3 FNAF Fan Games #2

Published on Oct 30, 2018
Five Nights at Freddy's Fan Games are still being made...
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  • The kid in "Feez neez @ blees clees" sounds like my old friend Henry, Except he's not 5, He just acts it

  • It's time to kick gum and chew ass

  • The creepy version of lil yatchy is the thumbnail


  • Lol hie

  • Feev Neets at Blees Clees is my favorite anime

  • Feev Neets at Blees Clees is the beest geem eveeeeer!!!! XD

  • The thumb nail was scary asf

  • Blue clue sound is fnaf fan game

  • Ok you should really do voice acting for a game, you did an amazing job when reading the green text.

  • Markiplier claims his new role as KING, of feev neets at blees clees!

  • "I'm alive, by the skin of my teeths"

  • *-"m u t e a n a l"-*


  • Feeeeev neeeeeets eeet freeeedeeeezz

  • this video was made the day before my birthday lol

  • Mark Please can u play DRAWKILL animatronics 😊👍

  • I have to give props to the kid who made blees clees, they probably murdered their vocal cords making that -game- masterpiece


  • @toonster i am hoping for a wider set of parody games in the future! They’re so amazing! Good work man :)

  • Boos coos is best animatronic

  • 300 seconds is 20 minutes

  • Wow...that's the first time I've ever had to skip ahead in a Markiplier video. The screaming in the "troll" games was beyond obnoxious. Reminds me why I don't like kids.

  • Im thinking of making a starwars fnaf game

  • This is 5 year old kid

  • I can't stop laughing😂

  • Man, you might need some safety sivers 1:00

  • It said mute anal

  • Mark when you were laughing I was laughing with you so hard I almost fell out of my chair

  • Truly a masterpiece better than the original

  • theres a deeper meaning to blees clees. i know it.

  • The 2nd game was like some YTP shit 😆

  • OMG Mark I am the second result (Ur obviously first) when you look up blees clees. I am so happy!!! *Not like mark will see this tho XD*

  • When the test in 1 day more 26:49

  • -E-


  • play all 1000's

  • do more of the last game

  • do more of the last gamd

  • I had to pause the video for about an hour just to help my friend calm down. She was having a panic attack. Sorry, Mark.

    • +Shadow Boxer K I know.

    • +Fura Faolox I don't think you should overlook your friend for a US-tv video. Its not like Marks video has a time limit to watching.

    • +Shadow Boxer K I'm apologizing because I had to click off the video.

    • Why the hell are you apologizing?

  • Soooooi funny

  • 8:06 when they dont have mustard

  • Not baldi 😨😰😱🙀

  • Feev neets at blees clees 10/10 !!! Would plee again!

  • Blue's clues is my childhood. HEC c

  • Markipler your my fav youtuber then after you is sssniperwolf

  • Feex neets at bloos cloos is amazing 😂

  • Feeve neets at blees clees may or my not be the most terrifying thing ever.

  • the thumbnail is scarier then the whole FNaF series combined

  • Stopped the vid at 18:54 and found something amazing 😉

  • imagine a fnaf game where it just won't go to 6am, it's 12,1,2,3,4,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,5,!6,5,5,5,5,etc

  • is it just me or does it look like two girls having a scissor fight on one of the dogs?

  • 8:20 OMGAAAAAAAD that is like idk how to say it with wo... 8:34 wow, i cant, like... im speechless...

  • I used to watch blues clues all the time

  • 16:54 my first nutt was like...

  • You really got scared

  • Yup ......... I've now seen everything 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • I gotta bra add while watching this.

  • cool but why does baldi have a fandom

  • Hey Mark, remember that one game you played before called Case Aminitronics? Well fortunately there is a sequel to the game so now you can either play as a random pedestrian or the aminitronic itself.

  • Jesus Christ that kid talked for way too long😂

  • Just because your most popular was a FNAF video and it did really good doesn’t mean that this content would still do good today and you should keep doing it.


  • Wene you see home hit L

  • boos coos is me favoite ot ov all ov thm

  • Watching the last game in this video made me want to watch the fnaf series over again (which I will gladly do because I'm a hardcore fnaf fan. Hint my account name :3)i didn't know what fnaf was until I found marks channel. The first fnaf I watched was part one of sl because my sister and i where up late at night watching US-tv. She was watching mark and i was watching jack play prop hunt. (I didn't know jack knew who mark was) anyways after I watched mark play sl I went at looked up if there where anymore fnaf games. I was so happy that there where and I'm so happy that i watched mark play them. So mark,if you see or read this comment. I love all your play throughs of the fnaf games. Your videos make me have a brighter day. I look forward to every video you post.

  • there should actually be a legitimate blues clues horror game. like a legitimate game no joke.

  • I was not able to carry the sin apparently


  • Who else questions what they just watched

  • だれかー日本人の人

  • Do dis. I Suma luma Duma luma use assuming I'm a human What I got to do to get it through to you I'm super human Inavative and I'm made of rubber so that anything you say is richocheing off of me and it'll glue to you I'm devistating more than ever demistrating how to give a mother fkin audience and feeling like shts levatateing Never fading and I know the haters are forever waiting Till the day that they see I'll be fall off they'll be celebrating Cuz I know the way to get em motivated I make elevating music you make elevator music EMINEM RAP GOD FAST PART BTW

  • *B L E E S C L E E S* Y’all I can download Feev Neets at Blees Clees for free.. Should I do it??

  • Feev Neets at Blees Clees... Alphys, is that you??

  • I would totally date the Booz cooz kid😍😍

  • Feev neets at bleeves clees is by far my favorite!

  • 9:21 Does he not notice:"Mute Anal" XD

  • 8:07 my new favorite meme game

  • The call is criing

  • Remember when you played Five Nights a the Chum Bucket? Why not play Five nights at the Krusty Krab? It was made before it.

  • Now I know that someone stole my thing. Feev neets eet freedys is my thing!

  • feev neets clees

  • *m u t e a n a l*

  • He made a refereance to one of his try not to laughs!


  • Spoopy

  • 29:25 PROBLEM

  • why does he look more asian in this video?

  • Spooky

  • Fiev neets at blees Clees?! That’s funny as!

  • mark: *this next one is ganna be bad* baby ad plays

  • Feev Neets At Blees Clees

  • i got feev neets at blees cless for fun and loved it earrapes tho

  • 15:48 SammyClassicSonicFan?

  • 7:34 That music was ripped straight from FNaF Four!

  • feev neets at bleees cleeas- im wheezing- 11/10 better than fnaf

  • BALLOn BOi

  • The 3rd one I've played

  • * *Turn on subtitles to see the E R R O R* * 1:04 "And use the safety "scivors"" Me: Wha..?- Me: SAFETY SCIVORS?? * *Falls off my bed* * Me: OUCH! BUT IT WAS WORTH IT!! THAT WAS FUNNY!! * *Gets back up and replays over and over til I get bored and then resumes the vid* *

  • you can tell mark's age truly is seven years old ;)