30 vs 1: Dating App In Real Life

Published on Nov 30, 2018
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  • The black tall guy wasn’t he from a are you the one??

  • Why are they all wearing the same clothes? Is it so that the clothing they’re wearing doesn’t affect her choice? I’m not quite sure

  • Şalaksşxkkhksjakajazl eğlendim

  • Turkish subtitle is very funny lol

  • That really tall dude withthe curls ive seen in a few vids already. Like this one he was sayin sum bout twerkin girls lol

  • 1:57 Hai


  • Tyler

  • She really said no to the cute asain boy with glasses wtfff

  • That's rude. She just wasted all these young gentlemens' time

  • 1:54 IS THAT TYLER FROM THE 'Blind Date ep.'XDDD

  • why isnt anyone talking abt how sweet and quiet kim’s voice was at 2:46 what the heck

  • 1:58 girl swipe right on seth everman

  • The guy in 3:50 is soo cute


  • Did she just swipe on every guy with glasses? Excuse me... there was one guy with glasses that was good looking

  • She had worst list of boys I wanted to swipe all left

  • The really tall guy was funny

  • On this channel in general the females are way too picky, and that's how women are in general. I mean I do have a wonderful girlfriend, but in general if women want to find a good man you gotta open up, being picky and selfish gets you nowhere

  • It was funny seeing that guy from Are You The One on this Episode 😂

  • I’m shook It’s Tyler from the vid where he got rejected when he said he wants someone who twerks. 😂😂😂

  • Loves the Office, won me over

  • 2:23" I'm not hurt. Okay " No you actually are.....

  • You could tell most of those dudes knew where they were getting swiped to, before she even did it. Lol

  • 1:57 Agent X.....

  • Tyler my man is baCccKkKk

  • Wow these people are in heaven and they're STILL being rejected.

  • "Sup dudes"😂😂😂!

  • Tyler again? Hahahahaha why is he stil single?

  • 1:58 that dood look like gru from despicable me

  • Please get Tyler a girlfriend cause I swear I see him in every video😂😂(sorry..lolo)

  • U can tell Tyler loves it... lol 😄

  • 1:24 it’s like he was trying for her not to like home lol

  • 3:18 is me af

  • why they all wearing no shoes

  • Whyyyyyy the black guy was hottttt😭

  • No love for the big boys huh? Shes a hater.

  • Damn... none of them were cute to me just based off looks. I have a very specific look I’m just attracted to, otherwise you can only win me over by personality. Then when I like your personality you become attractive in all ways. So this kind of thing wouldn’t work for me, they’d all get a no lmao.

  • why were they all barefoot?😂😂😂

  • Network, Independence day, Lion King. Not my best choices but would date.

  • Why are there so many Asian people.

  • Just one with glasses

  • No one with glasses lol

  • Why are there so many asians?

  • wow I hate how awkward this is

  • No black guys?

  • Yo caleb still haven't found anyone yet? 😂😂😂

  • Does anyone know what the name of the guy at 2:00 is??

  • I thought she way funny and I’m glad she was honest on the end. Good luck!

  • “I love the Office if that’s a hobby” MEEEEE

  • why my boy from hitman in here 1:59


  • I need to be on this bc no one has picked Tyler and he is the loml

  • There’s not a lot of these swiping ones!

  • OMG there so much cute guys! aww, she said no too many of them! come to me!

  • OMG i would NEVER date someone of them lol

  • TYLERRRRR❤️❤️❤️

  • Tyler that tall guy from 10 vs 1 speed dating with Alexa girl. I think he's hot.

  • 1:47 that guy was cute tho

  • "I love The Office...if that's a hobby" LMAO SAME GIRL SAME

  • 2:09 as picky as this woman is You gotta admit that she got some cake

  • I love The Office, if that's a hobby Girl same

  • She thicc

  • 1:48 HES SO CUTE WTF

  • Tyler 👏🏽 is 👏🏽 a 👏🏽 mood 👏🏽

  • Make more of these!!

  • That one guy looks like marlin from Madagascar 😂

  • Tyler's my favorite *claps*

  • *Swipes left on 22 people and cries when 2 leave.* Did anyone else peep how that one guy started with "you have beautiful eyes" and left right after? Edit **

  • The super tall one was best

  • the tall dude was just so fun to talk to

  • she swiped left for every guy that wasn't tall lol

  • 1:45 gotta give it to the lad, had the enough confidence in him that wouldn't be rejected. But welp

  • wait no one has shoes

  • I liked the asian with the glasses

  • What's up with them using Tyler from ayt1

  • Put an F in the chat for our fallen soldiers

  • Lol 😂

  • Let's just say that that one PARTICULAR GUY would DESTROY. HER.

  • i never heard a women say too tall tell just now 🤣🤣🤣

  • why don’t they have shoes on tho

  • That last guy out of 30 looking like 🗿

  • Is it weird that NONE of them are wearing shoes?😂

  • To anyone who’s actually wondering, Lauren now has a boyfriend and she’s really happy with him

  • I bet the tall black guy will be her favorite lmao

  • The super tall black dude was so attractive! like man how are you single???

  • i don’t get why no one picks the black guy like... ughhhh i need him

  • I’m from Ohio

  • dude at 1:59 reminds me of agent 47 lowkey

  • Çeviriyi kim yaptı amk OSNCOWNFOWNFİWNCSK

  • They were all unattractive though 😂😂

  • 1:54 turkler anladi)))

  • why tell her she has beautiful eyes then swipe no 🤧🤧 he was cute i was counting on him !

  • 1:55 is that Tyler???

  • she kinda has bad taste

  • So basically she chose the Chad's lol

  • 1:46 prime example of why alot of women wont even give some men a chance. Because they are short. She swiped all 3 of those guys to the left but as soon as the guy who looked well over 6ft walked up her reaction was immediate.

  • 1:48 boiii knew right away.

  • Right away we get to see what the girls ass looks like. And boy was i wrong.

  • I would not look twice at a single one of these guys