19 Military Lessons that Made Me a Millionaire

Published on Sep 27, 2016
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If you removed the military from all of my life experiences, I wouldn't be who I am today. Here are 19 military lessons that made me a millionaire.
#1: Managing Chaos - 5:29
#2: Mission Driven - 6:26
#3: Limited Resources - 6:53
#4: Multi-Task - 8:05
#5: Perform Under Pressure - 9:16
#6: Managing Risks - 11:19
#7: Thick Skin - 12:34
#8: Build a Tribe - 14:19
#9: Leadership - 16:45
#10: Learning Other Cultures - 18:02
#11: Adapt - 19:09
#12: Survivability - 19:56
#13: Independence - 20:02
#14: Strategy - 21:00
#15: Health - 21:07
#16: Preparation - 22:06
#17: Paranoia - 22:13
#18: Work Ethic - 23:02
#19: Discipline - 23:06
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For detailed notes and links to resources mentioned in this video, visit patrickbetdavid.com/military-lessons-made-me-a-millionaire


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  • Thanks for the video, I'm a military veteran also. Lots of life lessons learned.

  • In bootcamp I got into trouble even though I was not a trouble-maker. I think it was a mind-game to see if I cracked. In war the enemy probably does the same when you're a POW.

  • i love listening to americans talk about them selves. such a rare occurance.

  • I know I have the ambition, drive, & ethic to become an entrepreneur BUT lack the discipline to execute. Airforce here I come!

  • I can't keep up you speak too fast and english isn't my first language. You're rapping like Busta Rhymes

  • US military is like a holiday camp. We have Sersan that can whip, kick, punch you no consequences. Live ammo in crawls, etc. But it's interesting similarities- we had a lot of immaturity and coddling from mothers to break. We although being same race, we have lots of ethinic groups who don't get along. The camaraderie was priceless, truly a band of brothers. Breaking down everything into as you Americans down to Barney.level was very useful for trainng idiots. I completely agree about pressure,

  • Solid, solid video, totally agree. Even a few years in the military gives you 20 years of life experience real world.

  • Those are automatic weapons

  • Number 15 hit me hard. U killed all my bullshit excuses. Thanks.

  • Thank you for your video.

  • Hello sir , This is the first time I watched your video and I am beyond inspire with the words you shared and ya , I want a small suggestion from you that is I wana join millitary in health but I am totally confused either to join US army or airforce , as I am thinking continuing my further education ,, please suggest ?

  • Keep your day job.

  • This was a good video thx

  • absolutely wonderful. I learned a lot form these 19 points and now knew what is missing to achieve my mission. subscribed and will definitely ask more questions as i start practising all the points mentioned..Thanks Pat :)

  • Man you had me cracking up when you talked about your experience in boot camp, took me back to my memories of mine too. I was in the Air Force and now recently retired, but you're right about kids being mama's boy or about adapting etc. Glad I sticked around myself, I too went thru rough times but everyone does. Boot camp alone teaches you about yourself, when you thought you couldn't keep going and you made it all the way you realize you can do much more than you ever thought.

  • Just become a chef and you will have to develop most of these qualites. we actually had a guy from the millitary joining us in the a la carte kitchen in the summer when it was the bussiest, he lasted a week lol..

  • Thanks my bro for your teaching I really appreciate it am a military man but after this lesson am going to take action.

  • Patrick, I want to be like you, but I think I am too old now to move toward my dream. Somehow I think about a man who came up with Col. Sanders, the chicken man.

  • I m from India..I have listened to many motivational videos..but this one..... Oh..this is something rest of the world... thanks a lot sir.. congrats.. and I would be waiting for such more videos.

  • some of these videos needed to be watched early enough in life. Thank you so much

  • One of the best videos i have ever seen, respect.

  • You’re the man

  • Thanks! Most important the last two - Discipline and work ethics

  • Patrick Bet-David this is an excellent video with incredible value. I can relate to your basic training experience and your 19 pointers. I am the success I am because of my experiences. Well done. Give’em Heaven, Felix P. Nater, SGM(Ret.)

  • Simply awesome. Very specific and very powerful 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • Great video! Thank you!

  • Amaizing and very helpfull video! Do you think Foreign Legion would be a good choice if our country doesnt have military service anymore?

  • That's very true

  • Wow he got lucky. I've seen guys get tossed for less

  • Hes fucking liar three fights you get in one your gone and drill sargeants dont make deals dude is a bitch fake ass bitch

  • Loved my HHMTT, or however its written, 8x8, 4 wheel steering, rear engine turbo diesel fifth wheel lol, like they say," if it gets stuck, it's your fault..."

    • Towed around a Patriot missle launcher with mine lol, ADA, "another damn army" hoooah

  • Thx for your service brother. I served with 3rd ID in OiF honorably of course, best times of my life, some may say service men and women are on a lower rung mostly economically, maybe true, but without question the finest collection of human beings I've ever had the privilege of standing next to...I've been a member of many groups, volunteers and conscripted,and if asked the Active duty Army soldier is the one I'm most proud of ,I digress, just punchin in to say I like this guy, stumbled on his interviews and after my immediate dismissal (my US-tv default) I watched a few more I see that he really conducts himself on air as non objective and truely interested, from far out guys like Alex Jones, to Mob bosses & multimillionaires, I hate everyone who claims to be non biased and interviewing online lol, but I fucks wit dude, and imma be around check in for what he's got coming up next, got a viewer in me brother, keep it up, you will go far*!*

  • Makes me regret not joining the military

  • sounds like a fake tough guy... that tough nonsense wasn't necessary but ok video

  • And by the way, if you like the R&B songs mentioned here, then you should listen to this mix 👍👍👍 www.mixcloud.com/DjScoffield/rb-kings-and-queens-mix-volume-1/

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  • I wish that I could join the military ♥

  • I would love to go into military training to learn some G0DDAMN DISIPLINE.... Yet, As far as I know.... They try gay, They try TRANS, THEY TRY OBESE, THEY TRY ANGER ISSUES.... And they don't want people with autism....😭😭

  • Yeah thanks Bro Your lesson are meaningful

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  • 19 is too long. However, the General Theme was clear.

  • Beautiful talk, highly inspiring

  • How come all these strategies failed in Afghanistan? Haha ... Haha

  • Freaking badass.

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  • i get tired because of the hiv in my bloodstream i need penutbutter for energy.hiv gives you profound fatigue.

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  • Thank you for information,

  • Loved this video. I joined Navy in 1974 (ranked 450 of 451 graduates) right out of high school (familiar family background). Military, even in peace time, was great decision in my life. Between military & my later nursing career I have been able to add all the mentioned traits to my life's tool box. At 62, I still mess up & forget or ignore one or more & it always causes trouble. Even playing craps as I like to do, requires the bulk of the traits to be successful. Thanks for sharing

  • Deeply

  • Love it!

  • This guy is in a rv in a rest area what's so special about him

  • It don't work in Sweden and if you are handicapped... Success

  • Great Video lessons to survive in any battlefield 👍👍👍

  • Modern military is no longer the same as ancient military. At least in my culture, modern military careers require really high level of consciousness and agreeableness as the most important personality traits, while ancient military careers require low agreeableness and high openness as the suitable traits, so basically people with ancient type of military or should I say warrior characteristics are generally unfit for current military system, they are more suitable for careers like entrepreneurs,designers, artists and lawers.

  • God has been so gracious to and family in 2018. All the challenges can not be compared with the abundance of blessings and peace. Come 2019,i foresee a year where the blessed will call me more blessed

  • I was impressed by his taste in music

  • Thank you so much. Very valuable for me. Realizing so many things about myself and what I need to do to get out of my head and into action.

  • very good advice for life,

  • a lot of these lessons have helped get me through even after service, although many I didn't realize that I practice daily, this video has given me a lot of clarity that I need to continue and continuously hone these habits . thank you.

  • Man this was a great video I'm going to do my best to not only watch this video but actually soak in the wisdom & make it a part of my character.

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  • thank you for this video I plan to go to the military after high school. although I plan on becoming a medic or etheir go infantry.

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  • Hi, I'm Luke from Indonesia, and I am obsessed in military way of teaching, and apply it in my life, and I'm looking for someone to share their story, who really did military and business, and I have found one! Once I watched this video, I finally realized that I am learning a correct thing! This video is inspiring me right now! And I would like to share to you about my life, and hope that you can give me more. Thanks PBD!

  • is he really gonna actually sing the entire songs.....he is a few screws loose...nobody wants to hear that. 5 mins 28 before he gets started ....just skip to 5:28

  • Awesome, I am going to do it.

  • Slay Bodies Patrick this was some good stuff as a Former Marine on task at my job to go up and make it out on my own in sales and business

  • Paranoia and risk management? How do they coexist?

  • You're my online mentor

  • Thanks brother!! Always great to see military veterans make good!! This Marine is finding her way... And I thank you for a little reminder that I already have many of the necessary tools!! Just got to get them out of storage!! Blessings!!

  • Excellent.didn't expected this from a exmilitary

  • Thank you for your service !!! To all the soldiers out there

  • Dope as hell, & I'm a veteran

  • Common sense stuff.

  • Managing chaos Mission driven Learning to complete with minimal expenditures Multitasking Perform under pressure Risk management Thick skin Tribe Leadership Culture and background Adaptability and time Independence Strategy Exercise Preparation Healthy paranoia Work ethic Discipline

  • Am military young man too and i like that. What u just told us is all RIGHT

  • one of my fav... i salute you sir...

  • For nick at night, you lowcrawl 300 meters full battle rattle with 50 cal rounds firing over you. But they fire 10 feet above so no one dies.

  • Army drill sergeants, the ones who ask you you to do push ups. I was in MCRD mid 90’s and did plenty of push ups with Sgt McClendons boot in my back.

  • The whole fighting thing is absolutely dumb. Immature and ridiculous

  • I would love to learn how to develope myself into a entrepreneur because I possess these certain qualities from the military Charlie Company 239 Death Dealer's in Fort Jackson in 98 I lost my way somewhere along the line how do I start with a plan

  • I think whatever you said is TRUE.

  • why are so fast when you are explaining the lesson

  • Thanks for the insight. Come to the Air Force Academy sometime. I'd love to be a POC for you sometime to inspire cadets to be successful.

  • Great clip. Middle Easterners .. born with emotion.. some are hotheads.. (Swedes and Finns are the opposite.) You got that under control. Much repsect

  • Ex Army here. Agree with everything you said. Passing on your video to my sales team as a professional development exercise.

  • This is so true brother. If it wasnt for the military I wouldn't be who I am today. Even when you are running on fumes.