2017 Overwatch World Cup Group Stage Recap | Part 2 of 4

Published on Oct 25, 2017
Practice makes perfect, but what’s best way to practice? Players from our Top 32 Overwatch World Cup teams share their strategies-from rigorous scrimmage schedules to simply taking it easy-before testing their mettle in our four group stages to secure a spot at BlizzCon 2017.
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  • Hai Romania


  • childish game

  • Go CHINA Team!!

  • South Korea is savage lol

  • Where iddqd is?

  • YAAAY!

  • عربي

  • 6:11 Cx in the chat gois

  • It's sad that there isn't any girls on any of the teams...

  • I bet they have the cute and pixel sprays for every hero.

  • when u realize japan managed to upset spain because they had demonic possessions on their side monkaS

  • "If we go in, we're all in as one or were not in" That's the kind of strat talk I hopelessly try to give in my solo a games.

  • Goddamn, would have loved to see AKTM at blizzcon. he seems like a good lad

  • TEAM #UK 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  • USA! USA! USA!

  • 6:10 Cx

  • 6:11 Cx in the chat

  • i love 6:28 with ster and his american sunglasses and tie, that's beautiful

  • 4:46 how do you hold your mouse like that?

  • koreans OD on video games

  • 7:03 When did Austria become Turkey?

  • Here's a joke A Middle Eastern country having a team

  • I hate over watch

  • I hope sweden wins Im swedish as you probably guessed

  • Japan with the haunted ghosts lmao NANI SORE 3:57

  • Those cosplays thooooo 1:32

  • 6:11 TriHard Cx

  • Isnt that the black guy who almost left Seagull hanging?

  • PC master race people are cancer of the gaming community. They put themselves on a pedestal and talk down to everyone else. If you're one of those people blow your brains out right now.

  • i like overwatch but i dont think i would do something like this for that game

  • I love the pure insanity with US. Fans

  • World cup prelims was akin to watching gms destroy plats. and plats play against plats. It's honestly boring watching when you know Korea is going to win.

  • Man I wish I was playing there

  • how to copy a game 101

  • 😂😂😂

  • Look at my speed art

  • Please remove Mercy from the game. Thank you Blizzard!

  • if some1 wants to play with me im in eu: TotaKiller#2769

  • The audio is not synced so it looks so dumb lmao.

  • Death to South Korea. I will laugh to the heavens as i watch those worthless weakling being smashed into the bloodied ground by Superior teams. Better teams. It will be a clear statement to all who blindly admires those pathetic scrubs. They. Are. NOTHING.

  • Guess you can't make anymore health jokes about team usa


  • ما في اهتمام بالعرب ليش ماتسون زي كذغ للعرب

  • 3:35 Reinforce BibleThumb

  • Im allways in the deffense when i play quick can you help me with that?

  • netherland on s korea "before we adjust someone get picked" blizzard : new mercy for world cup lul

  • Brutal.Savage.Rekt. This whole thing reminds me of Dota 2 documentaries .

  • Romania sucks

  • WTF is EFFECT not in S.Korea's team?! THIS IS BULLSHIT!!!!!


  • 니들이 버프해야지 뭔 한국 너프타령?ㅋ 여튼 찌질해

  • Nerf South Korea plz

  • France is me in my exams


  • China: it's the Visa again...

  • Overwatx

  • #avecle6 France will do the miracle ans win against Korea !!

  • Romania

  • #avecle6

  • I get it that South Korea are good, but it's the nerves of the other teams when they vs South Korea that is the biggest problem, in this video the Koreans are almost the enemy here, with the menacing music and key words like demolish, if I was team US going into Blizzcon knowing that your first match could secure you +4th place or -5th place and it was against South Korea, I would be so nervous that it would affect gameplay.

  • I find it really sad and disappointing that team Russia won't be going to blizzcon they were so good last year it was amazing and got me so hyped

  • "I feel like a man possessed!!!"


  • If Korea does win this year, which probably they are, should Blizzard even let Korea compete next year? Even if they have different players next year.

  • Correct me if I'm wrong but everytime I see sinatraa he always has this smurk like im better than everybody lol

  • Blizcon spoiler: US beat South Korea at the final and saves the world AGAIN :V

  • EYY im in the vid!!!

  • ไทยๆ

  • ster lookin good at 06:27 :D