5 Hot Dog Gadgets put to the Test - Part 3

Published on Aug 5, 2018
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  • Love ur vids


  • I’d put my duck in that holes

  • the hotdog push inside and BOOM loss virginity .. hahahahaha

  • Gajit “gadget” BOOM!!

  • Speaking of life hacks, crazyrussionhacker should do more life hacks. Thumbs up if you agree

  • Gross microwave hotdogs yuck

  • Cool Gadgeks bro!

  • east german kettwurst?

  • M E S S F R E E

  • We have the same microwave

  • *grabs hotdog* BOOM

  • Thank you for reviewing these gajiks

  • 2018 anyone ???

  • Taras: just stick in the meat Me: that's what she said

  • In britain hot dpgs are tinned in some sort of salty water and then you boil them

  • 3:59 *3 pound family pack*

  • Now I'm hungry lol

  • This literally made me hungry for a hotdogs and went and purchased one at circle k lol. Where can I find that bread corer thing tho

  • Has anyone realised how many times he says boom

  • *B O O M* I love when he does that I even do it with him 😂

  • go to 1:44 and turn on subtitles XD

  • Meat one was literally Kabab

  • It’s delicious but the bread is a little bit soggy👀

  • 🔞🔞🔞🔞 loL

  • I like to load my buns really big kappa

  • I feel like im ready for contraception

  • 2:13 but plugs galore

    • YUK!!!..That yellow thingy..eeewwwww!!.that's just gross!!

  • 2:45 the saddest hot dog i ever seen

  • "Taste test" when he just wants an excuse to eat on camera

  • why do u talk while you r eating

  • Boom , I wanna hyatdogg

  • *It* *only* *works* *with the* *smaller* *hot* *dogs*

  • 8:00 "grab a piece of meat" He said.

  • Why do you say in all your publications Pompe

  • Bro u r so clumsy!!!!

  • "bird"

  • Put the hotdoge in there boom U lost your vergenity

  • u just wanted to eat hotdog ;D

  • This ist old way Just war ist normal i think He is messy XD

  • CrazyRussianHacker, In the USA you are free to put whatever you want on your hotdog but traditionally hotdogs get mustard and hamburgers get ketchup. Just though you'd like to know.

  • Boom! Hot dogs

  • 4:44 cool

  • Boom

  • Reported for Hacking. 😂

  • I think you were using that last gadget backwards...

  • По русски говори я тебя не понимаю!!!!!

  • I spoke too soon. I want even finished the video and he said this bun looks better drills an whole and sticks his sausage in it.

  • Im so dirty minded

  • 5:20 in denmark we call it a French Hotdog;)

  • In the one where he stuffs the bread with the hot dog how would you get your toppings on the every bite?

  • Boom!

  • Hello from Indonesia

  • Hotdog👉👌

  • 6:12 he is eating it so awkwardly

  • They way you make them are called french hotdogs

  • how do you expect to make crispy bread in a microwave

  • The cuts from the hotdog is for to cook it better

  • Love your vids

  • 1:43 MUUUUSCHI :>

  • The meet sausages are maden from кайма (kayma) and we tell this sausages кебапче (kebapche) and we have this hotdogs in Bulgaria with kebapche

  • Malbaratory

  • че у тебя руки тресутсо вечно?

  • Is it a hot dog or a sandwich?

  • Taras will feed zombies hatdogs made with his hotdog gadjicks

  • 6:45 I think he was just hungry and that why he "demonstrated again"

  • hi

  • its call a franch hotdog :)

  • I like your videos 😀😀😀😀

  • I allways put my hotdogs and bread in the microwave does anyone else do that?

  • Get high and go to 2:12 Thank me later

  • 2:52 urwelcome

  • Gagjeets

  • Why is this even a video.😑

  • Open up a asmr channels. !!!

  • "Squish it in" LOL, that's what she said. Best advice 😂👍

  • Boom

  • WOW ESSY *gets stuck*

  • And now I'm hungry

  • who is watching this while he is hungry

  • why am i watching this?? please help !!

  • Sausage party

  • Hatdag

  • 7:50 thats traditional bosnian food maker.

  • "boom"

  • "it grabs it so good"

  • Why am I watching this when I'm hungry...this made me even more hungry

  • Anyone else notice that he moved the whole microwave to show the demo lol

  • Every Gadget you've shown on this video, except the last one ( "slicer" ), was Brilliant.

  • 5:22 Birds and the bees

  • You shake so much

  • Can you please teach russian? please?

  • That "mess free" hotdog is pretty normal in our country (Czech Republic). We have it instead of regular USA hotdogs and we call it "Párek v rohlíku" (Paarik v roohleeko) And it means "sausage in the roll".

  • I like the video and the dude seems cool, but anyone that puts ketchup on a hot dog is a monster.

  • Nobody puts ketchup on a hotdog

  • I like a big bun for my hotdog.

  • 😂😂when he says bread

  • I love when he says boom 💥🌭🌭🌭

  • 7:07 "Oh yeah that's a juicy hot dog right there." I LOVE THIS MAN😂😂😂😂😂

  • You should start selling t shirts with your logo and the word BOOM! on it!