2017 Overwatch World Cup Group Stage Recap | Part 1 of 4

Published on Oct 24, 2017
Relive the excitement of the 2017 Overwatch World Cup Group Stage events in China, Australia, Poland, and the United States! Join our top 32 teams as they prepare for battle and discuss their chances against the reigning world champions, Team South Korea.
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  • God Blizzard is so good, OWL and world cup, just quality stuff across the board.

  • i have no idea why this has me so hyped i never watch this stuff ever

  • 6:40 많이 연습해줬으면 좋겠습니다 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ실화냐??ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ국뽕에취한다


  • sad life when pretty much every other team who made top 8 except aus gets talked about. thats how ya know were bad 😂

  • he shouldve just gone death stare and said "good luck" to the final question

  • isports in arshentina... you have to shast.. q asco culiau!!!!

  • Overwatch World Cup 2017 in one sentence: anyone but the south Koreans.

  • I either want a Seagull jersey or a ryujhong or miros Jersey honestly.

  • france: "we don't care if we win or lose, we just want to beat --kpop-- korea"

  • Allez la France ! The French go to win.

  • Why do koreans have bowl cuts?

  • Pause the video then click 2:35... wtf is that whale wearing

  • YAAAY!

  • Go Brazil team!!

  • Thailand

  • Jake is undoubtably the hottest OW e-sports player out there.


  • i got my teams USA! USA! USA! OI OI OI South Korea

  • Hmmmm..I wonder who will win... “* coughs”SOUTH KOREA” *” 🇰🇷❤️🇰🇷❤️🇰🇷❤️🇰🇷❤️🇰🇷❤️🇰🇷❤️🇰🇷❤️

  • Go USA! 🇺🇸 Only World Cup we'll be playing in for the next several years lol.

  • Go USA! 🇺🇸 Only World Cup we'll be playing in for the next several years lol. Also, I'd like to see an African team make it next time around. They're the only habitable content not represented here. Hopefully they get their own servers in the future to prompt development in the region.

  • "I don't want to win, I just want to beat Korea." if you beat Korea you do win tho

  • These commentators are so boring. They should take a lesson from street fighter and use less formal commentators like Yipes and Xi. No one wants to hear from a bunch of cardboard guys doing straightforward commentary. Gameplay is not as exciting as pro sports, so extracting pro sports-like commentators to run commentary for these games isn't as engaging.

  • Monte

  • Korean overlords.

  • 0:28 raging at mercy

  • 0:25 seems he forgot to put the lenses in his glasses.

  • Goodness I just hope these Koreans get their asses kicked (I know they won’t but a guy can dream)

  • Who else wants to see envyus play against South Korea’s World Cup team

  • 0:27 Aannndd there is XQC raging

  • Everyone loves a story where the underdog takes the title...

  • Rakker caps is lit

  • 2:23 both of them are aliens

  • 1:35 Sneak peek at an upcoming Mercy and Soldier statue?

  • How do Asian people get so good at speaking English. Better than most Americans.

  • #AvecLe6 🇫🇷💪

  • flower's comment ;)

  • dat air quality in china shanghai tho.... XD

  • Welcome to the Overwatch Mercy Cup!

  • dang as someone coming from league scene i miss monte so much...you guys are so lucky to have this guy!!

  • ya'll heard the man, GO PRACTICE!

  • WutFace

  • MY ENVY BOIS..... oh wait, DALLAS FUEL BOIS. and my korean bois. LWB fan here. GOGO FL0W3R RANGERS!!!

  • Lol. OW e-sports acknowledges Korea will win. France is like, “we came to destroy Korea”. This video is accurate.

  • Practical makes perfection get good or die trying That's why Korea is the best stop making excuses

  • Never mind that there in

  • Go Thailand if they are there wooooooooooo!

  • I come from the future I know who wins South Korea

  • Mickie😫