2016 NBA D-League Slam Dunk Contest Presented by Verizon

Published on Feb 16, 2016
Six of the NBA Development League's most high-flying athletes put on a show on Saturday, Feb. 13 at Toronto's Ricoh Coliseum.
The NBA Development League, the NBA's official minor league, streams over 400 live games on the NBA D-League US-tv Channel and NBADLeague.com. Fans can get a glimpse at the players, coaches and officials competing to ascend to the NBA's rank. With 30 percent of players on start-of-season NBA rosters boasting NBA D-League experience when the 2015-16 season tipped off in October, the NBA D-League US-tv Channel is the best place to see the future now.
The NBA D-League consists of 19 teams for the 2015-16 season, all singly affiliated with an NBA franchise: Austin Spurs (San Antonio Spurs), Bakersfield Jam (Phoenix Suns), Canton Charge (Cleveland Cavaliers), Delaware 87ers (Philadelphia 76ers), Erie BayHawks (Orlando Magic), Fort Wayne Mad Ants (Indiana Pacers), Grand Rapids Drive (Detroit Pistons), Idaho Stampede (Utah Jazz), Iowa Energy (Memphis Grizzlies), Los Angeles D-Fenders (Los Angeles Lakers), Maine Red Claws (Boston Celtics), Oklahoma City Blue (Oklahoma City Thunder), Raptors 905 (Toronto Raptors), Reno Bighorns (Sacramento Kings), Rio Grande Valley Vipers (Houston Rockets), Sioux Falls Skyforce (Miami Heat), Santa Cruz Warriors (Golden State Warriors), Texas Legends (Dallas Mavericks) and Westchester Knicks (New York Knicks).
Three more NBA franchises have purchased one-to-one affiliates for the 2016-17 season: the Brooklyn Nets, Charlotte Hornets and Chicago Bulls.
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  • The thumbnail look like Bronny in the future..

  • Better than the nba dunk contest in my opinion

  • Where is everyone in the stands lmao

  • Better than the last two year all star dunk contests😂

  • dj stephens looks like oprahside lowkeu

  • better than 2017-2019

  • Announcer saying "one more attempt"

  • They suck like a kiwi trying to fly. Shyeet.

  • Unfair judging

  • 6:38 dude said “net doesn’t move” bruh are we watching the same dunk?😂

    • Caden Bradley he meant rim

  • Who n all here after today’s Dumbdunk contest

  • U guys r hating about the under the rim under the legs but u don’t get how high that standing vertical is

  • Dude... 8:00 is actually a sick arss dunk. That was dope.


  • Lezzgo G Leaguers!

  • Wait three NBA players, there is 4 of them

  • 0:35 this guy didnt look real..

  • Nenhum branco, depois falam em preconceito, sãos feios porém ficam ricos, e o mundo deles, aqui no Brasil os negros nem basquete jogam,e depois dizem que aqui tem muito negro, la que tem muito mais,foram escravos no passado agora são reis, tá vendo Deus ajudou estas almas.

  • These 2 dipshit commentators sure were hung up on how the ball goes in the net. We get it, it looks better when it goes in certain ways. Now shut the hell up about it

  • sounds like they got dns league fans... i mean, did anybody watch this live? smh

  • These dudes Tryin hard to win rent due in few days!

  • 12:29 am i the only one who heard”is that a turd over by Jordan clarkson

  • These guys don't seem too excited to be there.

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  • That boy got ups

  • Hey i am new abonner sorry i am french !!!👍😉😁👍

  • On nba 2k19 you go to the fort wayne mad ants

  • At 24:20 he either literally double jumps or im high. Bro got mad hops

  • 16:29 that was kinda nasty

  • nice judges

  • They still do this??

  • Quinn Cook is in this 16:37

  • Still better than the WNBA

  • What people don't understand is that these people are good but no one picked them.

  • Still better than the wnba

  • Im 11 and 5'6

  • That guys are nervous

  • dope!

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  • The judges are bitches and not qualified

  • They look like D league players they just have this corny look jus saying

  • Uuuuuu

  • don't call this dunk contest

  • Durrroo

  • Ok so I’m just getting home

  • yall saw the under legs dunk too stupid ass people

  • yall saw the under legs dunk too stupid ass people

  • Stephens didn’t even do nothing cool

  • NBA FANS= INFINITE NBA dleague fans= 0

    • DLeague Association Teams = Local Fans and Family&Friends / NBA = World Fans and Extreme Commercial Tips.

  • These guys are attempting dunks that they clearly can’t do. Just judging from their attempts they’re not even close u can’t try dunks in a dunk contest that u obviously can’t even do during practice.

  • One of the players look like Quinn cook

  • Wasa

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  • Dang Q

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  • JORDAN....damn... orgasmic dunk..

  • Nice judge JORDAN CLACKSON! I hope KOBE PARAS from PHILLIPINES will pLAY this slamdunk contest 😊😊😊!

  • Great value dunk contest

  • 26:32 - 26:40 hahahaha lmao, laughtrip

  • John jordan basically did the same thing

  • mujha NBA club Ka koi phone number da do

  • Judge with the camo jacket looking at what everybody else scores the dunk before putting up his own. He wasent being honest with the plays.

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  • Jarvis Threat He is more of a Threat

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  • bruh im from rio grande and i havent herd of the vipers 😂😂😂

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  • i saw seth Curry

  • Sade Curry

  • I am for tokoto

  • They chatting

  • This is better than 2017 dunk contest NBA

  • nbagleague - Ugly Bitches

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  • Why people Haten none of y’all could do this so stfu dammm

  • Errrrr I’m 11 I know that it’s a backboard not a window??????

  • Was curry a judge


  • Haha

  • if I see one more missed dunk.....damn


  • 1번째 사익스 ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  • Windmills are not easy I bet the judge can't even touch the rim.

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  • cool dunks dude yall going to be in the nba i subscribed to you guys channel

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  • 5:26 is that seth curry???

  • watching, where the crowd?

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