  • Make some ice in fridge Spinning can in ice Boom You got ice cool soda can

  • “Boom”

  • It tastes cold ! How can something be tasted cold, it can be feeled cold taras

  • "it tastes really ice cold:

  • It’s almost icy cold... It tastes about room temperature right now.

  • “It can fit a bigger stuff in it “ -Taras Kul

  • Wow!

  • Today I learned that cylinder cans have corners 😂

  • The way he says boss has me dead😂

  • Lol cool u should put ice cream salt with some of them but it might freeze

  • Wow

  • The real hero is the ice

  • 1st one is gonna make ur coke bust all over u

  • Boom lol

  • That would have exploded

  • What is he measuring with that thermometer? There's ice in the bowl so of course the temperature is going to drop!

  • boom

  • That last one is the bomb

  • A n d t h e n I t s u c c s i t p r e t t y g o o d

  • I like drinking soda coke

  • Frooze booze

  • Here in America we just throw them in a bucket of ice water...

  • How to make soda flat instantly!?

  • Another way is pouring the drink in a cup of ice

  • Or just put it on a cooler

  • Rrrrefrigirrratorrrr

  • froz boooos

  • "Gajic"

  • I love how you say frost boss!!! Lol. You're amazing and so funny. And your dogs are absolutely gorgeous.

  • Love your vids there 🔥

  • He does the most unscientific experiments ever lol

  • There all the same

  • Frosty approves👍🏻

  • Try to just tale a Cola and cover it in Ice for 60 seconds. I Think that would work as well

  • After watching hundreds of his videos I’m waiting for the day where he pronounces gadget correctly.

  • This whole video was an excuse for him to drink a lot of coke

  • I know this comment late what about beer is it the same thing reply if you try it and tell me which one works

  • "Gadgets that make your pop foamy"

  • Gageck

  • Bet he has a bunch of open flat cokes sitting in his fridge from the video

  • Whats that ending tho??!!

  • overkill technology

  • S O D A C O C K

  • Gadjic...

  • "Dis one iz a froezt boos"

  • Put salt in with the ice to cause it to create temperatures below freezing

  • Booem

  • The most word I like about crazy Russian hacker is: This gadget is great thumb up for me. Man that is funny

  • Invite Pashtet in one of your videos!That would be awesome!!!

  • _-FrozeBooze-_

  • This one is Froze Booze

  • Brefereg (beverage)

  • Your voice is like Yuri in call of duty

  • Your voice is like Yuri in call of duty

  • I wonder how many bachelor uncles are going to be getting these things as Christmas presents this year.

  • I’d rather do the Russian way using liquid nitrogen

  • As they say in Iceland. Me likey

  • Just by cold ice bag and make a hole in the bag then put the can in the bag and close the slit

  • cooler is bettr than your gadgts

  • Has anyone noticed how his US-tv name is crazy Russian hacker but he’s actually really chill?

  • Soda Cokk xD

  • Lol "lets see how hot is this soda" Isnt it should warm?

  • This one is a froze booce

  • try to chill a can of pashtyet

  • Da frozz boos I love how you pronounce that lol

  • Lets give it 30 more seconds... 1 second later, *drinks it*

  • i guess i am old fashiond to think grabbing a glass and throwing in a cube gets my drink cold fast too huh

  • Your measuring the temperature of the ice bud

  • Hey..buddy ur r coool and awsome

  • "Now you have your cold soda coke "

  • he said "frost boost"

  • Need a cold drink. Hang on let me get my drill.

  • I had -0 degrees Coca Cola