2017 Overwatch World Cup Playoffs | Day 1 Post-Show | BlizzCon

Published on Nov 7, 2017
The Overwatch World Cup is a global, community-driven competition between nations.
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  • This game looks like chaos with no fun! It really looks like a kiddie game

  • Yo is THAT ricegum?

  • Australia, you're Crocodile Dundee!!!!

  • greak jhob on 2.1 million subscribers

  • its liek world cup soccer

  • Team Korea doesn't deserve this.

  • I like how when south korea wins they barely even celebrate. They are just like "plebs" and drink their water without even a smirk on their face.

  • hi pls subsruube to me

  • Dont really like the commentators

  • Buff Roadhog

  • I publish overwatch content

  • I've already watched this on battlenet

  • Can You Add Saudi Arabia?

  • i dont get it. why did i just get a notif for this video now?

  • Dear Blizzard, is it possible we can have any pve mode to have fun with family and friends against ai thank you 🙏🏻 😊

  • please nerf the range on moria

  • Moira’s golden gun needs to be better you can’t even tell that someone has it

  • Will there ever be a story line for d.va?

  • Give Torbjörn a Swedish voice line plese

  • Return to Hook 2.0 retards

  • I feel like I can't watch this competitive stuff for the same reason I can't watch other sports. Constant, dishonest praise to the Maximum! They're great!! But not the best of all time, right?

    • well technically since this is the first world cup and winners are the only world cup winners they are best of the all time for now

  • please blizzard entertainment update us console players

  • Couldn't get on the forums but I just tried to play competitive and the game wouldn't allow me to connect to the server but then gave me a suspension and a 50 sr penalty. Why did this happen?

  • Alex succcks

  • 8:25 USA vs SK 2:2???

  • The way they organized the brackets were stupid. USA and SK shouldn’t have been a quarter final and Canada and sk shouldn’t have been a grand final if it were up to the bracket. If it was meant to be it was meant to be but USA SK was the only good match from that bracket.

    • France vs SK was great too. They got Flower to switch off Widow even. If they'd been a little less cowardly on Gibraltar they might've been able to win that match too

    • it was a randomised draw USA just got unlucky I suppose

    • Mikman21 competitive overwatch those were good as well. But sk Canada and sk France were lackluster imo

    • Riley Hanson Canada vs austrailia was pretty intense also Canada vs Sweden was pretty intense too

  • 14:23 can someone clip that lmao

  • South Korea wins again.... Why do people even bother with esports when there is a 99.99% chance S. Korea will win?

    • Because we like seeing the highest levels of play, people like seeing the best tested and some of us just like watching them win.

    • Jinto117 they barely won this time, pretty exciting to watch

  • Delete mercy

  • Who one? South Korea?

  • Great

  • This video only has 300 views. IM CONFUSED Edit: Still only 7 k views

  • I've only played the game once and I think I've seen the would fan base

  • 18:40 loser semifinals? there's really no better names for that?

    • I know what you mean, but they do call the match the Bronze Medal Match, and the graphic is just to show that the loser of semifinal 1 and loser of semifinal 2 are the ones who compete in it.

  • Best game!!! OVERWATCH!!!

  • Hi

  • What did the Koreans say at 4:12?

    • Kenneth Weech lol they sounded like h20 delerious XD

    • team: nice!!! sabyeolbe: fxxk you!!! (probably one of the overwatch characters from US) flow3r: We still have to push the payload in the next round to win the match. sabyeolbe: I fxxking killed mercy many times. zunba: fxxk.. Now I got the hang of it.

    • "yeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!" "We NEED to push to win" "We should have focused on (killing) mercy first" Something like that... nothing too special.

    • More like "I f-ing cut mercy over and over"

  • 18th

  • Gonna be honest. The re-coloring was pretty rad but it started to hurt my eyes after a while. X_X R.I.P. Retinas.

  • 4:26 lol delete mercy.

  • Taimou is my dad Mickie is my mum and Seagull is my brother

    • Aston Gunning so you are the least talented member of the family? Huh tough.


  • 4:26 LMAO

  • 10th ik this triggers ppl

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  • Too much videos at once

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