50 Donut Challenge (12,000+ Cals)

Published on Mar 20, 2017
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I once ate a tower consisting of 50 Donuts. Then I uploaded the video to US-tv.
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  • Donut or Doughnut?

  • Oh I would do this every day of I could I’m not a competitive eater but I love food challenges and I do them sometimes and I fail horribly but I do it with my friends for fun

  • How do you say Chokolate! 😂😂😂

  • Insulin has left the chat

  • Wow he already got a pregnant with more donuts

  • 15 doughnuts in 2 minutes. That's around 7.5 seconds per doughnut. God 😎

  • 2019 anyone? Probably not, I’m just super late..😑

  • Are you drinking water? You have some balls not drinking milk.


  • He gonna get diabetes

  • I've actually tried buying like 25 donuts and they were like tf are you matt stonie and it was from that day I started watching him

  • I have 49 donut

  • Remix XD

  • I dont even know what flavor order hes doing 😑

  • Yow do filipino street foods next! Kwek kwek or toknenengs, calamari, isaw, fried siomai, kikiam, liver, chicken balls, squid balls, shrimp balls, crab balls, lobster balls, and fish balls! All of them deep fried, then dip on some vinegar or sweet sauce!

  • Your shadow-banned

  • I eat 1 donut in 10-15 minutes

  • I would DIE half way through!

  • Water? Why not MILK!

  • o kadar yiyor kilo almıyor nasıl bir metabolizması var anlamadım.

  • One question I ask: How does he stay skinny af?

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  • This guy has some sort of superpowers he eats 50 donuts he’s still skinny I eat 1 donut then become fat lol

  • Did you licked your lips??

  • The most enjoyable way to commit suicide

  • 2K19 anyone?😂

  • Them donut so hard

  • Sen insanmisin turkler cevapp verirse sevinirim

  • 6:24 😅😂🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩🤤

  • I am the 9000 comment

  • My man eating chalk

  • *And I can't even eat 3 donuts*

  • How they fit in you

  • Water challange

  • The "oh...it fell" moment when the tower fell at the start was so freakin cute. Hehehe

  • 0:54 :)

  • nonut challenge

  • 0:54 my whole life summarized

  • “Choc,gla,choc,choc,chocal,glaze,gla”🤣

  • What was is white toilet is now brown

  • Choc choc power powder chocolate powder choc glaze glaz choc😂😂😂

  • I eat 1 dounut in mins

  • I can't believe that my little brother a Matt chose this for a career

  • You've got some real courage man. How do you not have diabetes? Lol.

  • you could've been drinking chocolate milk for that extra sugar

  • How he didnt get fat?

  • what doughnut brand is that?

  • Pause at 4:53

  • Time to make the donuts

  • 5 doughnut with in 30 seconds Me:I can eat 1/5minute 😂😎

  • Diabetes has joined the chat

  • 0:55 His face looks cute tho😂

  • How to puck eat 25 doughnuts how to puck twice eat 50

  • 0:54

  • The chocolate coating on those donuts is seriously like flavorless wax. No way it’s actual chocolate

  • are you killing your self? fuck you

  • Cha cha chocolate

  • 100 jalapeno poppers as fast as possible. Lets see it Megatoad!

  • i don’t even like donuts

  • Wıhat

  • 3:43 you finally started😂

  • Knock Knock Whos there? Constipation Constipation who? Constipation tomorrow

  • 5 sec Rule 💯

  • Your so greedy man suntukan

  • Someone make a remix on the chocolate glazed please 😂😂

  • Choc choc choc glaze pow pow pow glaze glaze choc choc choc.

  • powchoglazedchoc.

  • Me: breathes and gains 75 pounds Matt: eats 50 doughnuts and looses 50 pounds

  • Cho gla pow Cho Cho glaz pow

  • Donut.

  • matt stonie the type of guy to say he's full after eating 50 donuts

  • shouldve thrown a gallon of chocolate milk in there

  • In your krispy kream donut video you squished the donuts then ate them in one bite

  • Cho... cho... POW... cho...

  • 00:30 😂😂😂 Remix

  • I just imagined eating this,now i am in toilet🤣🤣🤣

  • 2019?


  • Jesus no donut should have weight like that!

  • this makes me hugry

  • U look like u hate what ur eating, then u say it was yummy

  • Cho cho cho glaze

  • 3K dislikes from the jealous fat police cups

  • 1:00 rip lol

  • are you sitting on a toilet

  • I actually spent my time counting them, yep 50 👍🏻👌🏻

  • 0:06 Chocolate Glazed Chocolate Glazed Chocolate Glazed Chocolate Glazed Chocolate Glazed Chocolate Glazed Chocolate Chocolate Glazed Chocolate Powdered Chocolate Powdered Chocolate Glazed Chocolate Glazed Chocolate Glazed Chocolate Glazed Chocolate

  • I showed this video to a krispy Kream and a dunkin’ donut employee Dang it, I wish I knew this wasn’t either of their brands

  • I just ate an apple while watching this, so proud of myself

  • *Choc- choc- glay- glay- pow- choc-*

  • *Police officers want to know your location*

  • Choc chocolate glazed powder glazed Edit:I died

  • I cant even eat one donut in 6 minutes

  • How are you still so fit

  • 男女男男女男女

  • Was it so good that u lost count?

  • Chocolate or glazed

  • alexelchef

  • You should do a 'what I eat in a day' videoe

  • How to get diarrhea