2017 Overwatch World Cup Group Stages | Part 4 of 4

Published on Oct 27, 2017
With the pressure to qualify for the 2017 Overwatch World Cup playoffs at its peak, Teams USA and Germany and Teams Australia and Japan go head-to-head for the chance to compete at BlizzCon.
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  • Anyone know the rock music at 0:21?

  • Where is Art1er ????

  • overwatch a cancer game made by snowflake jews

  • RIP InternetHulk

  • Internethulk :(

  • #R.I.P. Internethulk :(

  • 1:14 lol

  • someone please tell me what the korean team said when they beat the usa (the victory scream thing)


  • Haha no muselk on team Australia this time xD

  • Where,s seagull

  • I just cant watch this .. I CANT! Its hurts to see Germany lose against USA!

  • Whoever cuts these should be fired. Extremely questionable choice of footage sometimes.

  • I'm so pumped for the next round!

  • New hero?

  • Australia Vs Japan was such a good set!

  • Murica

  • when the australian team is basically 80% asians

  • what a pity for Chinese player Undead

  • What's that goddam' intro song ?

  • DO they even have to play we all know who the winner is gonna be

  • Y’all forgot France the second best team of this tournament

  • Stop showing us Jake, we want Sinatra!!!

  • There’s a BlizzCon in Anaheim? I want to go

  • USA are obviously the underdogs when competing with South Korea but I really reckon with a little bit of faith and hope it could be an insanely close match! Fingers crossed! P.S. AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE!

  • Rip usa


  • USA ALL THE WAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • RIP Shadowburn...

  • does anybody know the headsets they use in esports games

  • usa vs korea lul who would win?omae wa mou shindeiru

  • Fix Overwatch or i will play IT again

  • Overwatch i well end your sad story

  • Make krumpet for junk rat give to msjej4/3

  • Just for jeff to know this game sucks so much even paladins is better. I played with my friend i got 3 times in a row 25-30 lvl team and enemy team had ONLY 400-500 lvls. I will delete this fu**ing game cuz it just sucks so much.

  • Game is great


  • Lol dethrone South Korea

  • Overwatch fix your games

  • A team to beat south korea? I mean mayne china but thats it and still korea is still better

  • USA so extra and cringey.....

  • US against south Korea in the first round again?!?! That's total bs!

  • Papa jeff plz give me new mccree skin to end my suffering *lol*

  • U.s needs to add the best orisa in the game highest in skill rating throughout all platforms

  • USA USA 🇺🇸

  • reaper and pharah

  • did anyone see the Embers of war add its the new fukn copy of overwatch just by looking at the add i saw a reaper pharah

  • I don’t want to say that all teams can’t be compared to South Korea but this is the fact 😰

  • When is capture the flag gonna be back?

  • Canada Vs South Korea, although Blizzcon will have the new Mercy patch, and USA has one of the best Pro mercy players with Adam, and Rawkus is a really good mercy as well. SK don't really have any mercy players. Let's hope USA can win.


  • I literally threw 22 matches in a row. More enjoyable.

  • bring back overwatch... and nolimits

  • 6:12 wrong insert, they were playing Oasis not Horizon Lunar Colony xD

  • This video is so australia favored

    • NKofman Why. They were hyping up AKTM and gave Japan proper closure.

  • Did they stream this on twitch/youtube? Or was it only available through virtual ticket?

  • 새별비 위아굳이러는거 졸귀네 ㅎㅎ본인도 웃긴지 후에 웃는것도 기엽 ㅋ

  • R.I.P Muselk

  • I'm only watching matches casted by Doa and Monte

    • blinerd's vids what about the legendary duo Hex and Zp there back boi

  • Overwatch team I’m asking from the bottom of my heart will you ever make widowmakers noire skin available to buy in game for 1,000 currency because I believe all players should have a chance to get that skin plz respond

  • I hope Canada wins

  • 0:35 MEMES

  • i still feel bad for japan :(

  • how do you say......FAGGOTS!!!

  • Blizzard please give us a defence hero because you have is offense tank and support

  • Buff Mei.

  • Wow Austrália vs Japan 😎


  • other than Reinhardt. srry.

  • Australia lost to SK in 8 minutes last year, how long can they last this year? I sure hope this Blizzcon world cup doesn't end too fast LOL..but I got a feeling it will be over before we know it..again..