30 vs 1: Dating App In Real Life

Published on Nov 30, 2018
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  • 1:09 2:18 all men do is lie 😂😂😂

  • So awkward.

  • 1:25 cuteeee😂😂

  • Just as I expected in the last video (same experiment but with a guy and 30 girls). The 50/50 and 20/80 rule that as much as I remember "OkCupid" have came up with actually worked in both videos.

  • Just came here for the comments lol

  • She swiped no to so many sexy men with glasses

  • Do a lgbt one please!

  • Tall guy was Tyler from are you the on season 6 lol 😂

  • 1:55 IS THAT SEAGULL?!?!?!?

  • Is there a version of this the participants are less dumb and more attractive.

  • Can relate to the instagram thing. Got like 80 tinder matches that watch my IG story. It's kind of weird.

  • Let's appreciate the guy at 1:52

  • Wasn't the tall dude on Are You The One??

  • The 13th guy (the ome with glasses) is so cute and he seems smart how could she swipe left..

  • Very typical for a young girl. She is just average looking, but is still very picky. Guess sooner or later she will blame the man for her beeing single.

  • Well the tall guy seems a really cool person.I would want him as a friend of mine

  • the dude "their magicians" i just died

  • 1:53 oh yeah tiny

  • Pero paraaa, aczino se enfrentó a 5000 contra uno y no hizo video.

  • อุยอุย

  • maybe i should try this at school😂 like i should just stand in front of their line then do the swipe

  • “You have beautiful eyes” LMFAOOOOOOO I finally understand why girls say we are liars or confusing

  • Now you know looks is everything for women . Don’t write anything under my comments

  • 1:57 AWE

  • He like tall guys coz shes for the D

  • aw I feel do bad for em! that would be sad, be swiped left...

  • that is so superficial.

  • Ohio has hundreds of things to do!

  • Her: “I really want to put myself out there.” But you didn’t give anyone a chance..?

  • 0:26 When I see her nose from that angle, I imagine her oinking like a pig.

  • Id like my 5:48 minutes back

  • Funny how she likes to think she has standards, with that big, pokey nose of hers, isn't it!!!!!!

  • How would you swipe me

  • 1:53 CONGRATULATIONS, YOUR GIRAFFE-LIKE HEIGHT GOT YOU IN THERE!!!!!!!! How does it feel to win the genetic lottery????

  • 5:01 the person on the right is hot why didn't she choose him??

  • “There magicianssssss” lol

  • She has that little gap between her thighs even when she has them closed.uh yes please 😍

  • do a gay version

  • The tall one is from are you the one!!

  • I can’t believe Seth Everman is on here

  • I'm churchshopping KKSKSKSK

  • AYTO guy!

  • She’s really boring, so of course she’s not gonna feel a connection with someone. Life isn’t a movie, she’s gotta make more of an effort to talk to people.

  • @5:19 I wouldn't date her with them teeth!

  • Lol wow I want to date her

  • Well She got cakes

  • He said are you not from here and said you have a tiny bit of an accent. I was like no she doesn’t then she said she was from Ohio then I was like ooohhh makes sense

  • I would've said no to all of them. All the ugly boys in the world in one room.

  • This survey shows, girl doesn't choose life partner randomly. They are always cautious.

  • Where can I sign up too do this?

  • I'M SORRY BUT I WOULD HAVE SWIPED LEFT 29/30 😂 guess I'm too picky

  • Waste of my time

  • look at all these simps that is why you lose

  • 3:07 please marry

  • 2:17 ahahaah the only guy she would bang leaves

  • wassup with all those asian guys

  • She also forgot Ohio has Cedar point and we have some other cool things

  • 1:44 is like he's waiting in the row for his lunch in the cafetaria lol

  • The first guy was so rude tho lol

  • 5:48 best part of the video

  • Weman will never see the wall until it's too late. I'll help you over it and forget you. Hums time why you punish me.

  • Im feelin the brotha in the ripped jeans.

  • she started to move out all the short men, even that she is short

  • sorry but how come the guy got average 7/10 girls but the girl got to choose from 2/10 guys, no fair. he was a 4/10 and she is a 6/10..???

  • OHIO!

  • What's actually the point of this? serious question. Is it supposed to teach us something, or is it just a completely meaningless video under the guise of cute music and false sense of profoundness?

  • She literally said no to all the Asian guys why? 1:25 the cutest guy I have ever seen he’s so adorable

  • the black guy is cool😍

  • I thought she would choose him 3:50

  • 1:25 awwww he is so adorable why does she not like him he’s so adorable

  • Remember people, everyone has the right to have their own opinion about potential partners and whether they want to start dating them or not. It’s their life, no need to get mad at them for it.

  • I want do this too😂😂

  • Why is no one wearing shoes?

  • 1:52 WTF he looked so adorable

  • She's cute, tho.

  • Why the no shoes ?

  • Assuming she would’ve swiped right on me I would have been one of the dudes that left 😂

  • What is a person from AYTO doing in this video haha😂

  • Damn.

  • Dating apps are depressing .

  • I think it is the wrong choice to have them all dressed the same. That isn't realistic. As if dating apps force everyone to only take pics in black pants and white tee? People choose "yes" and "no" based on style as well.

  • This seemed like it could of been a slap to the face


  • How can I be a guy on this show? Like one of the potential matches? I live in the Los Angeles area!!😀

  • There are two cute boys you reject.. Whyy🤒😢

  • Wow your son is 16 month old mine is only 64 month old

  • I'd swipe right on every single one because I don't know who they are as a person. My questions would then revolve around values, not "what are your top 3 favorite movies?" But that's just me.

  • Comment section has shown me that every guy here and in the video will find a girl cause there is atleast one comment for each of them, someone gets mad that she said no to them 😂

  • I looked at the thumbnail and thought it was flo

  • Do more of these, make a whole series

  • The guy swiping had so many more attractive options 😶

  • why is jubilee forcing interracial relationships? most of the guys in that lineup were not even european. i don't blame her for walking away, she only really had a couple potential matches. jubilee on the otherhand should get their heads out of their asses.

  • That tall guy made my ovaries quiver.

  • Soooo thicc

  • the super tall black guy looks like this guy from Are you the one haha

  • Tyler from Are You The One?? 🤔

  • lmao they got the ugliest dudes


  • But it’s disgusting if a guy judges a woman on her looks...?

    • They already did a male doing this....

  • Outro music?